Codeine Addiction Recovery

Those who become addicted to codeine need to go into codeine rehabilitation. Codeine addiction recovery can entail a number of different programs, but over time, patients are able to recover safely and avoid relapse much more easily than if they had not completed treatment.

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The codeine rehabilitation process requires several steps, most of which can take place all in one facility. However, some programs require patients to receive multiple treatments in separate facilities. No matter what, it is best to choose the program and the facility that will allow you to recover safely and feel comfortable.

  • Step One: The first step of the codeine rehab process is usually detox. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, doctors use COWS or the clinical opiate withdrawal scale to determine the severity of the individual’s withdrawal as well as which treatments will be best for their specific situation. Detox alone is not a treatment for addiction, however, and can only treat dependence. Codeine detox must be followed by a full rehabilitation program for an individual to recover safely.
  • Step Two: The second step is rehab. This is where the patient will learn how to avoid relapse and also to live in recovery. Different treatment options may be utilized in this program, and it is the main option for addiction treatment in the United States.
  • Step Three: The final step is aftercare. This can entail a number of different options, including attending support group meetings, living in a sober home or a halfway house, or returning to the facility for more infrequent sessions. Every patient will require a different set of options for aftercare.

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In most cases, this is the general treatment schedule for patients hoping to overcome codeine abuse and addiction. Of course, the different treatment options available in each program, the severity of the patient’s addiction, and a number of other variables can all alter this process somewhat.

Codeine Rehab Facilities

People who need help for codeine addiction are often able to find the best care in professional rehab facilities. These facilities may treat a number of different substance use disorders, including different types of opioid addictions. There are also several different types of rehab centers, including

  • Inpatient rehab facilities, which offer 24-hour care in hospital-based facilities to patients who need to be in a controlled space and require around the clock surveillance
  • Residential rehab facilities, which offer 24-hour care in non-hospital-based facilities
  • Partial hospitalization programs, which offer care during the day but allow patients to return home to their families at night
  • Intensive outpatient programs, which offer patients the freedom to work, attend school, and carry out other responsibilities during the day but allow them to receive treatment and a place to stay at night
  • Outpatient rehab facilities, which offer treatment appointments to patients during the day (usually every day at first and then less frequently as recovery progresses)

Depending on the severity of one’s addiction in addition to other variables, one of these options may be more or less appropriate for his or her needs. It is important to remember that there are many types of codeine addiction rehab programs all over the country and that each patient deserves a program that will allow a safe and strong recovery.

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Codeine Addiction Recovery Timeline

The process of codeine rehab can sometimes take more or less time depending on the variables associated with a person’s situation. Those who need longer treatment programs are usually those who have more intensive symptoms or addictions. However, each individual is different and requires a program that suits the specific situation.

  • Detox: Detox from codeine and other opioids usually lasts a week or two. Some detox centers might keep patients for 30 days at the most for this syndrome.
  • Rehab: Rehab can last anywhere from 28 days to a year or longer. This all depends on how long it will take the individual to recover safely and to be ready to live in recovery without the help of treatment. Some programs last 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, and some may go on longer.
  • Aftercare: Aftercare usually follows rehab and can last for several months or for as long as the rest of the person’s life. This option is all about helping the individual stay sober, so it is best to choose the aftercare program that best helps you in your recovery.

Of course, one treatment program is not always enough to help a person avoid relapse and keep their recovery strong. The NIDA states most people need multiple forms of addiction treatment over their lifetimes in order to avoid relapse. For example, you might choose to get help from a residential clinic and then transition into an outpatient program afterward. As such, the timeline of your rehab may be different than someone else’s.

All in all, finding and committing to codeine addiction rehab is the best way to recover from this substance abuse disorder. Fortunately, there are many rehab centers available, so take your time and choose the best option for your situation.

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