Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting and What You Need to Know

If you or a loved one has served time in the military and is in need of healthcare services, having outside support can make getting the help you need much easier. Making sure your DEERS information is updated and correct will make accessing TRICARE services much easier and less time-consuming.

Keep reading to learn about your using DEERS for TRICARE eligibility and other benefits provided through the military health services system now!

What is TRICARE Insurance?

Tricare Insurance

TRICARE insurance is primarily known for its commitment to military service members and their families in providing them health care coverage. The company is sponsored by the United States Department of Defense Military Health System, so it is able to offer coverage for all U.S. military branches, whether active or retired service members.

The military benefits provided by TRICARE insurance can make going on military family leave a less stressful, more affordable, and overall easier experience for those in need of care. Making sure you know the requirements and how to verify registration can make things simpler if it comes time to use leave for addiction treatment or other health issues.

What is the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System?

The Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) is a defense manpower data center that is used to store records and information for U.S. service members, including:

  • Active duty and retired service members
  • Completely VA Disabled Veterans
  • Military dependents
  • Active Department of Defense (DoD) Contractors
  • Any other individuals eligible for TRICARE such as family members and others worldwide are entitled to TRICARE and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

DEERS is used by the RAPIDS system, which stands for Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System. This computerized database is used by the U.S. DoD to issue the necessary credentials required to obtain a Common Access Card in the PKI.

These combined systems fall under the name of DEERS/RAPIDS stations, which are available in 700 different locations worldwide. Together, these databases house information on uniformed service members, foreign military members sponsored by the U.S., uniformed services civilians, other DoD personnel, and their families.

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What is DEERS for TRICARE?

When applying for TRICARE, you will have to be enrolled in DEERS in order to be able to receive your insurance benefits.

Because of TRICARE’s patient population serviced, not having accurate and up-to-date information on their clients can prevent coverage from being provided.

The DEERS Registration Process

As discussed, whether you are a retired or currently uniformed service member, or have a military family status, you will need to be registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System in order to receive your TRICARE benefits.

Your personal eligibility information will be determined based on your status in the military, and that of your dependent family members. Service members are automatically registered in DEERS, while their eligible family members must be manually registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting systems.

In the event that both parents have served in the, one of them will have to be listed as their child or children’s main sponsor in the DEERS database.

Updating Your DEERS Information

Updating DEERS Information

In order to continue receiving coverage and make sure your TRICARE claims are accepted, you will need to keep your DEERS information current and ensure that it is being correctly entered.

How Do I Add or Remove Family Members?

Family members can only be added or removed by the current sponsors and can be achieved through visiting your local ID card and personnel office. It is important to call ahead and verify their business times, as well as to set up an appointment ahead of time; you can also do this online.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Information Current on DEERS for TRICARE

Your DEERS contact information includes a computerized database of addresses and phone numbers, This can be updated after you and your dependent family members have been added to the DEERS database.

Keeping your DEERS records updated can help ensure that you and your dependent loved ones are aware of your benefits and that these are remaining in place through any life changes.

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When Should I Update My DEERS?

It is important to update your DEERS registration whenever there is a major life change or a change to the sponsor’s status, such as:

  • Becoming retired or separated from active duty.
  • Activation or deactivation of a National Guard or Reserve Member.
  • Promotion or other change to service status.
  • Getting married or divorced.
  • Having or adopting a child.
  • Moving or changing your address.
  • Acquiring Medicare eligibility.
  • Death of sponsor or dependent family member.

If you have any type of TRICARE plan, updating your address and other personal information with your provider will also be important for maintaining coverage.

Why Should I Update My DEERS?

Keeping your DEERS records up-to-date will be necessary for maintaining continued access to your TRICARE benefits.

Having incorrect information stored in your DEERS database can cause issues with your TRICARE claims, prevent authorization for referral letters, and disable home delivered prescription medications.

Keeping your DEERS information updated will also help make sure you are receiving important updates and information on enrollment deadlines and changes to your benefits.

DEERS for TRICARE and Addiction Treatment

If you are enrolled in DEERS and have TRICARE coverage, you will have access to many healthcare benefits. One of the main struggles many service members and their families will experience is of mental health and addiction.

If you are struggling with a mental or substance use disorder, getting the right help can be essential for your ability to achieve long-term recovery. Fortunately, having the financial assistance provided by your TRICARE coverage will make treatment much more accessible, and far less stressful.

Depending on your or your dependent loved one’s circumstances, TRICARE will generally cover:

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