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What is Drug Rehab?

While quite a lot of stigma surrounds addiction today, the United States faces a reality in which nearly 10% of its adult population has struggled with substance abuse at some point in their lives. Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) officially declared the opioid crisis an epidemic after causing nearly 50,000 deaths in 2020 alone. 

In light of these continuously increasing numbers, the need for addiction education resources and substance abuse treatment options is more prevalent than ever, and the search for the best drug rehabs in America (for your needs and more generally as rated by their clients) has never been more important!

Drug Addiction in the United States

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Drug rehabilitation is the process in which an individual receives medical or psychotherapeutic treatment for their addiction to substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, or street drugs (i.e., cocaine, meth, heroin, or others). 

This is usually done at residential rehab facilities dedicated to treating alcohol and drug addiction. However, individuals may choose to find addiction treatment methods that are more holistic or experimental in nature. 

Types of Substance Abuse Treatment

Depending on an individual’s specific form of drug abuse, there are several ways in which they may choose to treat their substance use disorder. There are many factors that may affect this decision, including:

  • The severity of an individual’s addiction
  • A history of substance abuse
  • Underlying medical conditions
  • Any co-occurring disorders (i.e., a simultaneous mental health condition or addiction to another substance)


When it comes to treating addiction, there are seven levels of care that are generally accepted by most treatment facilities. These include:



When deciding which of these options is best suited to a particular individual, it may be helpful to seek out professional treatment advice from certified addiction specialists or healthcare professionals. 


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What Does a High-Quality Addiction Treatment Center Look Like?

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There are many ways in which a rehab facility or specific treatment center may stand above others. However, these 10 signs are ones individuals can look out for that may signify a great drug rehab center:

  • Joint Commission Accreditation. The Joint Commission seal-of-approval is one that recognizes the quality of a healthcare institution and ensures these facilities can be trusted to provide top-notch care and results.


  • Individualized Care Plans. When it comes to substance abuse, no two addicts are the same. As such, each individual seeking treatment will require a different approach to their care and recovery. When determining a specific rehab center to recover at, the availability of specialized treatment is a great determinant of a high-quality level of care.


  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment Options. When it comes to long-term recovery, many individuals may not just need to treat their substance abuse. In these cases, any co-occurring mental health conditions serving as the root of their addiction issues must be addressed as well. A great drug and alcohol treatment facility will offer dual diagnosis treatment options (i.e., trauma therapy, family therapy, or other mental health services). 


  • Good Housing Options. The location of a residential recovery center is particularly important in determining its quality. For example, treatment facilities that are located in the city may be less preferable compared to those in more secluded and peaceful environments. 


  • Good Staff to Client Ratios. A high-quality treatment facility will usually have a 1 to 5 or 7 ratio between clients and staff. In other words, there will be 1 staff member available for every 5 to 7 clients. A ratio higher than this may mean that individuals will not receive the personalized care and attention they need for a successful recovery.


  • Aftercare Plans. For many individuals, their recovery journey is not over after leaving an inpatient facility. While the surface-level addiction may have been treated, aftercare is essential in maintaining sobriety. As such, quality centers will usually offer some type of extended care, such as IOP or transitional housing options; or, at the very least, some sort of discharge plan for the client. 


  • Drug Rehab Alumni Program. Falling under the same general category as aftercare, an alumni program will stay in contact with individuals for weeks or even months after their discharge from a treatment facility. These may also include fun, free-of-cost events for past clients to attend, as a means of keeping them involved in and excited about their recovery.


  • Cost-Effective. While some individuals may choose to self-pay for quality drug rehab, many such programs accept private insurance, making them more cost-effective. Communicating with both potential drug rehab centers and an individual’s personal insurance provider can ensure that this financial aspect of receiving addiction treatment is stress-free.


  • Qualified Staff. The best rehab centers employ licensed medical professionals and certified Behavioral Health Technicians. Furthermore, these substance abuse treatment centers will ensure any therapists present at these facilities are licensed and educated in the correct fields of addiction.


  • Life Skills Training. Most individuals who have struggled with addiction will need help with rebuilding their basic life skills. Unfortunately, these people often forget how to live as normal productive members of society. Thus, the best rehab centers will be the ones that provide this training. 

