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Our team is on the lookout for those with expertise to share in the fields of treatment, addiction medicine, behavioral and mental health, as well as recovery coaches and other related professionals. We would love it if you took the time to share your experiences, insights, and perspectives with our ever-expanding audience. The reasons to write for Find Addiction Rehabs are many, including a well-regarded platform for your views, inclusion in our community of contributors, and, of course, an audience ready and eager to learn more about your topic!


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The content portion of our site, both in the form of blog posts and web articles, addresses a vast array of topics with concise, informative content. Rather than telling a strictly personal story, our writers share aspects about a field they are intimately familiar with, imparting the knowledge they hope will educate and improve the lives of our readers.

Please feel free to review our pages, as well as blog posts, to find an area that hasn’t been addressed and could use coverage from an expert (such as yourself!)


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Find Addiction Rehabs Writer Submission Guidelines

Find Addiction Rehabs’ core mission centers on helping those suffering from all varieties of addictive disorders find the best forms of treatment and join the thriving community of those recovering from active addiction. One of our primary methods of accomplishing this aim stems from writing and curating the crucial, well-researched content that those suffering from various addictive disorders are searching for every moment of every day. We want to become the unaffiliated, primary resource for the masses seeking addiction treatment, their loved ones, and those interested in the field more generally. We formally invite those qualified in the fields outlined above, as well as those with an extensive background in the treatment industry, either as clients or staff (or both) to submit your articles according to the criteria listed below:


  • Be submitted as a Word Doc (.doc or .docx) file.
  • Offers a new topic for conversation, or a totally fresh perspective on an area we’ve already written about.
  • 500 – 5,000-word articles only please (allow for up to two weeks for feedback and publishing).
  • Please use .edu or .gov sources as your references throughout.
  • Usage of lists (bullet points) and/or sorted columns, to present and clarify your points.
  • If you have specific section headers in mind, please format them properly in your work. If not, be aware that articles will be divided into sections for readability and search engine purposes.
  • Add hyperlinks to any content cited, referenced, or quoted directly in your work.
  • Must be 100% original content, not published elsewhere in any format (with an exception given for published authors seeking to provide a chapter, section, or component of a larger work already published or in-process).
  • If possible, please use a (free) resource like Grammerly to review for readability as well as other insights that can help improve your structure, flow, and ultimately widen your audience.
  • You may include a biography section (one paragraph max) with a headshot if desired, as well as a MAXIMUM of (2) links to your brand, business, or affiliated concern in the body of work.
  • Along these lines, please do not write content with a promotion or product in mind, education is the goal.
  • If you have images intended to accompany your work, please include each image as a separate attachment to your email, along with proper attribution of source. Images must be owned and/or copyrighted by yourself and licensed to a concern over which you have authority.
  • Placement on the site will include the maximum of (2) links in the body as described above unless otherwise requested these will be permanent, ‘dofollow’ style links, but they must be appropriate to our audience and in keeping with our overall mission as a reference for those seeking addiction treatment care, resources, and connections to the recovery community.
  • Our editorial staff reserve the right to reject any submission at any time, for any reason.


Please email outreach@findaddictionrehabs.com when you are ready to submit your article according to the guidelines indicated. We eagerly await your submissions and thank you in advance for your valuable time spent in service to those seeking better lives.


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