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According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 5.1 percent of Kansas’ population has been reported to be in wrongful possession of hard drugs, and 6.4 percent of Kansas’s population is alcohol-dependent. The city of Kansas is also majorly affected by the abuse of prescription drugs like oxycodone and hydrocodone with contents such as methamphetamine and heroin use.

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Addiction Treatment in Kansas

The State of Kansas is not insensitive to the fact that there are many alcohol and drug-dependent individuals in this State. This is why the State government provided numerous options for drug addiction treatment in the State. More than 20,000 Kansas residents have received treatment from the State-owned treatment centers. Kansas also has numerous private facilities that provide treatment programs for drug addiction. They offer detox services, out-patient services, partial hospitalization programs, inpatient services, aftercare services, drug addiction support groups, and counseling services. Kansas is also very famous for adding religion as a form of therapy. Despite this fact, non-religious drug addiction treatment institutions are still available.

There are many alcohol rehab institutions in Kansas dedicated to ensuring that their patients become independent of alcohol as soon as the therapy sessions begin. They include private-owned treatment centers as well as State or government-owned alcohol addiction rehab centers. These institutions’ first thing regarding the healing process of their patients is called the medical detox or alcohol deferment before trying to decipher if there is a mental causative factor behind the addiction. If there is, there would have to be a dual diagnosis treatment.

However, in the absence of this, treatment proper can then proceed before aftercare would be considered, if necessary. Alcohol addiction treatment centers in Kansas are quite similar to the drug addiction centers in Kansas. It is advised that you attend a private-owned treatment center as their benefits are second to none. Patients get to enjoy certain privileges to a certain extent, such as privacy, quality food, communal living, a healthy environment, and avoiding the regular waiting list that patients in government-owned treatment centers go through.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Research has shown that most people who deal with addiction to numerous substances more often than not are associated with mental health issues. These mental issues range from schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, panic and anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) to suicidal intentions and anxiety. The State of Kansas provides for dual diagnosis all around the State.

Kansas also has private treatment centers that provide services all around the State. However, dual diagnosis treatment is often more expensive than the other types of addiction. This is due to the fact they run this treatment process alongside each other. However, insurance companies help patients entitled to this service cut down on cost.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient treatment in Kansas is highly recommended. This is because the patient is kept away from temptations for as long as he or she can be kept. This treatment service also allows for a speedy recovery from this addiction. It also puts the patient in a place where he or she can experience communal living. After the inpatient rehab service, it is advised that the patient subscribes to the aftercare service. This is to ensure that the patient does not go back to his or her old habits. This process is quite expensive when done in private-owned institutions, while in government-owned institutions, it is free. However, it is recommended that patients choose the inpatient treatment if they can afford it and they would like to get better as soon as possible.

Outpatient Rehab and Treatment

This treatment center entails the patient residing in their home and attending therapy sessions from home for about 3 hours. This treatment program is ideal for those who would like to be close to their family members while doing this therapy session. It is also not as expensive as the inpatient service and is recommended for patients who are not severely addicted to drugs.

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