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Locating California Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Substance abuse is among California’s most severe health and social issues. Based on data from the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF), nine percent of Californians suffered from a substance abuse disorder in 2021. Half of the state residents over 12 years use alcohol, while about 20% use marijuana.

In 2019, 3200 Californians died because of opioid overdoses. Although healthcare systems gradually recognize substance use disorders (SUDs) as chronic illnesses, only 10% of people with SUDs seek treatment. SUDs are preventable, treatable, and manageable, especially at a drug rehab California facility that meets your needs.

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Whether you or a loved one are battling substance abuse, it is time to get help. It is invaluable to have someone to talk to who understands what it’s like to recover from a substance use disorder.

Read on to discover more about alcohol and drug rehab centers in California!

A Bit More About SUDs

Repeated use of drugs and alcohol often leads to a substance use disorder (SUD). A Substance use disorder is a problematic pattern of substance use that results in substantial clinical impairment or distress.

SUDs usually cause health issues and failure to meet responsibilities at school, work, or home. Prolonged use of drugs might cause physical changes in the brain, which lead to compulsive behaviors.

What Makes a Successful Drug Rehab Center?

What Make a Successful Drug Rehab Center

A drug rehabilitation or rehab center is a facility that helps treat substance abuse disorders and addiction. Addicts may abuse legal medications for medical use or illicit substances such as opioids.

Drug rehab entails assessment, therapy, counseling, and education. Rehab programs help patients diagnose and treat drug addiction and dual diagnosis. Through medical detox, rehabilitation programs help ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce potential relapse.

People with a wide variety of addiction issues can benefit from behavioral therapy. Drug rehabs offer behavioral therapies to identify and help change potentially self-destructive or unhealthy behaviors. Combining behavioral therapy with drugs that control withdrawal, reduce cravings, and lessen the physical “reward” from substance use is frequently the most effective approach when treating alcohol and opiate addiction.

California has many types of drug rehab centers, providing varying treatment programs and environments. Categories of drug rehab programs in California often include:

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient treatment programs often involve a patient living at the facility while undergoing a period of intensive medical detox, nutritional programming, and counseling. Most patients in inpatient programs eventually go on to less restrictive settings like outpatient clinics or sober living communities.

Outpatient Rehab Programs

Those enrolled in outpatient programs can continue their daily lives at home while coming in for treatment several times a week. Many hours are devoted to counseling and medical detox at the facility.

Intensive Outpatient or IOP Rehab Programs

Even though patients in intensive outpatient programs can live at home, they must commit to more than twice as many hours of treatment per week as those in regular outpatient programs.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is the most intensive outpatient care, requiring patients to spend most of each day at the clinic.

Explore California rehab centers on Find Addiction Rehabs to confidentially locate a licensed treatment facility near you.

What to Expect from Drug Rehab California Services

One-on-one counseling

Most California drug rehab centers offer:


Regardless of the type of treatment, drug rehab is the safest way to battle addiction and prevent relapse.

How Long Does Rehab in California Take?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), addiction therapy programs should last at least 90 days to be effective. However, this time does not have to be spent entirely in an inpatient rehab facility. Clients may sometimes begin with a month or so of inpatient rehab before transitioning to an outpatient program for the duration of their time in structured treatment.

A Sampling of California Drug Rehab Centers

Though this is by no means a complete list, here is a selection of facilities in California that offer licensed and accredited drug treatment services. For a more complete listing, please visit the Find Addiction Rehabs directory search, and filter according to state, type of facility, and much more!

  • 12 South Recovery
  • All Points North Lodge (Malibu)
  • Anaheim Lighthouse
  • Banyan Treatment Center (various locations)
  • Bel Air Home
  • Bella Monte Recovery
  • Breathe Life Healing Center
  • Constellation Behavioral Health
  • Design for Change
  • Hollywood Hills Recovery
  • Restorations Health Care
  • Saddleback Recovery Centers
  • Sunshine Behavioral Health (Chapters Capistrano)
  • We Level Up – California
  • Yellow Wood Recovery

Remember, that there are many options outside of these centers for treatment in California, so to simplify your search and get recommendations matched to your needs and insurance type, please reach out to our confidential addiction helpline now!

California Addiction Treatment Laws To Know About

The Substance Use Disorder Compliance Division of the California Department of Health Care Services is responsible for the state’s regulatory oversight of substance abuse treatment facilities. According to local state laws, residential treatment institutions that offer nonmedical services are exempt from licensing requirements.

California Addiction Treatment Laws

The SUD Compliance Division states that facilities offering the following services must be licensed:

  • Medical detoxification.
  • Individual or group therapy.
  • Addiction education treatment.
  • Treatment and rehabilitation strategies for alcohol and substance dependency.


It maintains a list of facilities with revoked licenses, allowing people seeking rehab centers to know facilities that violate laws governing the industry.

Browse through state-licensed and certified treatment facilities at Find Addiction Rehabs. Experienced facilities offer drug abuse and addiction treatment in various settings using various behavioral and pharmacological approaches.

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Top California Drug Rehab Facilities: Found Here

When searching for a treatment facility, research the rehab center’s license and certification status and feel free to ask when you call Find Addiction Rehabs as well, as these can be provided quickly and without question. This will help you choose a facility with professional staff with the required certifications and education.

Since there are different kinds of drug treatment programs in California, our dedicated recovery representatives can help you choose the one that best fits your needs. We will happily give guidance on selecting the right drug rehab in California for you or a loved one.

Reach out to Find Addiction Rehabs now and confidentially get top options for drug rehab in California. Give yourself the break you deserve and start living a healthier life today!

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