Author name: Bryan Garman

Bryan was born in Philadelphia and remains an ardent supporter of Philadelphia sports. After attending FSU and FAU where he majored in writing, Bryan ventured out to follow in the footsteps of his idols, running straight into drug addiction.  After being arrested by the President’s Secret Service, Bryan finally started to rebuild his life and beat that monkey off of his back through writing, playing music, and studying Buddhist philosophy. Despite still having the occasional struggles with mental health, Bryan strives to be a little bit better a person each day.   With the support and love from a loyal family, and kind-hearted and generous friends, Bryan tries to help people vanquish their own personal demons as he did and bring more love and beauty into a pessimistic world.

Get inspiring recovery quotes from Find Addiction Rehabs

Inspirational Recovery Quotes

Spread Hope With Your Treatment Center Posts and Updates Have you ever noticed that when you heard a particularly passionate speech or song lyrics, it made the hair stand up on the back of your neck? Or, maybe you got goosebumps after hearing a speech or something similar? If you answered yes, then you are …

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Cocaine Binge

Cocaine Binge: What Comes Next?

Seizing the Chance for Recovery After a Coke Binge My life spiraled out of control once I fell into cocaine addiction. I had abused alcohol and dabbled with other drugs, but cocaine was all-consuming. I tried rehab a few times, but I didn’t really want to quit. I would tell people that I want to …

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2nd Failed Drug Test on Probation

2nd Failed Drug Test on Probation

The Mounting Consequences of Using Drugs on Probation In the world of addiction, dealing with the justice system is a common situation. I’ve been in and out of jail, on and off probation, and spent a lot of my time living in fear of legal consequences as a result of my drug abuse. Failing drug …

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Crack Lung - Signs and Symptoms

Crack Lung: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Crack Lung? Crack lung, also known as hypersensitivity pneumonitis or chemical pneumonitis, is a lung inflammation caused by inhaling certain chemicals or foreign particles. It is most commonly caused by smoking crack cocaine, but it can also be caused by inhaling other substances, such as dust from welding or paint fumes. Cocaine use …

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Crack vs Meth

Crack vs Meth

The Differences and Similarities of Deadly Stimulant Drugs I grew up in an environment that was full of drug abuse. From the time I can remember, my parents were always strung out on illicit drugs. For them, the ‘crack vs meth’ debate was more like planning their day. This led me to experiment with drugs …

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What is a Meth Pipe, Recognizing the Signs of Addiction

What is a Meth Pipe: Signs of Drug Abuse

What Does a Meth Pipe Look Like? Whether you have stumbled across what you believe to be drug paraphernalia in a loved one’s space, or you simply want to educate yourself on how to recognize the signs of methamphetamine addiction, it is important to know what a meth pipe looks like. There are many common …

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How Long Does a Crack High Last

How Long Does a Crack High Last?

How Long Does Crack Cocaine Affect You? Crack cocaine is a powerful and highly addictive drug that has become increasingly popular in recent decades. It is a form of cocaine that is smoked, resulting in an intense and immediate high that is often accompanied by a strong craving for more. This powerful stimulant is derived …

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