Drug Overdose Deaths By State

Drug Overdose Deaths By State | Find Addiction Rehabs | Chart from the CDC detailing drug overdose deaths by stateAs of August 2019, here is the data we have on drug deaths by state, including opioid deaths by state. The opioid crisis is more significant in some states than others. Today, we are discussing the 20 states which rank as the worst in the United States.

In several of these states, users are more likely to abuse heroin, while the other states have people who are more likely to use opioid painkillers. Most often, this is based on both drug availability and the cycle of the person’s addiction. In fact, three out of four heroin abusers started out using opioid painkillers. This means that opioid painkillers are now the chief gateway drug for all addictions.

Drugs of choice depend on where Americans live. Opioids on the East Coast. Meth in the West. Alcohol in Mid-America.

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Highest Opioid Deaths By State

More people become addicted and die as a direct result of this increasing abuse every single year.

There is a silver lining as more people are seeking help for their addictions. Many users find comfort in addiction rehab. We can partially thank additional public and private resources, advertisements for rehab clinics, national awareness ad campaigns, and educational programming. These allow us to study this dangerous disease that we call addiction like we never have before. We need more money to continue the good fight. The war on drugs can only be won with patient rehabilitation and not through imprisonment of people who so desperately need help.

Let’s examine this information on opioid deaths by state. Here’s how bleak the picture looks.

Opiate Painkiller Addictions

States in the Southern US dominate the top of our list for opioid painkiller users. These painkillers include hydrocodone and oxycontin. Here are the top opioid deaths by state.

  1. West Virginia – 33%
  2. Tennessee – 31%
  3. Florida – 26%
  4. Maine- 26%

Heroin Addictions

The Northeast United States and New England suffers the highest abuse of heroin, which is also classified as an opioid. Here are the top states for heroin users who seek treatment:

  1. Massachusetts – 50%
  2. Delaware – 44%
  3. Pennsylvania – 38%
  4. New Jersey- 37%
  5. New Hampshire- 37%

Amphetamine Addictions

While we might be focusing on the states which face the challenge of severe opioid abuse, they still have other large concerns. Out in the western US, amphetamines also remain a significant problem. Here three states out of our list of twenty states that have issues with methamphetamine addictions.

  1. California – 30%
  2. Arizona – 20%
  3. Washington – 16%

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Alcohol Addictions

Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Overdose | Alcohol Deaths By State | Find Addiction Rehabs | Pile of pills next to whisky bottle and man indulging in alcoholismAcross all twenty of these states, alcohol abuse remains a steady issue. Nationally, alcoholics comprise 21% of all addiction treatment cases. Yes, there can be rare exceptions, like Delaware, where only 5% of people check into rehab for alcoholism. From those twenty states on the chart, below you’ll find the ones with the largest number of people who seek treatment for alcohol dependency.

  1. Florida – 26%
  2. Maine – 24%
  3. Pennsylvania- 24%

Alcohol + Drug Addictions Combined

Some individuals are addicted to both alcohol plus at least one drug. The averages for those states range from about 11 to 15 percent. Delaware and California report the lowest number of concurrent cases. These are the states on the chart with that suffer the highest percentages of alcohol combined with drug addiction.

  1. Washington – 24%
  2. New York – 22%
  3. Ohio – 17%

Marijuana Addictions

Marijuana, which many states across the nation are legalizing quickly, also makes up a portion of drug treatment intakes. On a national level, marijuana comprises 16% of patients who seek rehabilitation, according to data from TEDS.

In fact, in two states in which medical cannabis was legalized, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the addiction to marijuana ranks lower than the national average.

The chart indicates the following states as having the largest percentage of people struggling with marijuana addiction.

  1. Illinois – 25%
  2. Ohio – 24%
  3. Washington – 20%

You Can Find Help

Here’s the most important takeaway from this interactive chart. You are not alone. Help is available. Whatever demon of an addiction you are fighting, you should reach out as ask for help–the sooner, the better.

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