Finding The Right TRICARE Rehab In California

If you’re a California resident seeking addiction treatment with TRICARE coverage for yourself or someone in your family, you have a range of options to choose from. Although it’s great to have options, it can also be overwhelming. So, how do you find the right rehab center?

Let’s go over the options available to those looking for drug and alcohol rehab California services with TRICARE insurance so that you can make an informed decision.

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Understanding Your TRICARE Plan

TRICARE is a healthcare program for former and current military personnel. Individuals covered by a TRICARE health plan can include but aren’t limited to:

  • Active-duty service members
  • Active-duty family members
  • National Guard and Reserve Members and eligible family members
  • Survivors
  • Retirees and eligible family members
  • Certain former spouses

Understanding Your TRICARE Plan

There are a number of different TRICARE plans. TRICARE health insurance plans include TRICARE Plus, TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Prime Remote, TRICARE Prime Overseas, TRICARE For Life, TRICARE Young Adult, US Family Health Plan, and more.

Every TRICARE plan will differ in some ways, and you do have to find a rehab center that takes TRICARE if you want to use your health insurance to cover treatment.

What Kind Of Addiction Treatment Does TRICARE Cover?

There are different levels of care for people with substance use disorders. The right choice will vary from person to person. Here are addiction treatment options covered by TRICARE insurance.

Inpatient and residential facilities

TRICARE covers care at a range of alcohol and drug rehab centers in California that offer inpatient and residential services. Many people working to overcome a substance use disorder benefit from inpatient treatment because it gives you a supportive environment to break the cycle of using drugs and alcohol. In inpatient or residential treatment, you’ll engage in a number of different types of evidence-based therapies (which may entail individual, group, or family therapy) and other helpful activities, such as creating a plan for relapse intervention.

If you or your family member seeking care lives with more than one mental health condition, you may look for alcohol and drug rehab centers that offer dual-diagnosis care.

Intensive outpatient programs

Intensive outpatient programs are another common form of care for drug and alcohol addiction. An intensive outpatient program, or IOP, allows you to sleep at home but offers a high level of support during the day. Some people move down to an outpatient program after attending inpatient or residential treatment, but many people also start with IOP.

Just like those with TRICARE coverage can attend a range of alcohol and drug rehab centers for inpatient treatment, TRICARE covers a variety of different outpatient programs.

Tricare Insurance Coverage - Intensive outpatient programs

Partial hospitalization programs

Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) require a higher time commitment than intensive outpatient programs do. If you are not considering inpatient or residential treatment but need a higher level of care than outpatient programs can offer, a PHP may be right for you.

Emergency inpatient hospital services

Active or former military personnel and their family members recovering from drug and alcohol use may experience a range of medical complications that require emergency care. Emergency room visits and emergency inpatient hospital services are both covered by TRICARE.

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Medication-assisted treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) helps individuals overcoming an Opioid Use Disorder reduce withdrawal symptoms and stay in recovery. Individuals prescribed medications used for MAT, like Suboxone, may be able to cover their prescription with TRICARE insurance.


Mental health therapy is covered by TRICARE insurance. Many people struggling with addiction find mental health therapy beneficial before, after, and during treatment. Some people work with a therapist once per week for an hour at a time, whereas others see a therapist more or less often.


Medical detox helps you move through withdrawal symptoms safely when you stop using alcohol or other drugs. Many people go to a detox center before they enter rehab for drug and alcohol addiction.

What Kind Of Addiction Treatment Is Right For Me?

Tricare Insurance - Addiction Treatment Coverage

You will typically enter rehab for substance abuse with an individualized treatment plan, which can change over time according to your needs. Most often, you will have an assessment before or directly after you enter alcohol or drug rehab. This assessment will help you determine the recommended type of addiction treatment that’s right for you if you aren’t sure. That said, it is very common to start out in inpatient care.

FAQs on Drug and Alcohol Rehab California: Tricare Rehabs

Does TRICARE Prime pay for rehab?

Yes, TRICARE Prime covers rehab for alcohol use disorder and other SUDS. However, as with any other insurance plan, TRICARE covers select treatment centers. Verify your insurance coverage with the specific treatment center you are considering to confirm that they take your insurance.

Often, treatment centers will let you do this over a phone call. Find Addiction Rehabs can also verify insurance coverage for you, quickly and confidentially, with a call to their 24/7 recovery helpline.

Does TRICARE cover outpatient rehab?

Yes, TRICARE does cover outpatient rehab services. Similar to inpatient treatment, however, only select treatment programs or centers will be covered. To make sure that your treatment is in-network, you must verify insurance coverage.

Does alcohol or drug rehab disqualify you from the military?

Despite common misconceptions, attending rehab for substance abuse does not disqualify you from the military. However, in certain situations, a history of drug use can disqualify you from the military whether you do or do not seek addiction treatment. Getting treatment for substance abuse can improve your life and well-being tremendously.

Can my parents send me to rehab?

Minors and individuals deemed unable to make their own medical decisions can be sent to rehab by someone else. It is also possible for people to have court orders for mental health treatment. However, the majority of adults can sign themselves in or out of drug and alcohol treatment centers.

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Find TRICARE Rehabs In California

TRICARE health plans cover many military members and their families.

If you or a loved one is seeking rehab for a substance use disorder in California or any other US state, we can help you look for a program that will accept TRICARE insurance. Find Addiction Rehabs can also assist you with insurance verification.

Reach out now for a completely confidential discussion of your situation, and learn more about your options to get help now!

* Disclaimer: Find Addiction Rehabs is not affiliated with or endorsed by TRICARE Insurance. Details about TRICARE’s coverage are intended for informational purposes only. The specific details of your TRICARE plan may vary and the specific treatment services you require may or may not be covered. Please call our representatives today for more definitive details on your plan and options.