Crack Addiction Treatment

After reading and hearing about how dangerous crack is and what kind of major impact this drug has on the people using it, most are curious: Can you recover from crack addiction? Thankfully, the answer to this question is yes, yes you can recover through crack addiction treatment. Crack addiction recovery can be a long and difficult path, however once an addict has decided to start this path of recovery they will immediately see improvements in their life and quality of living. Once crack is removed from the day-to-day life of addicts, they are able to recover. Recovering from crack addiction is different for everybody because no one person uses exactly the same for exactly the same reasons. Once a personalized plan is in place and support is established addicts will be able to not only stop abusing crack, but learn why they began using in the first place and how to overcome this obstacle to prevent future use. Crack treatment is a proven method for long-term abstinence.
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How to Get off Crack

After the decision to get clean from crack has been made, a user has effectively started their recovery process. The next step is detoxification or detox. In order to start the recovery process the drug needs to be removed and in order to do this addicts will undergo withdrawal which is the body’s process of eliminating the drug. This step is often thought to be the most difficult because the withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, mentally straining and painful. Withdrawal can usually last a few days or up to a week and in some cases even longer.

There are many different methods for detox that can be used. Most are designed to aid the addict through the withdrawal process and treat the symptoms of the withdrawal. Some of these symptoms include nausea/vomiting, anxiety, shakes, fever/chills and seizures. Medical assisted detox is a method in which a person will enter a medical facility and remain there with a doctor monitoring them through the detox process, this method is thought to be the safest. Another method is chemical detox in which various drugs are administered to gently wean the addict off of crack. These are just two of the many different methods of detox. However, the most known and most common method of detox is quitting cold turkey.

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Cold turkey detox is the most common method for various reasons. Mainly, cold turkey is something anybody can do from the comfort of their home or the home of a loved one. This method is also free while other methods such as medical assisted detox can generally be pretty costly. So, exactly how do you stop smoking crack cold turkey? The answer to this is very simple: you just stop using crack. This is an extremely difficult thing to do because addiction is an extremely difficult disease to overcome. Usually, addicts quitting cold turkey will often seek out the help of a loved one or friend in order to help them with the detox. Helping somebody quit crack cocaine cold turkey is not that hard to do and the addict will greatly benefit from having help.

Such help can include:

  • Keeping them company to keep their mind off of drugs and the pain
  • Helping them take warm baths to relax their muscles
  • Ensuring that your loved one continues to drink water and eat as much as possible

Even the simplest things can make cold turkey detox much more bearable. Being left alone with thoughts of drugs can be extremely dangerous in this process. While all the above help greatly the most important thing a person can do to help the detox process is to make sure that they do not get ahold of more drugs and use. Once they do, the process starts over.

Crack Addiction Treatment

If left untreated, crack addiction can lead to permanent psychological damage and even death. After the detox process, what is next step and how to treat crack addiction? Through crack treatment, addicts will undergo various therapies and methods of combating the crack addiction. Two of the most widely used crack treatment options are cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. These two therapies have proven time and time again to be extremely effective in the treatment for crack addiction and crack cocaine addiction treatment.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is designed to teach addicts how they can overcome and prevent harmful thoughts and behaviors that lead to crack abuse. First they are taught how to recognize these thoughts and second how to replace them with healthier thoughts and approaches to problems, situations and daily stressors. Motivational interviewing is a process in which the therapist will increase an addict’s motivation to remain clean and abstinent by helping them realize how much better life is without drugs. This is achieved by using psychology and enforcement to help them realize the potential their lives hold without crack addiction controlling them.

While these two methods of treatment are the most used, there are numerous other methods and therapies for treating crack addiction. Some other methods include mindfulness treatment, equine therapy, behavioral therapy and 12-step programs.

How to Recover from Crack Addiction

In order to recover and overcome crack addiction the addict must decide that this is something they want and need for themselves. Only then will the treatment process become effective. Through determination, hard work and life-long awareness the recovering crack addict will be able to change their lives for the better. Without crack taking control addicts will come to find that they do not need crack in order to be happy and live a life worth living. Can crack addicts recover? Yes, yes they can; they just need to be willing.

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