Addiction Treatment Centers In Hawaii

Methamphetamine addiction runs rampant in Hawaii. Commonly known as ice or glass, this drug is extremely dangerous and often abused in Hawaii. Although Hawaii is an island, there are still large amounts of drugs coming into Hawaii each year. This has facilitated a situation where addiction numbers continue to rise and there are now a large number of alcohol and drug rehabs in Hawaii.

If you are one of the many people struggling with addiction, there are a number of wonderful treatment centers in Hawaii. Whether you are from inside Hawaii, or another state, it is a wonderful place to seek treatment and find sobriety.
hawaii drug rehab centers

Addiction Treatment in Hawaii

What is there not to love about Hawaii? It is a beautiful location with lush greenery, incredible beaches, and clean air. Although staying close to home for treatment does have its benefits, if you are not from Hawaii, then you may consider going out of state for treatment.

Traveling for treatment means that you may have a greater chance of success for lasting sobriety. It offers you the opportunity to build a new life. When going over the different treatment options, you should see what will work best for you, and consider traveling to Hawaii for drug or alcohol rehab and treatment.

The state of Hawaii does not offer funded addiction treatment programs, but there are many rehab facilities that accept private insurance. The various and common programs available include inpatient, outpatient, IOP, and 12-step groups.

Medical Detox

Typically the first step in treatment, medical detox involves the process of aiding the body through withdrawal. Withdrawal occurs when the body no longer has access to a substance it depends on to survive. When the substance is removed it can lead to physical, psychological, and behavioral withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms can include:

  • Shaking
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Sweating

Although it is not guaranteed that a medical detox will help you avoid all of these symptoms, it can reduce their severity and allow you to detox in a comfortable environment.  Medical detoxification also allows you to get sober in a safe environment. You will be surrounded by medical staff, and receive medication to relieve some symptoms if necessary. This can make detox safer and easier overall than if you did so on your own.

Inpatient Rehab vs Outpatient Treatment

Drug and alcohol treatment programs typically generally fall into either inpatient or outpatient rehab. Inpatient rehab is the most intense form of treatment. It requires you to live in the facility for 28 to 90 days and isolates you from the outside world. Inpatient rehabs are intensive and designed to treat moderate to severe addictions.

Outpatient treatment has its unique attributes and benefits as well. Instead of living in the facility, you will travel each day. This can range from two to seven days per week. It is not designed to treat as serious of addictions and allows you to maintain your daily responsibilities like school and work. Outpatient rehabs are part-time programs, allowing the recovering user to keep going to work or school during the day.

It is important to understand what you need for your addiction. Although you may not believe you need an intensive program, it is always better to start with the most intense form of treatment for a great head start. An inpatient treatment program can put you on the right track towards long term sobriety.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Known as IOP, intensive outpatient programs require you to go to treatment four times per week. Typically IOP is known as one of the more intense forms of outpatient treatment, requiring anywhere from three to five hours per day. During these sessions, there will be behavioral therapies, group discussions, and even family counseling. Although you will not live in the treatment facility, it can still offer you a good chance at obtaining sobriety.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

If you suffer from both a substance use disorder as well as a mental health condition, you are not alone. This combination is more common than you think, and there is even a name for it, dual diagnosis.

Diagnosing your co-occurring disorders is essential. Treating your dual diagnosis can be the key between finding sobriety and relapsing. This is because both of these disorders play off of one another. Your mental disorder may become exacerbated by your drinking or using drugs. On the other hand, you may try to self-medicate with substances to avoid your mental condition.

Finding The Right Hawaii Drug Rehab

If you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, Hawaii offers many different treatment options. To detox or get healthy in a beautiful climate can make the process go a lot more smoothly. There are a variety of choices when it comes to addiction services and we are here to help. Find the ideal drug and alcohol rehab in Hawaii for you at Find Addiction Rehabs.