Addiction Treatment Centers In Texas

Addiction is a chronic disease, which means that after long term use, you can develop and physical and psychological dependence. There are a variety of different options when it comes to addiction treatment and treatment centers all over Texas.

Many of the people struggling with addiction tend to find themselves in the criminal justice system. Due to this, Texas has established drug courts specifically to hear cases involving drug users. Typically this leads to the possibility for nonviolent offenders to have a chance to get help for their addiction. At Find Addiction Rehabs, we can help you find the perfect alcohol or drug rehab in Texas.
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Substance Abuse Treatment in Texas

With many quality drug and alcohol facilities in the cities of Texas, it can be a good opportunity for those who live in less populated areas of the state. In addition, for those living in a more remote area, Texas offers the opportunity to find a quality rehab.

Traveling to Texas For Rehab

Many people travel for drug rehab because it provides the opportunity to get away from the triggers of home. Sometimes being where you have used drugs or alcohol, can facilitate relapse. By leaving the area that you live in currently, you may have a better chance of success.

Travel is especially beneficial if you live in a small area of Texas or another state in a remote area. Although the cost of travel can add up, the long term rewards of getting sober will outweigh it.

Do I Need Rehab?

If you have an addiction and want to get sober, you need to go to a rehab facility. Beating an addiction of any kind requires to you eliminate the substance from your body, and address the behavioral issues as well. Although quitting the substance is important, quitting cold turkey is not a good idea.

Addiction is a lifelong disease which means that the treatment process will require you to constantly be on guard. Treatment will teach you how to beat your addiction and will give you a true support network. 11 signs that you need rehab include:

  • Lack of control over drug and alcohol use
  • Desire to quit but you have been unable to
  • Spend a lot of time trying to get the substance
  • Cravings for the substance
  • Lack of responsibility in different aspects of your life due to substance use
  • Problems with relationships due to substance use
  • Loss of interest in things you once loved
  • Dangerous activities due to the use of substances
  • Worsening situations because of substance use
  • Tolerance to the substance
  • Withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing or reducing the use

Treatment Options

Inpatient Treatment Programs

Also known as residential rehabilitation, inpatient treatment programs are the most intensive level of care that is offered by substance treatment centers. These programs include:

  • Round-the-clock supervision
  • Team of experienced professionals
  • Structured schedules
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Comprehensive support
  • Treatment for co-occurring conditions

Outpatient Treatment Options

Outpatient rehab provides many different treatments while allowing you to remain living at home. Along with addiction treatment, monitoring, education, and family recovery services, outpatient programs offer you the opportunity to continue to care for your family and work-life while in treatment. Along with the 12-Step Recovery Principles of AA and NA, you will work to achieve total sobriety from alcohol and drugs.

There are a few forms of outpatient programs:

  • Traditional Outpatient: Typically these will anywhere from one session per month, up to two sessions each week.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program: Known as IOP, these programs are more intense than traditional outpatient. IOP requires three-hour group and individuals sessions, typically four days per week.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program: Known as PHP, these programs are usually four days per week, five hours per day, and require you to visit a hospital to participate. This is the most intense form of outpatient care.

Medical Detox

If you have been addicted to drugs and alcohol for some time, then your body will become dependant on the substance. When this occurs, the removal of said substance can cause withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal is physical, psychological, and behavioral symptoms that make you feel extremely ill. Medical detoxification is the opportunity to go through this process in a safe environment. During your medical detox, you will go through withdrawal from drugs or alcohol under medical supervision.

If necessary you will be given medication to relieve some of the symptoms associated with detox. This can make it easier, and much safer, than if you were to go through it on your own.

Symptoms of withdrawal include:

  • Shaking
  • Fast or slow heartbeat
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Sweating

Finding Help for Your Substance Abuse Disorder

If you are considering rehab for your substance abuse disorder, Texas is a great option. Whether you need help finding a drug or alcohol rehab in Texas, or closer to where you live, we can help. Find Addiction Rehabs helps you find the best treatment program for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.