Overall Excellence in Rehab Offerings: Our Top Three

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  • Melrose Recovery:

Located in beautiful Orange County, California, the staff and facilities at Melrose Recovery are second to none nationwide. From their immaculate medical detox facilities to their warm and welcoming clinicians, the experience at Melrose Recovery caters to clients in ways that make recovery a natural evolution of their struggle, with lasting sobriety often the result.

  • The Discovery House:

Just outside the city of Los Angeles, in the close-knit community of Reseda, sits another facility that welcomes its clients like family, and does an excellent job in each facet of the continuum of addiction care.

The Discovery House has been at the center of addiction treatment in Southern California for well over a decade and avoids trends in favor of providing rock-solid treatment for both addiction and mental health concerns. Their alumni program in particular stands out and helps their clients become part of a thriving and ever-growing community.

  • United Health and Wellness:

Far from the shores of California, our third entrant in the ‘Overall Best’ category often goes by the shorthand ‘UHW,’ and has become synonymous with excellence in their home state of Georgia.

With a base in Brunswick, Georgia, their facilities offer top-tier detox and a full range of addiction treatment for clients that travel from throughout the South. A glance at their gleaming and modern offices offers an initial promise of quality, but when speaking to their staff the commitment and dedication of their staff and overall approach truly shine through.

United Health and Wellness offers a complete package of offerings to meet client needs. From intervention and medical detox services to residential treatment and all the way through enrollment in their Alumni program, you or your loved one will feel welcomed and taken care of throughout your UHW experience.

The Best Intervention Programs in America

The intervention stage involves addressing an individual’s addiction and beginning the process of finding addiction treatment options for them. While this can be a particularly difficult step, the concern of trusted friends and family members can often be the final push an individual needs to seek professional help.

Early intervention involves eradicating the risk factors that may provoke an individual’s engagement with substance abuse. Usually, this is done by educating at-risk persons on the effects of addiction

A Better Tomorrow

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, the staff at A Better Tomorrow understands that it can often be difficult for individuals to realize the severity of their addiction. Furthermore, this institution recognizes the burden this can put on their loved ones, and the responsibility they may feel in finding help for the addicted individual. 

It is for these exact reasons that Coalition Recovery offers a program dedicated to helping the friends and family of those struggling with substance abuse to stage an effective intervention. This may include finding non-provocative ways of communicating things such as:


  • How the individual’s addiction has personally affected those holding the intervention.


  • How it feels to have to witness the individual’s self-destructive behaviors.


  • Encouraging the individual to seek professional help.


The Best Medical Detox Programs in America

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For individuals who are struggling with alcohol addiction or heroin/opioid abuse, these particular dependencies can have severe withdrawal periods. 

In fact, depending on the severity of an individual’s addiction, suddenly stopping the usage of these substances can be fatal. In these cases, these individuals must undergo a medically supervised detoxification process, in which they are gradually weaned off an abused substance. 

This is done under constant medical supervision and care, as a means of managing more intense withdrawal symptoms and preventing further health risks. 

There are a number of drug rehab centers that provide medical detox services. Depending on an individual’s location, the following addiction treatment centers may be worth looking into. 

Dignity Healing

With the opioid epidemic becoming particularly problematic in The Sunshine State- as seen in the recent rise of a drug called the ISO drug – medically supervised detox programs are becoming a prominent necessity. Luckily, there are a few facilities that are guaranteed to provide quality care in this field, including Dignity Healing. 

Located in Pahokee, FL, this rehab center offers intensive and comprehensive treatment services to those struggling with substance and alcohol use disorders and co-occurring illnesses. This center is also accredited by The Joint Commission and has payment assistance options available to those who may need them. 

Divine Detox (CA)

Currently deemed one of the best drug and alcohol rehab programs in Ventura County, California, Divine Detox offers top-notch medical detox programs, treatment for co-occurring disorders, after-care planning, and family therapy support services. 

Furthermore, Divine Detox is accredited by The Joint Commission, placing it among some of the most trusted substance addiction treatment facilities in the country.  

Aspire Health Network

Backed by its accreditation from The Joint Commission, the Aspire Health Network is a drug addiction treatment facility that focuses on providing its clients with continuous medical supervision in order to ensure their comfort and safety at all times. 

With locations in California, North Dakota, Louisiana, Illinois, and North Carolina, Aspire rehab centers ensure that a secure environment is maintained at all times for their clients and staff, as seen through their medication reconciliation protocol. 

