The Find Addiction Rehabs Mission


About Us:  Find Addiction Rehabs began with a vision to provide a better quality resource for those seeking addiction treatment, their families, and their loved ones. By looking over our expert postings, guest blogs by those with personal experience in addiction (and recovery) we hope you see the difference in our commitment to clear, passionate coverage of this crucial topic.

Beyond a simple directory of treatment centers themselves, we seek to provide a single source for all the vital issues related to addictive disorders and behaviors, as well as the current (and evolving) best practices for recovery from these conditions.

We like to shorten our name when mentioning it casually, because we know it can be a mouthful, and because the acronym, FAR, appeals to how far we’ve come in our approach towards recovery and our willingness to do what it takes to help others into recovery.

When you come across a FAR article, a FAR guide to substances, or a FAR state guide to treatment, we want you to know it reflects our commitment to providing quality information and resources. In knowing a bit more about us, and our willingness to go far in the topics we cover, we hope you come to trust our authors, articles, and expertise on something we care very deeply about: helping every person recover from addiction that wants a change in their life.

A Bit More About Us: FAR for the Future


At many nationwide directory sites, the treatment center listings you’ll find are nothing more than a regurgitated list of facilities given each year by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration).

While there’s nothing wrong with a full listing of resources across the country, we aim to provide direction and inform the purpose behind your search itself with valuable resources and perspectives from folks who have been through their own struggles before and gained insights to share.


Nationwide Addiction Resources: State by State

Our mission as a full-service addiction treatment resource site seeks to achieve more, by building detailed articles on each state within our country and looking at the concerns and circumstances that make each state unique. With state by state guides on the latest in addiction treatment practices, from states such as California well-known for their resources and quality treatment centers, to South Carolina and their less publicized but still well established avenues for seeking assistance.

Recently, we’ve made the Pacific Northwest a focus of our coverage, with a look into the state of substance misuse and the impact of alcohol on Oregon. Not to be overlooked, our article on Washington state also gives a comprehensive survey of addiction treatment and resources for those that may be in need.

Whether your search is for the Northwestern part of our country, or elsewhere, FAR’s expanded and ever-growing array of articles on addiction treatment in the US, state-by-state, has valuable insights and information for you or your loved one.

Dedicated to the Cause of Recovery

In learning a bit more about us, you’ll come to find an increasing assortment of in-depth, quality coverage about new trends in substance abuse, the latest evidence-based practices in addiction treatment, and heartfelt blogs on subjects related to recovery. Be sure to keep coming back (you may be familiar with the term) on a regular basis, as we like to make more resources and current coverage available all the time!

The dedicated team of recovering individuals, clinicians, and support staff that compose Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR) cordially invite you to join us on your journey to recovery from addiction. Whether you are a professional looking for a valuable resource, a friend or family member searching for help, or someone suffering under the yolk of addictive substances and looking for freedom: rest assured, you are in the right place.