Rehabs that Accept Molina Healthcare

Rehabs that Accept Molina Healthcare

Finding Molina Healthcare Rehabs for Drugs and Alcohol

Looking for addiction treatment with Molina Healthcare as your insurance provider? Rest assured that their policies often cover drug and alcohol addiction services!

Molina Healthcare first opened in 1983 in Long Beach, California, and offers healthcare management services for individuals in many states. Through its implementation of government healthcare programs, the insurance company provides coverage for roughly 4 million people. Medicare, Medicaid, and other state-run healthcare insurance programs, as well as state-run healthcare insurance company exchanges, are its core emphasis.

With your Molina Healthcare policy, you can find alcohol addiction centers or drug rehab centers that meet your needs quickly and easily. Keep reading to find out how to get effective treatment with your Molina policy, as well as the top options nationwide provided by Find Addiction Rehabs!

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Does Molina Cover Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Services?

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) mandates that plans sold via state marketplaces like the one offered by Molina Healthcare Insurance include coverage for mental health treatments, including those used to treat substance abuse disorders.

The Affordable Care Act mandates that private health insurance gained from Marketplace plans, such as those held by those who do not purchase a Molina Healthcare plan via a state market exchange, include some benefits for mental and behavioral healthcare, including protections for substance addiction.

Does Molina Cover Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment

Although Molina Healthcare does offer substance use disorder coverage, the specifics of that rehab coverage will vary by state, insurance type, and other factors. As before, the specifics of coverage will depend on the individual’s state of residence, how the insurance was purchased, and the specifics of the policy itself, but in principle, inpatient, residential, and outpatient treatment programs should all be covered.

If you already have a Molina Healthcare insurance plan and would like to find out how much of your treatment costs would be covered, a quick and confidential call to Find Addiction Rehabs can provide you with these details!

How Do I Enroll In Molina?

Molina Healthcare provides Medicaid coverage in a wide range of states, including:



In these states, Molina Healthcare plans can also provide access to Medicaid services by way of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Medicaid recipients typically are unable to work due to physical or mental challenges or are temporarily unemployed with little to no income.

In the United States, Medicaid is the largest single provider of mental health services, including substance abuse and personality disorder treatment. A person’s Medicaid eligibility is based on a variety of criteria, including age, income, number of dependents, whether or not they are disabled, and so on.

Eligibility for Medicaid and Molina Healthcare for Rehab

Medicaid plans for Molina Healthcare for drug and alcohol rehab: paperwork shown

Income eligibility for Medicaid is determined in part by the federal poverty level (FPL) and in part by individual state regulations. It’s possible for people to have salaries that are a certain multiple of the FPL, depending on their circumstances; in some states, for example, those with children can qualify for Medicare if they make twice the FPL. These are the FPL tiers:


  • $11,770 per year for a single person’s family
  • A two-person household may not make over $15,930 per year.
  • A three-person family may not exceed $19,000 per year.
  • And a household of four must stay within $24,250


Finding a provider in your area who takes Medicaid can be difficult, but using Find Addiction Rehabs search feature makes it much easier. A valid Medicaid card is not required for substance abuse rehabilitation center admission since there’s such a wide range of different organizations providing these policies, including Molina Healthcare plans.

What About Medicare Advantage and Rehab for Seniors?

Clipboard with Medicare listed shows the concept of Medicare Advantage and Drug Rehab for Seniors

Molina Healthcare and its Medicare Advantage plan provide extensive coverage from a vast network of physicians and hospitals while limiting the patient’s financial responsibility. Medicare is a federally financed healthcare program for those 65 and above, as well as some younger persons with impairments. There is a monthly premium that Medicare recipients must pay, and it varies according to their income.

In all, Medicare consists of four distinct programs that each pay for a specific set of medical expenses.

Medicare Part A is the portion of Medicare that pays for hospital stays. In most cases, the deductible for Part A will be met within 60 days, after which coinsurance will be required. Inpatient psychiatric care is now covered for a maximum of 190 days over a person’s lifetime; however, this only applies to care received in dedicated psychiatric facilities as opposed to a hospital’s general psychiatry unit. Treatment for opiate use disorders using methadone is considered an acceptable service under Part A.

Part B of Medicare is meant to cover the expenses associated with outpatient care; it normally pays for up to 80% of authorized treatments, leaving the policyholder paying for the remaining 20%. Part B of Medicare may pay for necessary drugs.

Medicare Part C is optional supplementary insurance that may replace some or all of your traditional Medicare benefits but will come at an additional premium.

The Medicare Part D program pays for prescription drugs but not methadone maintenance therapy for opiate addiction (covered under part A).

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What Does Molina Cover Regarding Substance Abuse Treatment?

Molina Rehab infographic by Nicole R

The cost of addiction treatment is sometimes covered in full or in part by a number of Molina Healthcare plans. Potential examples of these treatment types include:

Inpatient Treatment

You will need to check into a treatment facility and stay there for many days or weeks if you plan to participate in this form of intense, regimented therapy. You’ll be meeting with therapists on a daily basis, both individually and in groups. Treatment with medicine is an option as well, and medications are often covered by your health insurance pay or co-pay.

