Addiction Treatment Centers In North Dakota

North Dakota has some of the lowest substance abuse rates in the country, but unfortunately, even a state with such low abuse rates still has its problems. The real question is not how many people in the state are using drugs but rather understanding why those who do abuse drugs do so. There are correlations between drug use and alcoholism, drug use and mental illness, and drug use and incarceration in the state. Fortunately, there are a variety of alcohol treatment centers and drug rehabs in North Dakota.
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Addiction Treatment in North Dakota

Around six percent of North Dakotans reported using an illicit drug within the last month of being surveyed. Almost two percent of those would consider themselves dependent on an illegal drug. In 2010, 1,607 individuals enrolled in treatment facilities for substance abuse. The most prevalent drug problem in the state is methamphetamine. Fortunately, drug treatment facilities are steadily increasing within the state.

In addition to drug addiction, alcoholism is also a problem in North Dakota. Almost 9 percent of North Dakotans surveyed stated that they have abused or currently abuse alcohol. In 2010, 871 people in the state entered treatment for alcohol abuse. Those suffering from severe alcoholism should understand that finding a North Dakota alcohol rehab and treatment center that offers detoxification services is a huge helping hand.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Mental illness is often linked to substance abuse. This fact remains true in North Dakota, where 44 percent of adults received some form of treatment for mental health issues. Around three percent of all adults in North Dakota report suffering from a severe mental illness. For those who have mental illness and substance abuse, the best treatment route could simultaneously focus on mental illness and substance abuse. Those with mental illness who only seek treatment for substance abuse are more likely to relapse as their treatment may not have addressed the root cause of their substance abuse problems or addictions. An example of an ideal treatment center for someone with a dual diagnosis would be West Central Human Service Center located in Bismarck, North Dakota. This program offers various options for those with a dual diagnosis, such as inpatient programs, outpatient programs, day programs, and more.

The Process for Treatment and Drug Rehab in North Dakota

Choosing to overcome addiction is a turning point in a person’s life. Yet trying to do it on one’s own is an uphill battle. Rehab centers offer various methods to help individuals overcome their addiction from the ground up. Each stage has its place in helping a recovering person reclaim their lives.


The very first step in overcoming addiction is detox. Rehab centers in North Dakota have dedicated areas for detoxing, allowing for a calm, controlled environment. This consideration is crucial, as detoxification may have some severe side effects. Nurses and doctors are also available, just for peace of mind and in case they might be needed. The detox process should be done under close supervision, and rehab centers are glad to provide this to their visitors.

Inpatient Rehab

The next step in breaking a person’s dependency on a substance is by attacking its hold on them mentally. Inpatient treatment does this through counseling and allowing them to avoid situations and persons that might lead to a relapse. Inpatient facilities offer several different approaches to helping someone refocus themselves and relearn how to operate within society. The lessons that a recovering person learns here can help them get back on their feet in the real world.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient programs continue the work started by inpatient treatments, but without the same level of oversight. While inpatient treatments instill responsibility in the individual, outpatient treatment seeks to use that personal responsibility to ensure that the person doesn’t relapse when they’re returned to the broader world. Additionally, outpatient treatments have group therapy sessions that help develop a support network among others who have experienced similar issues. These sessions could be done even while the individual resumes daily life. This normalcy gives them the impetus to keep away from the substance that led to their initial condition.

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) have shown some level of success as well. These programs are geared towards helping more acute cases of addiction, where individuals haven’t benefited from inpatient treatment enough. These intensive sessions are more time-intensive and may require an individual to attend until they can successfully avoid falling into the same lifestyle once more.

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If you or someone you know is suffering from substance abuse, alcoholism, or mental illness in North Dakota, understand that treatment options are available. At Find Addiction Rehabs, we are dedicated to providing helpful resources, information, and listings of the leading alcohol and drug rehab centers in North Dakota.