Addiction Treatment Centers In New Mexico

Drug addiction statistics in the state of New Mexico can be quite frightening. Eighty percent of deaths in the state have been linked to the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Currently, New Mexico ranks second highest in the entire country in the abuse of cocaine and ecstasy, and it remains fifth in methamphetamine abuse. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, New Mexico has the second-highest mortality rate linked to high drug overdoses, with 22.8 persons per 100,000 people dying from a drug overdose. This statistic highlights how drug abuse is badly affecting the human and economic resources of the state. The only visible form of treatment is traditional hospitals alongside alcohol treatment centers and drug rehabs in New Mexico.
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Addiction Treatment in New Mexico

There is no doubt that New Mexico has one of the most serious drug overdose problems in the nation. Since the year 1997, New Mexico has had the largest number of alcohol-related deaths in the entire country. Aside from fatal accidents and fatalities, there are other negative consequences of drug abuse in the state: crime, domestic violence, unemployment, diseases, and mental illnesses. Statistics also show that alcohol-related deaths increase with age. Individuals between the ages of 45 and 65 suffer most. Of all the ethnicities in the state, American-Indian populations are believed to have developed the highest incidence of alcohol-related deaths.

Most of the alcohol and drug rehabs in New Mexico are located in larger counties such as San Juan, Santa Fe, McKinley, Bernalillo, and Rio Ariba. Most smaller counties do not have as much access to treatment facilities. Hence, New Mexico’s rural regions have been hit the hardest when it comes to inadequate treatment for those suffering from addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment 

Mental health treatments as they pertain to drug addiction have also been a challenge for the state within the past two decades. Most reported mental health disorders in the state have been linked to the prolonged abuse of drugs such as Opiates (morphine and Methadone), heroin, muscle relaxers, tranquilizers, cocaine, and anti-depressants. Individuals treated for Bipolar disorders and depression in New Mexico have increased steadily in the last ten years, forcing health insurance companies to increase premiums on mental health disorders. People who are financially well-off enough are moving to other states to seek treatment. New Mexico is one of the country’s poorest states, and this has contributed widely to the inaccessibility of treatments in the locale. The government is fighting this problem with increased funding for Substance Abuse & Addiction IOPs.

The Process for New Mexico Drug Rehab and Treatment

Treatment options for drug addiction in the state of New Mexico mainly comprise of the following:

  • Substance Abuse & Addiction IOP.
  • The state drug and alcohol detox program.
  • Local rehabilitation centers.
  • Psychiatric treatment centers.

The Substance & Addiction IOPs have helped identify individuals suffering from drug addiction and mental disorders. These are programs that monitor the recovery of such patients and give them the necessary treatment to get them back on their feet. Aside from the IOPs, the state’s drug and detox programs have also made a massive impact in helping drug addiction cases. Detox centers can be in-house or conducted as out-patient, depending on the severity of the problem for the individual. Numerous call centers are run 24/7 across the state to help individuals report drug addiction symptoms and seek help immediately- these call centers operate in confidentiality. Psychiatric treatment centers across the state of New Mexico mainly handle advanced mental disorders that have been brought about by both drug and non-drug-related addictions.

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New Mexico’s drug addiction problem has received national attention dating as far back as 2007. The flow of illicit drugs into the region from neighboring Mexico has made it even more difficult for the government to manage the issues in its state.

In conjunction with several treatment facilities and centers across its counties and rural areas, New Mexico’s government has continuously beefed up its border patrol system, trying to ensure that drug routes are continually destroyed. In the same vein, special security forces have continued to step up arrest and prosecution of drug dealers, especially along the Mexican border.

The state of New Mexico is believed to have one of the most extensive budget allocations for health and human services, primarily covering drug addiction and mental disorders. The state has also increased its funding for rehab centers and is proactive in setting up new facilities, specifically in rural areas where accessing drug addiction treatments has been difficult.