Addiction Treatment Centers In Mississippi

Mississippi is among the ten states with the lowest number of people with alcohol addiction across all ages. However, about 6% of people have reported substance abuse in Mississippi, which is 2% lower than the national average of 8%. About 3% report using illicit drugs other than marijuana, which is about 0.5% lower than the national average for the same report. Fortunately, there are options available for individuals seeking help.

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Addiction Treatment in Mississippi

The most commonly abused drugs in Mississippi were cocaine, marijuana, and prescription drugs.

Over 1,000 people enroll in alcohol treatment programs and drug rehabs in Mississippi every year. Counseling and psychotherapy are the commonly used methods to treat alcohol addictions. Some people prefer seeking treatment out-of-state for fear of stigmatization from others. This drive for out-of-state treatment is because many people do not consider alcoholism a severe issue, hence taking no action to control it. However, out-of-state treatments are usually expensive compared to therapy within the state.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Mental health treatment in Mississippi is also of great concern. Over 85% of people who abuse drugs have reported mental illnesses. Depression and anxiety are the most commonly reported cases. Dual diagnosis treatment aims to address both addiction and mental health issues.

Dual diagnosis treatment usually involves many sessions of psychotherapy, guidance, and counseling.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehabilitation treatment has proved to be the most effective. However, inpatient treatment is not accessible by most people in Mississippi. Therefore, most treatment is done in specific places where people get treatment and return to their homes in the evening. Each city within the state has a well-equipped treatment center that provides treatment and guidance, and counseling to individuals. In many cases, individuals who would like to benefit from a high-quality inpatient program will leave the state. Leaving the state for rehab has many benefits, including more privacy, removing the people, places, and things that may trigger addiction, and distance from home to focus on their recovery.

Medical Detox

Detox is usually the very first step in getting free of either drugs or alcohol. The body’s physical dependence on the substance can’t be broken if it remains within the person’s system. Detox helps them to get it out of their system, but there may be severe side effects. Rehab centers have specialized rooms where individuals can go for detoxification. Nurses and doctors remain on call 24/7 so that the individual can have peace of mind. Detox frees the body from physical remnants of the substance and sets the stage for the second step in overcoming the dependence.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient treatment programs allow recovering persons to reenter society. They help by offering group counseling and sessions to discuss how they’re progressing, but they no longer need constant supervision to maintain their distance from the substance. Rehab centers usually have scheduled days for outpatient meetings. For some cases, intensive outpatient care is required. These sessions are more time-intensive and take more out of a person’s day. However, the individual isn’t kept on-site, so it doesn’t count as an inpatient treatment program.

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Seeking treatment is mostly a personal initiative, given that all treatments start with self-acceptance. It should be known that, just like other conditions, addiction can be cured. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, help is available. We have a range of resources on our website to help you find the right Mississippi drug rehab or alcohol treatment center for your needs.. Feel free to browse our rehab directory to view all the drug and alcohol treatment centers near you, or call our 24-hour admissions hotline to speak with a professional who will walk you through the rehab process.