How Much is a Gram of Cocaine?

The Growing Cost of Cocaine Globally and for Individuals

Those who are in active addiction hardly stop to calculate the price of their habit. When someone is dealing with a cocaine addiction, the cocaine cost goes unnoticed, as the primary object is to obtain the illegal drugs by any means possible.

Over the last few years, America has experienced an increase in cocaine prices – and the number of those suffering from cocaine addiction has dipped as well. But how much is a gram of cocaine, and why the high price for such as small bag of powder?

Why have cocaine costs changed, and did the use of the drug decrease as cocaine prices climbed? If cocaine prices fell, would more people turn back to cocaine? In this article, we take a look at information provided by the Drug Enforcement Administration regarding global cocaine production and the cocaine supply chains.

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Cocaine by the Numbers Across the World

Cocaine by the Numbers

As drug cartels continue to pump massive amounts of drugs into the United States, drug abuse has skyrocketed within our borders. Despite strict laws forbidding drug use and possession throughout the 80s and 90s, the war against illegal substances clearly had little to no impact on the skyrocketing rates of use.

As a result, mental health in a large amount of the population has declined, and the homeless and jobless numbers are higher than ever. Does the retail street price of cocaine play a role in this dynamic? Let’s look at the retail street price of cocaine and other information in American and European countries.

According to reports, heavy drug abuse of cocaine has steadily declined since 2016. This led to the decline of cocaine markets in America and Europe, the sources of largest demand in the global drug trade.

While most European countries and American states have witnessed lower numbers – other countries typically not impacted by large amounts of cocaine use have experienced a drastic climb.

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How Much is Gram of Cocaine: The High Price of a Bit of Powder

Cocaine continues to be one of the most expensive drugs on the market. Often referred to as the rich man’s drug, a gram of the substance varies heavily depending on exactly where you’re located.

Let’s see where the price of cocaine stood as of 2017 and 2018:

  • A gram of cocaine on the black market of American streets retailed for about $160.
  • In Europe, the price was around $96.
  • Fast forward to 2019, and the price for a gram in the United States has inflated to $200.

If you are reading these prices, and thinking they sound a bit high (or very high) remember that these figures are adjusted for purity, and reflect the value of pure cocaine.

How Much Do Different Amounts of Cocaine Cost?

Different Amounts of Cocaine Cost

Like other products, the price of cocaine continues to take a downward slide as the amount gets larger. But what about smaller amounts?

Let’s look at the cost of cocaine across the board over the past decade.

How Much is a Gram of Cocaine vs A Bump of Cocaine

A bump of cocaine, often referred to as a nickel, is around $5. Inside a gram, you’ll find roughly 20-25 doses this size that many small-level dealers repackage and sell for a profit.

Smaller amounts of cocaine this size aren’t usually readily available, as a gram of cocaine is typically the starting point. Generally, only crack cocaine dealers make any amount smaller than a gram available.

An 8-Ball of Cocaine

An 8-ball of cocaine, or 3.5 grams, is generally the next available amount – and where a price break takes place. According to information from the DEA, the national average price for an 8-ball of cocaine in 2019 was about $300. This is a stark difference in the prices of the early 2000s and 90s when an 8-ball was available for only $150.

Kilo of Cocaine

The national average price for a kilo of cocaine is largely what drives small-market prices on 8-ball and gram sizes. In the 80s and 90s, one could acquire a kilogram, which is 2.5 pounds, for around $15,000 to $17,000. This was considered a fairly good price, and averages tended to hit around the $20,000 mark.

Currently, a kilogram of cocaine has an average price tag of anywhere between $35,000 and $80,000. In the context of global comparison from markets since the 1980s, these prices are unprecedented. It’s these inflated kilo prices that impact the cost of street-level amounts – but why do the large suppliers, such as Arab countries and Mexican cartels, experience price increases on the production side?

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The Reason for the Increase in Cocaine Costs

The reason for the increase in the price of powder cocaine is largely attributed to global cocaine production reaching a tipping point. In the past, labs in South America created the final product after the plant was harvested. This was a process with a significant chain of people that required a lengthy period of time.

As time continued, the use of crystal meth and fentanyl increased – both products the Mexican cartels can create synthetically – right in our backyard. This leads to a much easier and simpler route for these drugs ultimately reaching American and European countries. The older smuggling routes used to get cocaine to America are no longer required, as the only challenge is now crossing the border into the United States, as opposed to a long trek through jungle and other treacherous areas.

The increased desire for meth and fentanyl has had a profound impact on the price of the drug. With supply and demand dictating the final cost of everything, it’s all about the demand for specific drugs on the American market.

Has the Price of Cocaine Impacted Levels of Addiction?

Price of Cocaine Impacted Levels of Addiction

It would be nice to say that cocaine costs have made a significant impact on the usage of crack cocaine and other variations of drug addiction. However, it doesn’t work that way. The sad fact is, as we mentioned earlier, cocaine is considered a rich man’s drug.

When those who use it begin to overextend themselves financially and no longer have a source of funding to satisfy the expensive habit – typically they turn to crack, as they’re able to buy in much smaller quantities.

While a gram of cocaine at $100 or $150 might not be feasible as a daily expense for some people, several dime bags of crack cocaine allow these individuals to satisfy their cocaine use disorder. If the level of drug use lowered with the price, the outlook for addiction would look much brighter in the United States.

Unfortunately, this does not occur, and mixing cocaine with adulterants and cutting agents may reduce the price on the street, but does little to dampen the enthusiasm among regular users.

The High Cost of Cocaine Addiction Has Only Grown Greater

In reality, what typically happens is either you witness the situation described above, or the cartels importing the drug focus on cheaper alternatives, flooding the streets with whatever this substance might be.

In our current landscape, it seems to be methamphetamine, as numbers have skyrocketed. Knowing that America is by far the largest drug consumer globally, coupled with the fact that addicts who aren’t ready to quit will adapt to using any drug that fills the void that’s missing – these large-scale suppliers will let nothing stand in the way of their profits.

Why Does the Street Price for a Gram of Cocaine and Other Drugs Fluctuate?

Street Price for a Gram of Cocaine

The prices of street drugs have typically always remained in a state of flux. There are several driving factors that lead to these dips and peaks:

  • Supply chain issues factor into the final cost of the product. Raised prices are passed along to street-level dealers, and finally users. Challenges might include an increase in the costs of precursors used to make certain drugs.
  • A large shipment can be intercepted by law enforcement, causing a temporary spike in prices.
  • The overall popularity of certain drugs may also factor in.
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