Codeine Addiction Treatment

Codeine addiction recovery requires a number of important steps, but perhaps the most important one is making the choice to seek rehab for your substance use disorder. Without proper treatment, it can be almost impossible to overcome codeine addiction.

What Is Codeine Used to Treat?

Codeine itself might be used to treat a cough or pain, depending on the type of the drug that is used and the way it is administered. Unfortunately, many people wind up abusing the substance instead.

  • People abuse codeine because it causes euphoria when taken in high doses in addition to relaxation, pain relief, and drowsiness.
  • According to the National Library of Medicine, patients should not take more of the drug than they are prescribed by a doctor. They must also not take it more often than prescribed or in a different way than prescribed.
  • Sadly, people often abuse drugs like codeine because they believe they will not cause addiction. This is because of the misconception that any drug prescribed by a doctor is safe to use at any time.

Unfortunately, codeine does cause serious problems when it is abused, and those who become dependent on and addicted to this drug will require professional help.

How to Treat Codeine Addiction

Many different codeine addiction treatment options can be found in codeine treatment centers around the country. Treatment for this disorder may require a handful of different programs for each individual, especially because addiction itself is such an individualized disease.

  • Medications are often used to treat opioid addiction. While a patient is in detox, these drugs can be used to minimize withdrawal symptoms and make the process of withdrawal less uncomfortable. During rehab, medications may be useful for curbing cravings, stabilizing patients, and treating co-occurring mental disorders.
    • Methadone and buprenorphine are two of the most often used medications for treating opioid addiction. These drugs can be used to help patients manage withdrawal, or they can stabilize individuals while they learn to avoid relapse. A person may even stay on one of these medications for a year or longer.
    • Methadone and buprenorphine can both be abused to cause the same euphoria and other effects that codeine can, but when they are used as treatment medications, they are highly regulated so patients cannot abuse them (National Institute on Drug Abuse).
  • Behavioral therapies are also necessary in almost every form of addiction treatment. These programs can help patients learn to refrain from relapse, even at difficult times. They can also help individuals learn the skills they will need to live their lives safely in recovery, including those having to do with recognizing their cravings, avoiding their triggers, and discussing their needs with others.
    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy is perhaps the most highly used treatment option for addiction (NIDA). The program helps patients relearn positive attitudes and actions that will help them steer clear of further substance abuse.
    • Contingency management is another often used treatment for codeine addiction. This therapeutic program can help determine if patients in outpatient care are refraining from codeine abuse with frequent drug tests. When the individual passes the test, they get a reward, either a monetary prize or an option to participate in a drawing.
    • Group therapy is also incredibly popular in codeine addiction treatment programs. This option asks patients to help one another recover and provides much-needed community interactions between recovering individuals.
  • Non-evidence-based treatments are important to recovery as well. These can include a number of options, some of which may prove invaluable to certain patients. However, it is important to remember that all people recovering from opioid addiction must seek professional treatment in addition to any of these options.
    • Some individuals are able to get the additional help they need from 12-step groups like Narcotics Anonymous or other types of support groups. Some even exist that offer help to people who prefer secular approaches to addiction recovery like SMART Recovery.
    • Holistic treatments are often available to those who seek codeine addiction help in rehab centers. These can include any type of non-evidence-based program from yoga to Tai Chi to biofeedback therapy to art therapy. Some people find these options incredibly helpful, especially those who have trouble opening up in traditional treatment programs.

No matter what your situation, there is a treatment center that can offer you the exact options you require for a safe, long-term sobriety from codeine abuse and addiction. Though recovery may seem like a long way away, you can build yourself a new life with the help of treatment that will allow you to avoid returning to the abuse of this dangerous drug.

Where Can I Go to Find Codeine Addiction Treatment?

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