OxyContin Addiction: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

What is OxyContin Addiction? Oxycontin, frequently misspelled as Oxy Cotton, is one of the most frequently abused prescription painkillers of the opiate class.

OxyContin acts similarly to all Opioid painkillers like Percocet, as well as its illicit counterpart, Heroin. OxyContin is one of the most powerful prescription narcotics on the market today, and as such carries a high potential for abuse, and subsequent addiction.

This particular pain killer is manufactured with a time-release mechanism, however many users have devised ways to tamper with the time-release coating, to provide a high very similar to Heroin.

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What is OxyContin & What Does Oxy Look Like?

OxyContin, a narcotic pain reliever, comes in a round, colored, pill form. The varying colors are used to identify the strength of the drug, with white representing 10 milligram doses, pink being Oxy 20’s, brown being Oxy 30’s yellow being Oxy 40’s, Green being Oxy 80’s, and blue’s representing Oxy 160’s, the strongest dose produced. While the drug is made in pill form, many users frequently destroy the time-release coating, and crush the pill into a powder to snort, or into a liquid form to inject intravenously. When looking out for OxyContin abuse, it is wise to not just look for the pill, but also look for powder residue, liquids of the colors mentioned above, or needles.

oxycontin addiction

(Example of Oxycontin)

Is OxyContin Addictive?

Without a doubt, OxyContin is one of the most addictive narcotics available. Oxy is typically prescribed to those suffering from debilitating pain, or terminal illnesses, and is a Schedule II narcotic, carrying a high risk for dependency and addiction. When initially prescribed the drug, many users report feeling like they are able to function as if their pain never existed. Many people who are given this medication were not able to work, move, or live life without experiencing horrific pain, and the drug has been reported to give users the freedom to live life. This only last for a set time.

As with any drug, eventually, a user will build a tolerance over time and will need the drug to continue to function.  More often than not, eventually, a doctor will cease prescribing the medication once abuse begins, which leads many to seek the prescription on the street or turn to illicit opioids, such as Heroin. Oxys can cost as much as $50 per pill on the streets, and many users will happily pay that due to the high level of addiction found in OxyContin.

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Why Is OxyContin So Addictive?

OxyContin’s addictive characteristics depend on the user themselves. The most common start to OxyContin typically begins with a prescription for the substance, leading many to feel they need the medication to get through day-to-day life. As Oxy acts similarly to Heroin, users who are seeking an escape from emotional pain, or reality in general, seek out the medication for the euphoric and sedative effects Opioids have to offer. Just like with any drug, OxyContin also rewires the brain’s priority of needs, placing itself at the top, far above morals and responsibilities. The outcome is almost always given a result of either homelessness, jails, institutions, or death if not treated properly, and in a timely manner.

oxycontin addiction signs

(Oxycontin Addiction Signs)

Vicodin, OxyContin, and Other Opioids

Vicodin and OxyContin are examples of an opioid pain reliever. These drugs are synthesized to create feelings similar to Morphine, by acting on the brain’s Opioid receptors. When the a substance acts on the Opioid receptors, endorphins are released causing a user to feel euphoric, relaxed, and pain free. The body naturally releases endorphins, and when substances like OxyContin and Vicodin are abused, the brain starts to “burn out”, causing a lack of naturally occuring endorphins, thereby making the user feel the need to seek more, or risk falling into physical pain, as well as mental anguish. Some of the most commonly abused prescription Opioids are;

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My Friend is Addicted to OxyContin. What Do I Do?

OxyContin is one of the most addictive prescription medication, and does not discriminate on who it takes. While the user’s life may become unmanageable, having to witness a loved one’s descent into addiction can be very heartbreaking. Many users of the drug lose sight of their morals, responsibilities, and relationships to focus on obtaining and using the substance. As the user falls further into their addiction, their friends’ may try to intervene, causing the user to feel guilt or shame, and in turn push their loved ones away. Furthermore, as the drug takes hold on a users mind, many resort to stealing from their family and friends to fund their habits. While you may want to intervene yourself, the safest way to help someone you care about, that may be addicted to OxyContin, is to seek a professional to stage an intervention to help the user find their way to recovery, and back to themselves.

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Who Abuses OxyContin?

Drug addiction of any type does not discriminate. When drug addiction is mentioned, many have thoughts of someone on the street, having lost everything. While this is a very accurate depiction of what can happen overtime, it almost never starts out that way. Oxy is frequently prescribed to the elderly for pain, and may result in issues with memory and exacerbate issues such as alzheimer’s, if abused. In addition to the elderly, many executives, athletes, celebrities, and those with demanding careers get the drug either to heal an injury, or to in an attempt to take the edge off. A potential fallout of having prescription opiates in a house with children is that they may take it and distribute it among their friends at school, which happens all to frequently. From those struggling with life, to successful executives, young, old, and everything in between has a risk of OxyContin abuse if not monitored properly, or treated as soon as the issue is caught.

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OxyContin Addiction & Heroin Addiction

Oxy is one of the most deadly and addictive prescription narcotics, while Heroin is considered the most deadly illegal narcotic. Most Heroin users did not go straight to Heroin. The vast majority began on a prescription pain pill, and were then cut off by their doctor. Obtaining a single dose of OxyContin can run as high as $50 a pill, while Heroin can be purchased for significantly less money, and requires less of the substance to achieve a users desired effects. What begins as a sometimes very necessary medication, has a tremendous potential to transform into an addiction to Heroin that will almost certainly take your life if not treated quickly.

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(Dangers 0f Oxycontin Addiction)

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OxyContin Addiction Treatment

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