Rehab centers are staffed all the time, so you may get the assistance you need to stay sober and concentrate on your healing at any time of day or night. Pre-authorization from Molina Healthcare is typically required before inpatient care is covered by your policy. It’s vital to check ahead of time if the facility you’re contemplating takes Molina insurance since some do not. Making sure your exact coverage fits the rehab you want to attend will reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses.

Again, a confidential call to Find Addiction Rehabs and their expert team of recovery representatives can ensure you are getting your needs met, all while at a facility in-network with your Molina Healthcare policy.

Outpatient Treatment

Services for those who don’t reside at the facility are known as outpatient treatment plans. Prior to entering residential care, many people participate in outpatient programs. Outpatient care is less restrictive than inpatient, so clients can continue with their daily lives and responsibilities while receiving therapy.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

In a partial hospitalization program, you can stay at home during the night and go to the treatment facility during the day for therapy. This is an option for people who are committed to attending treatment every day and who are confident in their ability to maintain sobriety outside of the treatment center’s normal hours of operation.

Intensive Outpatient

IOP, or intensive outpatient, care. Attending a treatment facility on a regular basis (often between three and five nights per week) is a key component of intensive outpatient care. You can keep working during the day, sleeping in your own bed at night, and yet getting the help you need during your IOP’s evening sessions.

Before deciding on a treatment plan, contact the team at Find Addiction Rehabs and let them know the details of your Molina Healthcare insurance policy. They’ll let you know what steps to take to receive treatment preauthorization and will collaborate with you to figure out what course of action makes the most sense.

As a reminder, treatment facilities are bound by HIPAA policies, so your confidentiality and privacy are of utmost concern. And checking your coverage is not like a credit check, it will never impact your eligibility for insurance or affect your monthly premiums.

Mental Healthcare Coverage

Mental Healthcare Coverage

Care for mental health disorders is covered by Molina Health Insurance. Molina provides full coverage for psychiatric outpatient care. Some of the services provided are as follows


  • Services for assessing and treating mental health issues, both individually and in groups
  • Regular checkups
  • Outpatient mental health services
  • Prescription medications and dietary supplements for self-administration
  • Professional advice from a psychiatrist
  • Assistance in identifying cases of alcohol abuse


Substance abuse disorder clients often suffer from co-occurring disorders, including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Dual diagnosis, often known as co-occurring disorders, describes this scenario. More than 8 million people aged 18 and up with a drug use disorder also had a co-occurring disorder.

Treatment center and client results are both improved when mental health issues and substance abuse are addressed together.

As a result of the interconnected nature of mental and substance abuse, it is recommended that those in need of rehabilitation services seek out a center that can also address co-occurring disorders.

The Affordable Care Act includes treatment for drug use disorder as one of the 10 “essential health benefits” that insurance plans must offer.

Like other American insurance companies, Molina Healthcare insurance policies are required to pay for mental health services and substance abuse services. Insurance policies often cover mental health care costs associated with inpatient rehabilitation, although the extent to which they do varies per plan.

What Determines Your Level of Coverage?

Substance abuse treatment may or may not be paid for by government assistance programs, depending on a number of variables. One of these factors is whether or not the facility is a part of the applicable insurance network. People who have insurance via a government-sponsored program, like Medicare or Medicaid, should not use a facility that does not take that form of insurance.

In addition, addiction treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab must be deemed medically essential before insurance companies will consider paying for them. Find Addiction Rehabs can help guide you through the process of getting such prior authorization.

What Do Molina Insurance Plans Cover for Addiction Treatment?

Without a specific addiction treatment plan, many insurance providers will not even consider paying for the treatment of drug use disorders. This is especially true for full hospitalization, residential care, partial hospitalization, and intense outpatient services.

Molina states that it provides extensive options in the category of mental health care for its policyholders. If you are in need of such services and not sure of your insurance coverage, contacting a recovery representative at Find Addiction Rehabs is a good first step.

Their dedicated team will gather pertinent information and help locate the most suitable healthcare provider. Their staff can also assist with making arrangements for travel to the institution and handling any other unique requirements.

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Rehabs that Accept Molina Healthcare: Found Here

Woman makes the call to find drug and alcohol rehabs that accept Molina Healthcare

If you have Molina healthcare, it’s possible to find out what facilities accept your form of coverage by calling around. You could also ask your provider what locations are considered in-network and investigate each and every rehab center on your own.

However, you can make the process much easier by using Find Addiction Rehabs and the services of their recovery representatives. They can let you know via confidential call whether your Molina Healthcare covers drug or alcohol addiction treatment, as well as any costs involved.

Use your Molina insurance policy to enter treatment programs at locations nationwide with the help of Find Addiction Rehabs, and achieve long-term recovery. Give yourself the break you or your loved one deserve, and pick up the phone now for immediate treatment help!



* Disclaimer: Find Addiction Rehabs is not affiliated with or endorsed by Molina Healthcare. Details about Molina’s coverage are intended for informational purposes only. The specific details of your Molina plan may vary and the specific treatment services you require may or may not be covered. Please call our representatives today for more definitive details on your plan and options.

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