How to Detox From Drugs Safely

I Want to Detox From Drugs | Find Addiction Rehabs | Woman rejecting cocaine or heroin holding bag away from herFearing the horror of detox causes even the most determined person to procrastinate over becoming sober. We have all heard the countless nightmare stories of vomiting, severe cramping, diarrhea, hallucinating, or even fatalities. Without knowing how to detox from drugs safely, most people prefer to continue on their own and take the risk.

The truth is, this outcome is unlikely when you seek proper treatment. Medical detox facilities can mitigate those risk factors and make you more comfortable than doing detox alone.

There are some people who find addiction and the idea of detox embarrassing, and they don’t ask for help. They choose to do it alone, and they go off their drug of choice cold turkey. Other people ask sober friends to come and monitor them during the process of drug detoxification. There are other people who go straight from using to a detox or rehab facility to begin treatment.

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Detox Centers are Safer Than Any Other Option

When you finally commit to getting clean and to detox from drugs, you should choose the method that has the highest rates of success.

Going the route of detox at home is one of the worst decisions you could make. This method has the most numerous instances of relapse or death. One of the most common mistaken notions about detox is that only alcohol detox can be lethal. That’s a misrepresentation that causes people to die. Withdrawal from most other drugs can cause you severe and permanent harm like blindness or neurologic damage—or even death.

Sometimes, withdrawal symptoms themselves cause serious medical emergencies. If you detox at home alone, you might become weak to get to the phone. You endanger yourself and those around you. Or, you might talk yourself back into using again by thinking just a bit will get you through the worst symptoms. If you do not have support both during and after detox, you will be tempted easily back into drinking or drugging.

Why Detox at a Facility?

“I spent two terrible days on my parent’s couch in the August heat before I finally broke down and went to a professional detox clinic. They were able to make my detox more comfortable. If I had only known about medical detox centers, I would have gone there to start.” – Paul

Rather solo detox, some people plan to get clean with the aid of sober family or friends monitoring their wellness. It gives them a false feeling of security to know that there will be someone with them to call 911 or stop them from using if either situation becomes necessary. However, to detox from drugs without staff actually on standby poses risks.

Before taking this route, here are some essential questions to ask. Are your friends and family physically strong enough to stop you from using drugs or alcohol if needed? Will they recognize early symptoms of dehydration or other side effects of detox? Do you want to endanger them if you experience paranoia and hallucinations? Will they be around to offer you support you need after detox? The detox process does not end when the drugs or booze leaves your body. You must have a plan in place to remain free of your drug of choice.

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Straight from the Detox Center to Rehab Center is Most Effective

Drug Detox and Dual Diagnosis | Recovering From Drug Addiction | Find Addiction Rehabs | Woman looking out rainy windowYou might be wondering about the most recommended method of recovery. The path with the greatest rate of success is to enter a treatment program. You can choose from several types of facilities.

Some of these facilities have a detox center and extended rehabilitation care in one campus. Or, you can check with your local hospital. They will get you in touch with a detox facility, and some hospitals have an onsite detox unit.

Detox does not have to be this painful or difficult. A detox facility might prescribe medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms. An experienced center has the will know how to handle any emergency that arises. They know which medications and treatments to offer you to maximize your recovery. Post-detox, you’ll spend time in a rehabilitation facility. You will receive professional behavioral counseling, medical treatment, and support from your peer groups.  These professionals will pinpoint any underlying disorders, like depression or anxiety, and you will receive treatment. You will start your 12-Step Program and attend appointments with your counselors and doctors. When you exit the treatment facility, you will have set an action plan to help you continue to conquer the challenges of life.

The Value of Addiction Recovery

If you are using drugs and/or alcohol, don’t allow your drug of choice to bar you from seeking help for another moment. Don’t be concerned with the treatment costs; indeed, the cost of active addiction is much greater. Many rehabilitation facilities accept insurance plans. Some receive state assistance for low-income clients. Most will work with you to find the best strategy to meet all your needs.

Don’t be embarrassed or think that seeking out help is a sign of weakness. Getting help is one of the strongest choices you will ever make. There is no excuse to put off detox, and there is no logical reason to detox at home. Don’t let your fear of detox stop you from beginning a new, sober reality. Those who use lose relationships, money, careers, self-respect, and joy. End this cycle of using and losing.

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