How A Sobriety App Can Work For Your Recovery

Introducing a New Sobriety App | Find Addiction Rehabs | Woman using iPhone addiction appLet me start by answering the question asked in the title. Of course, neither a smartphone nor a sobriety app cannot keep you sober. You are solely responsible for your own sobriety. However, there are smartphone apps that can help support you in recovery.

For most in recover, the struggles of addiction last far longer than any treatment program. After you’ve left the safe environment of a treatment center, it’s smart to equip yourself with tools that can help you keep yourself accountable in your quest for sobriety. Now that’s a smart phone!

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Meet A-CHESS. This sobriety app helps recovering alcohol addicts remain sober. It’s proving to be quite effective! In a clinical study, 65% or recovering alcoholics using this app remained sober for a full year after treatment ended.

How does it work?

The app sends you daily affirmation that offer you words of support and motivation. This helps you remain on the road to recovery. Once weekly, it also surveys you to identify any areas in which you’re possibly struggling. You have access to support groups and even online counselors if you need them.

The app’s built-in GPS helps you keep away from danger spots like liquor stores and bars. You can program the sobriety app to suit your own preferences, making it even more useful.

One example of a customization is this. You can plug in the location of your favorite bar into A-CHESS, and if you get too close to that location, it will play a video of your children or spouse asking you to refrain from drinking. Or, it could be programmed to play your own message as a reminder to yourself why it’s important for you to remain sober.

Finally, it’s equipped with a panic button feature. This lets you distract yourself right away when you’re feeling challenged by receiving messages of support or calls a buddy for help.

A-CHESS is only one of several sobriety apps in your play store. However, it’s the one that’s outperforming all others in clinical studies. Experts believe that this is a result of the combination of weekly monitoring and ongoing support that the app offers you.

Not sold on A-CHESS? Here are a three other sobriety apps that we like.

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Check out Sober Grid

Chat Bubble | Find Addiction Rehabs | AA Chat Rooms | Speech bubble made of people representing a chat roomSober Grid’s a support group that’s always online. You can connect with others who are in recovery 24/7.

Try Breathing Zone

As you know, meditation works in conjunction with dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to conquer anxiety. This very efficient app helps you pace your breathing and calm yourself when you’re feeling on edge.

Reach out on Talkspace

The app Talkspace allows you to text a therapist, which can be a lifeline for some in recovery. The subscription is $25 weekly for unlimited text messaging with a licensed therapist. That’s really a good value.

Want to search for other helpful smartphone apps? Go to your app store and search “addiction.” Remember that a sobriety app is a support aid in your rehabilitation. You still need the structure of a treatment program to get well.

If you’re challenged by any addiction, Addiction to Sobriety is here to help you.

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