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What are Nitazene Drugs

What are Nitazene Drugs?

Beyond Fentanyl: The Rise of Frankenstein Opioids Since the mass distribution and spread of heroin in the United States – or any drug for that matter – users have always remained vigilant regarding what their drug of choice might be adulterated with. A minor issue decades ago, this growing problem has stretched to epic proportions, …

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Going to Rehab Before Court Date

Going to Rehab Before Court Date

Can You Go to Rehab Before Your Court Date? Amongst drug users, committing crimes is not uncommon, especially if they are related to acquiring and using drugs or alcohol. If you are experiencing legal pressure or have a criminal record as a result of a drug problem, it is important to know how you manage …

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How Much Does Fentanyl Cost

How Much Does Fentanyl Cost?

The High Price of Cheap Synthetic Opioids There isn’t anything more frightening in the world of drug abuse than the rise of fentanyl. I have almost died twice in my experience with fentanyl. My opiate addiction as well as my interactions with fentanyl gave me little hope for recovery until I discovered Find Addiction Rehabs. …

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Recovery Capital

Recovery Capital

What is Recovery Capital? As the US continues to face an addiction crisis, the need for effective resources related to prevention and treatment has become more important than ever. One particular concept people have begun looking into is that of “recovery capital.” Recovery capital refers to the resources that people use to initiate and sustain …

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How to Fix Hole in Nose from Coke

How to Fix Hole in Nose from Coke

Repairing the Damage Done by Cocaine with Treatment One of the most serious side effects of cocaine use is a nasal deformity, namely a hole in the nasal septum. While reconstructive surgery is an option for repairing the nasal cavity to its former state, surgical intervention will not do much good until the days of …

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DWAI Meaning, Get Help for Intoxicated Driving Charges

DWAI Meaning: Help for Intoxicated Driving Charges

From DUI to DWAI: The Benefits of Seeking Treatment Many people who have been caught driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol could be charged with a range of crimes from driving under the influence (DUI) to driving while ability impaired (DWAI). If you are one of the millions of Americans who have been …

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Bup Drug Test

BUP Drug Test

What Does Bup Drug Test Mean? Drug tests have become more and more commonplace in many settings, including workplaces, court systems, and treatment programs. Many of these standard 12-panel drug tests will have a label with the abbreviation “BUP” on it. For those who are unaware, BUP refers to the medication buprenorphine, which is commonly …

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Snorting Adderall

Snorting Adderall

The Dangers of Abusing ADHD Medication Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may be one of the most exploited illnesses by those who abuse the drug Adderall. This prescription drug, one of the more commonly prescribed for symptoms of ADHD, is one of the most powerful stimulants on the market. The chances of Adderall abuse are extremely …

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What Does Meth Smell Like

What Does Meth Smell Like?

Meth Smells: From Smoking Meth to Cooking Meth What does meth smell like? For someone unfamiliar with the scents associated with traces of meth, they’d probably assume the question is easily answered with a simple comparison to something else – maybe a chemical or something similar. However, answering the question, “what does meth smell like?” …

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Leaving Home to go to Rehab

Leaving Home to go to Rehab

Why You Should Leave Home to go to Rehab When it comes to addiction, there are several treatment options available to help struggling individuals take back control over their lives. With that being said, many people may find themselves sticking to their comfort zones, looking only in their immediate area for treatment. This, however, can …

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