As addiction treatment providers, this institution’s staff aspires to make these facilities the best rehab programs in America through their dedication to ensuring the detox process is as risk-free and comfortable as possible. 


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The Best Residential Treatment Centers in America

Best residential rehabs in America

Residential treatment centers, or inpatient rehab centers, are addiction treatment programs that require participants to live at a facility throughout the extent of their rehabilitative process. This may be particularly helpful for individuals with more severe addictions that require regular supervision as they overcome these dependencies. 

When it comes to which inpatient rehab centers are the best addiction treatment centers in America, individuals may find the following to be of interest.

Aware Recovery Care

In 2019 alone, 4,098 people died from a drug overdose in Ohio, marking a 7% increase in these numbers within the span of a single year.

In response to these numbers, the importance of effective addiction treatment centers is more prevalent than ever. Luckily, for individuals living in this state, the Aware Recovery Care program serves as a considerable opponent to this addiction crisis.

When it comes to treating an alcohol or drug addiction, leaving the comfort of one’s own home can be a major turn-off for many individuals. This is why the Aware program allows individuals to undergo treatment from home, using a comprehensive treatment plan designed for long-term care and recovery.

In fact, this approach to treatment has been found to be six times more effective than traditional methods. Furthermore, with facilities in multiple other states including Florida, Massachusetts, Virginia, and more, Aware Recovery Care is available far and wide.

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery

When it comes to addiction, mental health disorders are oftentimes a significant cause for the development of these dangerous habits. This is why institutions such as Emerald Isle Health & Recovery offer inpatient services dedicated to treating these co-occurring disorders.  

This program utilizes several forms of therapy in its addiction treatment approach, including cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. It also offers alternative therapies, such as art therapy and equine therapy.

Furthermore, this facility has been certified by both The Joint Commission and The National Accreditation Board.

Amethyst Recovery

Located in Port St. Lucie, Florida and with certifications from organizations including The Joint Commission, LegitScript, the Florida Department of Children and Families, and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, Amethyst Recovery proves a solid candidate for the best treatment center in Florida. 

Providing inpatient alcohol and drug rehab services, this rehab facility offers several care options to clients. These include family and marriage counseling services, fitness coaches, continuing care options, nutritionists, financial advisors, and more. As a state, Florida also features one of the more thriving recovery communities in the country and hosts meetings of all kinds statewide. 

The Best Partial Hospitalization Programs in America

Best drug rehabs in America, Partial hospital programs

For individuals who wish to seek treatment that provides clinical assessment and intensive care options, without committing to living on-site, partial hospital programs may be worth looking into. 

When looking for a specific treatment provider for this service, finding a drug treatment center that solely specializes in partial hospitalization can be difficult. After all, many drug rehab centers will include this option amongst a multitude of other services.

However, this does not mean these rehab facilities are any less trustworthy in their ability to fit these treatment modalities. As such, the treatment providers listed below may be of interest to those seeking out these types of treatment programs. 

South Shores Recovery

Located in San Juan Capistrano, California, South Shores Detox is a Joint Commission-backed recovery center with a partial hospitalization program involving intensive, daily eight-hour treatment sessions that do not require residency at the treatment center. 

When it comes to drug treatment, this institution recognizes that partial hospitalization offers the same clinical support and resources as inpatient care, but provides clients these services while retaining access to the comfort of their own homes, or sober living facilities in the beautiful beachside city of San Juan Capistrano. 

The Palm Beach Institute

When it comes to rehab centers, programs with a multitude of treatment options equipped to address any of their client’s needs are always a prime indication of the quality of these institutes. One rehab facility that fits this description is The Palm Beach Institute, located in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Accredited by The Joint Commission, the National Association for Behavioral Healthcare, and the Florida Department of Children and Families, this facility offers several specialized programs for treating drug abuse and alcohol addictions. 

Their top-quality partial hospitalization services incorporate personalized treatment plans to properly address each of their client’s addiction experiences and care needs. In addition to this, this rehab center also offers several other care options, including: 

The Best Intensive Outpatient Programs or IOPs

Best drug rehabs in America, IOP shown

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) are major treatment programs reserved for individuals who require more intense supervision as they continue to recover after the successful initial treatment of their substance use disorder. 

