When taken as prescribed, Adderall can have life-changing effects.

Unfortunately, when taken any other way, Adderall can still have life-changing effects. They’re just extremely negative.

Understanding what Adderall addiction symptoms look like, as well as the signs someone may be abusing the drug, is important to help these people get the assistance they need.

A close-up of Adderall XR pill, shows the concept of Adderall addictionHow to Know if Someone Is on Adderall

Most people wouldn’t know if someone was on Adderall unless they themselves understood the drug and the effects it has on users.

Adderall is a stimulant made of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine that affects the central nervous system. This medication is usually prescribed to patients with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as it can help increase their focus and mental clarity for prolonged periods of time. Doctors also give Adderall to narcoleptics who struggle to fight drowsiness throughout the day. 

Someone who is taking the medication as it’s prescribed shouldn’t show any Adderall addiction symptoms. 

However, if the person is self-medicating with larger doses or otherwise abusing the drug, some changes in their behavior will most likely be noticeable.

They may begin keeping longer hours, either because they’re busying themselves with work or socializing. While Adderall does give users extra energy, it shouldn’t be to the point that their healthy sleeping habits are interrupted. This includes situations when they fall asleep but wake up several times throughout the night.

Most users will also lose some weight when taking Adderall. When someone begins abusing the drug, one of the most common Adderall addiction symptoms is weight loss that brings the person to an unhealthy BMI.

Does Adderall Change Your Personality?

Dramatic personality changes are another way to know if someone is on Adderall. As the drug affects the central nervous system, Adderall can alter personality traits in very recognizable ways.

For example, someone abusing Adderall will often become far more talkative than they usually are, or simply talk a lot faster. 

Their confidence or comfort in public settings may increase, too. Many people become addicted to Adderall because it allows them to feel a sense of euphoria in public settings when they’d usually become shy or reserved.

On the other end of the spectrum, common signs of Adderall addiction can also involve a drop in the user’s mental state. They may begin suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress. They may become unjustifiably afraid or paranoid.

4 Adderall Abuse Signs

At one time, Adderall was the most abused prescription drug in the entire country, but it still remains in the top 10. Therefore, it’s vital to understand what common Adderall dependence symptoms look like, especially as addiction appears to be on the rise.

1. Taking Adderall in Higher Doses or Increasing the Frequency of Dosages

Prescription drugs need to be taken as prescribed

If someone is tempted to deviate from their doctor’s orders – either by taking more of the drug at a time or simply taking it more often – they should speak with them about the issue. The doctor will decide on the healthiest option for moving forward.

Taking too much Adderall can cause serious problems, including damage to the heart and even strokes. Overdosing on Adderall can even kill the user, so if someone is willing to take such risks, they are most likely addicted. 

2. Snorting or Smoking Adderall

Adderall addiction symptoms can present themselves in a number of different ways. They can also differ greatly from person to person. Furthermore, a dosage and frequency of the drug that is enough to cause addiction in one user may not have the same effect on another.

That said, anyone who smokes or snorts Adderall is virtually guaranteed to form an addiction. Taking the drug in either of these manners greatly increases its intensity and how quickly the user feels it – almost immediately. 

Aside from the heightened risk of overdosing, snorting or smoking Adderall can also lead to dangerous consequences like:

  • Aggression
  • Paranoia 
  • Psychosis
  • Seizures

As with taking larger amounts of Adderall or using it more frequently than prescribed, Adderall abusers snort or smoke the medication because they need greater amounts just to get its original effects or even to simply “feel normal.”

3. Using Adderall for Non-Medical Purposes

Not everyone who takes Adderall has a prescription for it, as is the case with many student Adderall users. However, even many of those who have been prescribed the medication will end up forming an addiction to it.

That’s because Adderall can be seen as a solution for all kinds of life’s “problems.” 

Many people develop Adderall addiction symptoms because they took the drug to “cure” other issues like:

  • Social anxiety
  • The demands of college/work
  • Athletic fatigue 
  • An unwanted appetite 

Of course, a large number of people use Adderall for purely recreational purposes. It can give the feeling of amplifying the effects of alcohol (note: it is extremely dangerous to take these two together) and allows partygoers to stay up longer to enjoy more of a good time.

Although the medication is extremely popular as a recreational drug among college kids, many continue taking Adderall well into their 20s and 30s as a means of improving any party.

4. Continuing Use Despite Obvious Adderall Dependence Symptoms

Finally, anytime a user is cognizant of their own Adderall abuse signs but continues using the drug, it’s a clear sign that they have a problem. At that point, they are willingly putting their health at risk for the short-term benefits that come from taking Adderall. While many centers do not devote themselves exclusively to Adderall addiction, the best facilities will take into account the nature of stimulant detox, and have at least an Adderall addiction rehab track or plan for those suffering from dependence on the drug. 

Find Help for Adderall Addiction Now

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