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Reasons to Consider Out-of-State Treatment Options

When it comes to treatments such as rehab, you have basically two options: in-state and out-of-state rehabs. While in-state may seem to be an easier option, there are several benefits you may want to consider when choosing an out-of-state treatment. Here are some of the benefits of rehab away from home, with the specific advantages of choosing an out-of-state treatment option.

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1: Benefits of Rehab Away From Home – Escape from Sticky Situations

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You may never realize you have a better option of treatment until you distance yourself from your immediate location. Seeking in-state treatment can be counter-productive. Instate treatment options may offer the same quality of care as a state-sponsored rehab, But it does not remove you from the people places, and things associated with addiction. The poor relationship a patient has with friends and family can make in-state treatment less effective.

By leaving your hometown or state you give yourself the opportunity to be away from the triggers of your addiction and focus solely on getting sober. In truth, many individuals who leave their state to go to rehab often choose to not go home after getting sober.

This is specifically due to the fact that they want to create a new life away from the people places and things that are associated with their drug and alcohol addiction. If you would like to get the best chances of overcoming substance abuse and starting a new life then out-of-state treatment may be right for you.

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2: Out-of-State Rehabs Can Provide Better Privacy

For most patients seeking treatment with maximum confidentiality and privacy is very important. All addiction treatment facilities are bound by HIPAA rules and regulations which prevent the sharing of information among patients. The issue with going to treatment in the state is that it is physically impossible for a treatment center and its staff to prevent people you may know from seeing you enter or leave a facility.

The unfortunate truth is that addiction is often associated with a negative stigma which can cause people to never get the help that they need. When you choose an in-state treatment facility, you may be exposed to this stigma and scrutiny from the people you know. However, when you choose to go to rehab out of state, the chances of running into someone you already know is quite low. A patient who does not need to worry about privacy may recover faster than one who is constantly trying to avoid prying eyes.

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3: Fewer Distractions When You’re Not Near Familiar People and Places

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Having treatment out of state means zero distraction. When you get treatment in-state, there is no way you can avoid visits by families and friends, and in most cases, patients may focus more on their visiting families and friends, instead of their own recovery. This may slow down the positive effect of treatment. Seeking treatment out of state can help you worry less about what is happening at home, since your family members may not know where you are being treated, this also means you can focus more on recovering.

4: Rehabs Away From Home – Distance From the ‘Old Crowd’

By leaving your state for addiction treatment, you are physically distancing yourself from your home. Going to rehab away from home reduces your chances of leaving treatment or giving up on your recovery. The logic behind this is that it is much harder to go home if you have to catch a flight (even if you’re a flight attendant) or drive a long distance. In most cases, individuals are more likely to stay and finish treatment. If you would like to increase the chances of successfully completing rehab, then it is always recommended that you go to an out-of-state treatment center.

5: Keeps You from Quitting on Hard Days

Our fifth and final reason for traveling in order to get a geographical barrier to stop you from quitting on yourself. When you attend rehab, you are almost always there voluntarily and can leave at any time.

Travelling puts up a barrier and makes you think twice about the commitment you’ve made and the time you’ve invested. Being a distance from your home state can ultimately protect you from quitting on achieving what you made such a major decision and reached out to do!

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As we have mentioned above it is always suggested that individuals who struggle with substance abuse look for treatment out of state. Out-of-state rehab increases the chances of successfully overcoming addiction by increasing privacy, reducing distractions, removing triggers, and creating distance from home. If you or someone you love would like to find an out-of-state rehab today you can start the rehab intake process by calling our 24/7 admissions line.

You will speak with a professional who will walk you through finding an appropriate out-of-state rehab. Give yourself a break and reach out for assistance today, your recovery is worth it!

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