Furthermore, IOPs help individuals to rebuild their private lives and relationships with family members and loved ones, whilst maintaining sobriety. Unlike inpatient treatment programs, IOP participants live at home while taking part in the program. 

During this time, they can begin building a foundation for long-term drug-free living and learn to live a sober life without external support or supervision. 

Beaches Recovery

Located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Beaches Recovery provides intensive outpatient services for individuals who have successfully completed initial alcohol or drug addiction treatment, but still feel they may require clinical assistance. 

Backed by The Joint Commission’s seal of approval, this recovery center prides itself on providing top-quality, affordable care for individuals who do not quite feel ready to jump back into living a normal life. 

In addition to these IOPs, Beaches Recovery offers a variety of other addiction treatment programs, including:

  • Inpatient drug rehab
  • Residential drug rehab
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Sober living program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Pathfinders Recovery Centers

With several accreditations, including those from the Addiction Treatment Advocacy Coalition and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, the Pathfinders Recovery Centers substance abuse treatment center programs provide a full continuum of care, with IOPs dedicated to supporting individuals through their transition back into everyday life. 

Their centers approach drug addiction treatment with the goal of rebuilding harmony between a client’s mind, body, and spirit. With an eye toward maintaining a solid foundation for an individual’s physical and mental health, Pathfinders is dedicated to ensuring their client’s achievement of long-term sobriety. 

The Best Outpatient Treatment Programs in America

Outpatient care programs help individuals rebuild their confidence in living independent, sober lives once they have successfully completed addiction treatment at a residential or another professional treatment center. 

This option tends to be more affordable compared to residential programs and is best suited for individuals who are unable to take leave from personal duties or work. At this level of care, individuals can acquire skills to help prevent relapse and learn how to stay sober without external support. 

When partaking in outpatient care, individuals may participate in support groups designed to combat alcohol and drug use. These may include popular abstinence-based 12-Step Programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

Icarus Behavioral Health

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the team at Icarus Behavioral is dedicated to providing quality rehabilitative services for those struggling with substance abuse. 

This treatment center offers a multitude of outpatient services including group and individual therapy sessions, as well as wellness options including yoga classes and a functional gym. 

As a treatment provider for addiction recovery, Icarus Behavioral Health offers its clients an opportunity to focus on their physical and emotional needs and identify other means of finding happiness outside of substance use. 

Pinnacle Peak

As previously stated, the best rehab facilities incorporate treatment modalities that prioritize their client’s individualities when recovering. At Pinnacle Peak Recovery treatment centers, this specialized care is a priority, whether this is through their inpatient or outpatient programs.

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Pinnacle Peak recognizes the importance of receiving addiction treatment while still being able to juggle life’s responsibilities. This is why its treatment centers strive to provide top-quality outpatient services for all of its clients that prioritize both their addiction recovery and their external obligations.  

The Best Substance Abuse Aftercare Programs Nationwide

Best rehabs in America, aftercare programs

Returning to business as usual after completing addiction treatment can often be extremely intimidating for recovered individuals. After all, this re-introduction to independent living and self-care can present numerous challenges. 

Unfortunately, this means it is not uncommon for these individuals to succumb to this stress, resulting in relapse. This is why addiction recovery often requires continuous management.

Of course, this is where aftercare programs come into play. As post-treatment support systems, these offerings are designed to promote proper management skills for daily responsibilities and build healthier coping mechanisms for the unavoidable rough periods that come with life. 

Banyan Treatment Centers

With several locations throughout Florida, as well as facilities in Massachusetts, California, and Pennsylvania, and an alcohol and drug rehab in Texas, Banyan Treatment Centers understands the importance of treating the underlying causes of addiction.

As a mental health treatment provider, this institution offers after-care programs dedicated to assisting individuals who have received previous treatment for a dual diagnosis of simultaneous substance use and mental disorder.

These programs ensure that individuals have access to resources that can connect them with therapy services and support groups. When it comes to continuous management of mental health struggles as a means of preventing relapse, Banyan Treatment Centers excel in this area. 

Recovery in Motion

In recognizing that recovery is a lifelong journey, Recovery in Motion offers a number of continuing care options. These after-care programs are designed to aid individuals in their pursuit of long-term sobriety and maintain freedom from the addictions that once controlled them.

Located in Tucson, Arizona, this treatment center is accredited by The Joint Commission with its goal of providing a safe and comfortable environment for clients to recover from their disorders. 

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