How You Know You Are Choosing a Quality Medical Detox Program

The Search for a Medical Detox

If you have made the decision to finally break free from the grip of drug and alcohol addiction, then it is important to understand that your journey towards recovery will be comprised of several important stages. You will start in the detox phase of recovery, at what is hopefully a quality detox program, and then move through the different levels of substance abuse treatment, from inpatient treatment, all way down to outpatient treatment.

Each of these stages is integral in order to give each individual the best possible chance at recovery, but in particular, it is imperative that a quality detox program is sought out in order to ensure that the recovering addict or alcoholic receives the care they need during the first steps of their sobriety.

What Makes a Quality Detox Program?

At-Home Versus Medically Supervised Detox

When you are ready to begin your search for a quality detox program that fits your specific needs, there is one important factor to keep in mind. Medical detoxification is meant to be complementary to a more comprehensive treatment approach and is not the totality of drug treatment itself. The ultimate goal of any quality detox program is to prepare addicts for the rigors of inpatient drug treatment. During the detox treatment process, substances are slowly removed from the body and those new to recovery are given the ability to regain their health and vitality.

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There are a fair number of addicts who may feel that once they physically feel better, this means that they are cured of their addiction, but this is a false notion to believe in. While the physical symptoms may be addressed during detox, it is still important to continue with therapy and aftercare programs in order to address the underlying mental workings of your addiction. If these root causes are not addressed and corrected, the chances of experiencing repeated relapses in your recovery increase dramatically.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Detox

As stated earlier, there are several key considerations when choosing a quality detox program that best suits your recovery goals. So how do you know that you have chosen the perfect detox center for you?


You know that you have chosen a great medical detox center when it is in a location that allows you to focus on your recovery and is free of the distractions that could tempt you back into active addiction. While most who seek detox choose a facility that is close to home, that may not always be the best choice.

While choosing a detox program in your hometown or in a town nearby may be convenient because of the familiar surroundings and the proximity of family, there may be instances where it may hinder your progress. If the temptations of your home environment are too tempting or if you don’t have a strong support system, choosing a detox program farther away may be more beneficial to truly get the fresh start you need.

Safe and Clean Facilities

Another way that you can choose a great detox facility is by ensuring that the facility is clean, safe, and secure. The best detox centers feature around the clock monitoring to ensure the health and safety of both patients and staff. The environment of the facility should also be warm and soothing. Additionally, the staff that is employed at the best medical detox centers should have significant experience in dealing with many different types of addicts and be capable of handling any and all situations with professionalism, compassion, and respect for the addict.

Think of it this way, you want to feel as comfortable as possible during this early phase of recovery because more than likely you will be experiencing withdrawals and other mental health twists, so you want the environment to help you better handle these situations.

Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders at a Quality Detox Program

Quality medical detoxification isn’t just about physical well being, it is also about addressing the mental aspects of addiction. Many top quality drug and alcohol detox centers perform comprehensive evaluations on each client to diagnose any underlying dual diagnosis disorders.

Drug use itself is considered a symptom of a deeper issue, and often times co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD are common in those who are addicted to substances. Once these underlying issues are discovered, the treatment staff can devise an initial treatment plan that will be utilized when you go into formal drug treatment.

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A Proven Track Record 

Many detox facilities make claim their programs are effective and that you will completely be substance-free. However, what is claimed on a website or television commercial and what reality is can often be two different things. Research and statistics should be made available to you when you are touring the facility, or upon request, and the center should have a good reputation for low recidivism.

Drug detox is a major step on your journey towards sobriety, and you want to be absolutely sure that the detox methods the facility employs will work the first time. Additionally, you know that you have chosen wisely when the detox facility is easily able to modify your detox treatment plan as your situation changes. It is this attention to detail that separates the truly great detox centers from the rest.

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Finally, the best detox centers make their services available to all who seek to get better. Whether you are insured, underinsured, or uninsured, detox centers offer multiple ways that you can cover the cost of treatment. This can be accomplished through the implementation of an alternate payment arrangement or a sliding fee scale.

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