Addiction Treatment Centers In Missouri

Missouri has a population of over 6 million people, making it the 18th most populous state in the United States. Over 60,000 people have enrolled in rehabilitation centers. In general, the rate of drug addiction in Missouri is lower than the national average. The most abused drugs in the state are methamphetamine and marijuana. The good news is that there are many Missouri drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centers for people struggling with addiction. Missouri has private treatment and state-funded treatment, making opportunities available to everyone.
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Addiction Treatment in Missouri

There are over 250 alcohol treatment centers and drug rehabs in Missouri that offer inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment. Sixty-seven centers offered alcohol and substance addiction treatment, while ten centers offered opioid addiction treatment. Missouri had one of the highest numbers of people aged 18-21 years who had not accessed treatment, especially for alcohol addiction.

Annually, about 10,000 people are admitted to Missouri alcohol rehabs to treat alcoholism. Over 8,000 people sought addiction treatment for alcohol combined with other secondary drugs. Close to 70 centers offer alcohol addiction treatment. Emotional support is very crucial to people undergoing alcohol addiction treatment, given the high chances of relapsing. Campaigns to encourage self-acceptance have been carried out to help many people voluntarily accept treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Various treatment centers in Missouri are offering psychiatric treatment. Just like in other states, most people affected by addiction have also received mental health treatment. There are few public and private centers offering mental health treatment in Missouri and many people opt to seek treatment out of the state. Specialized treatment is provided for those who have bipolar disorders. However, many people are not able to access mental health treatment given its high cost. People are encouraged to obtain health insurance to help cover the cost of such treatment.

The Process for Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Missouri

Addiction can lead to a spiral in an individual’s life. Getting free of alcohol or a drug is something that a person should aim to do as soon as possible. Rehab centers approach recovery methodically. They first start with removing physical dependence and eventually removing the substance’s mental hold on the person. The treatment processes include:

Medical Detox

Detox is the start of a person’s journey to recovery. Rehab centers have outfitted locations dedicated explicitly to helping persons get over detoxification safely and securely. Medical staff is on call if needed, and the person is monitored throughout the process. This process can run between two and three days, with the height happening within 24 to 48 hours after entering the facility.

Inpatient Rehab and Treatment

Missouri drug rehab centers have dedicated inpatient facilities where recoverees can continue their journey towards breaking dependence on a substance. These inpatient facilities have counselors available to help recovering addicts deal with the feelings and urges that arise when they try to leave their addiction behind. They also provide a space that’s isolated from the influences and environments that could trigger a relapse. Each day spent free of the substance helps build up their resistance to succumbing to it again.

Outpatient Rehab and Treatment

Outpatient procedures occur on a scheduled basis and don’t rely on the individual living within the facility. Typically, persons who have already gone through inpatient treatment can continue with outpatient treatment. They’re able to have a job and a regular life while checking in regularly to show their progress. Group therapy also helps by building a feeling of community among others who have gone through similar trials.

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Drug and alcohol addiction treatment has been given attention to curb the high toll addiction has on Missouri’s economy. The state spends millions of dollars on treatment, and many people have also lost their lives in drug-related crimes.

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