Magellan Rehab Insurance Coverage

Magellan Rehab: Insurance Coverage for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

What is Magellan Health Insurance?

Magellan Behavioral Health is a health insurance company that specializes in evidence-based therapies and behavioral health practices. These include rehabs that address substance abuse and addiction.

The company has offered such care to its customers since 1969. Today, Magellan Health serves over 33 million customers nationwide, providing specific insurance plans and individualized treatment plans to address their most important care needs.

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This focus on behavioral healthcare is relatively rare amongst other health insurance companies, making Magellan a solid option for anyone who is struggling with mental illness and addiction.

Keep reading to learn more about Magellan rehab coverage and get the detail you need on how to get your treatment covered!

Magellan Health Insurance Addiction and Recovery Resources

Magellan Health Insurance Addiction and Recovery Resources

Because Magellan Health maintains a focus on behavioral health, one of its biggest areas of focus is on substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment. You may have access to over 77,000 behavioral health providers through your Magellan Health Insurance plan.

This includes various drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers, as well as mental health professionals who specialize in treating addiction, as well as its underlying causes.

Whether you struggle with drug or alcohol abuse, Magellan Insurance can likely help with a provider that is capable of addressing all of your addiction and mental health recovery needs.

If you want to know about rehabs in your area that accept Magellan, Find Addiction Rehabs can help you locate the top options within minutes through a confidential call.

Magellan Health Insurance Coverage For Behavioral Healthcare

Paying for addiction treatment programs at full cost can be expensive, and even deter many people from seeking the help they need. This is why having insurance providers that will help cover the costs of treatment is so important.

Fortunately, Magellan Health offers a variety of insurance plans, each of which provides different coverage. Depending on which plan you select, your co-pays and deductibles will vary in price, as will the types of services that are provided under your plan.

On a general level, most health insurance providers are required to cover alcohol and drug rehab, as well as treatment services for various mental health conditions, which often pose the risk of leading to substance abuse.

With that being said, the extent to which your specific insurance company and coverage plan will address the costs of rehab will depend upon several factors, including:


  • Your policy’s particular behavioral and essential health benefit options
  • Your specific rehab center
  • Your personal care needs


Any questions regarding, ‘What does my insurance cover?’ can also be quickly and confidentially answered by a call to the recovery representatives at Find Addiction Rehabs.

Within minutes their team can answer your questions about insurance and the treatment process as a whole, and provide you with your costs alongside nationwide options for rehabs.

With Magellan Health, you will have extensive access to coverage for substance abuse treatment, especially with this company being more knowledgeable about addiction and mental health treatment than most others.

Magellan Health Coverage For Inpatient Treatment Programs

Magellan Health Coverage For Inpatient Treatment Programs

As discussed, Magellan Health offers coverage for a vast range of drug and alcohol addiction services, including residential/inpatient treatment options. Although the level of coverage you may be able to receive will vary based on your specific plan, covered services may include:

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Inpatient and Residential Treatment Services & Expenses

When recovering from your alcohol or drug abuse through an inpatient program, the amount of coverage that you will have access to will vary based on several factors, including:


  • Your specific insurance plan
  • Where you live and the location of your treatment center
  • Whether your treatment provider is in-network with your plan


You will have to pay any copays or deductibles on your plan before Magellan Health will provide coverage. Generally, more expensive plans will cost less in these areas, and offer better coverage.

As inpatient and residential care are more expensive, you may still be paying a higher out-of-pocket cost compared to other types of treatment. However, if you are struggling with a severe addiction, more intensive care will be your best bet for a successful recovery.

Magellan Health Coverage For Outpatient Treatment

If you are seeking more affordable and flexible care, Magellan Health also offers extensive coverage for outpatient treatment services. As with more intensive care options, each plan will differ on the amount of coverage offered for these many services, which include:

Outpatient Rehab Services And Costs

Outpatient Rehab Services And Costs

While various insurance plans under Magellan Health provide a decent amount of coverage for outpatient services, the exact treatment options that will be covered, as well as the specific amount of coverage offered, will differ based on your specific plan guidelines.

Regardless, like with inpatient and residential options, you will still have to pay co-pays and meet deductibles before you are able to receive any coverage. This includes any associated fees when receiving treatment through out-of-network providers.

Fortunately, outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment services are less expensive than inpatient services, meaning your out-of-pocket expenses should not be as extreme when overcoming your substance use disorder.

FAQs on Magellan Rehabs:

Does My Treatment Facility Have To Be In-Network?

Magellan Insurance plans and their requirements vary based on your specific needs. As a result, some plans will require you to see providers that are specifically in-network with Magellan, while others may offer more flexible terms of care.

Some may even offer financial incentives when choosing to receive care through in-network providers, while others may work with other providers to help you receive the care you need.

While the latter may be more expensive, you will likely have access to more treatment options.

Can I Go to Rehab Without Insurance?

In many cases, a lack of insurance can cause a lot of people to have second thoughts about seeking out drug or alcohol treatment, creating a major roadblock on their path to recovery.

Fortunately, there are many alternative options to help cover the costs of rehab.

Can I Attend a Rehab that Accepts Magellan Without Insurance?

Rehab that Accepts Magellan Without Insurance

There are many free and state-funded rehab programs that provide care for those in financially sticky situations. In addition to this, there are also several financial assistance programs that may provide funding for those seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Other financial options that can help minimize your out-of-pocket expenses when seeking treatment without insurance include:

  • Payment plans and periodic billing options are based on a sliding scale, which factors in your specific income and financial capabilities.
  • Scholarships and grants can be available directly from certain treatment centers or through your state.
  • Looking at inpatient programs vs outpatient programs can help you save money by finding the right levels of care that won’t ‘break the bank.’
  • Asking for financial assistance or loans from your family members, friends, or community members.


Even in the event that you do have insurance, it does not hurt to explore every avenue when finding ways to cover rehab and help minimize your addiction treatment costs.

Whether recovering through an inpatient or outpatient program or receiving any other type of treatment service, ensuring minimal worries over the costs of treatment can make your recovery journey much easier and increase your chances of successfully achieving sobriety.

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Find a Magellan Rehab to Fit Your Needs Now

While having insurance is not mandatory for getting addiction treatment, it certainly helps make this process much easier and far more affordable, greatly increasing your chance of lasting recovery.

Regardless of your type of Magellan plan, do not hesitate to reach out to the Find Addiction Rehabs team to start discussing your treatment plan and payment options today.

We will help you review your policy and find Magellan rehab centers that can help you achieve sobriety without breaking the bank.

So don’t wait; reach out today, and start your journey to recovery by finding Magellan drug and alcohol rehab programs that can meet your needs now!



* Disclaimer: Find Addiction Rehabs is not affiliated with or endorsed by Magellan Health. Details about Magellan’s coverage are intended for informational purposes only. The specific details of your Magellan Health plan may vary and the specific treatment services you require may or may not be covered. Please call our representatives today for more definitive details on your plan and options.

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