Service Members Benefit From ADAPT: Military Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Programs

Find Addiction Rehabs stands ready to help service members and their families overcome substance abuse. We know that healthy military members are critical to national readiness. So we honor their courage in admitting they need help. Substance misuse is a problem. But service members can overcome addiction and thrive with the proper support.

If you are in the armed services and need help, please allow us the honor of offering assistance in getting a diagnosis and the healing you deserve!

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ADAPT Focuses on Providing Assistance With Managing Stress and Mental Health Issues to Mitigate Substance Misuse

John (name redacted for confidentiality) is an active duty service member who has struggled with drugs also, but mostly with alcohol abuse for years now. He knows he needs help. The negative consequences of his binge drinking and substance misuse could cost his military career.

But he’s not sure who to trust. One day, John went online to Find Addiction Rehabs. They explained the ADAPT program and how it could restore his health. He prepared for his recovery journey. He learned the differences between self-referral and a medical referral and how to get an assessment. He also found resources and education about addiction. He even learned he could receive treatment near his post from rehabs that accept TRICARE and support military members’ recovery.

With the help of his parents and the support community he found through ADAPT, John focused on treatment. The first step, asking for help and assessment, was the most challenging and took courage. He became clean and sober, restoring his wellness and overcoming his addiction. He’ll no longer abuse alcohol and risk his career or relationships.

All About the ADAPT Program

ADAPT Program

The ADAPT program (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program) was founded in 1971. It is available to active duty, veterans now in civilian life, and families. The program’s goal is the prevention of substance abuse. It also provides treatment, counseling, and mental health. ADAPT staff decide the appropriate level of care for the individual. For instance, a high-risk person may need behavioral health, while a low-risk individual can restore wellness with group therapy.

The initiatives also focus on education and prevention. It offers resources and benefits to service members and their families. These benefits of the ADAPT program include counseling, group therapy, behavioral health, and referral services. ADAPT staff knows firsthand the negative consequences of alcohol and drug abuse. The ADAPT program treatment team helps combat common problems like underage drinking, binge drinking, and substance misuse.

The ADAPT program matters because it helps promote readiness. It helps heroes overcome addiction to lead healthy, fulfilling lives and increases duty performance.

Other Military Substance Abuse and Support Programs

Like the ADAPT military program, each service branch offers substance abuse solutions to improve health. These are open to service members, and some are available to the family. Service members can self-refer or receive a medical referral. A commander or higher-ranking unit member may also order it.

The assessment process varies by guidelines. It starts with a medical and psychological evaluation. Treatment can be in an inpatient or outpatient setting. A program manager or coordinator oversees the day-to-day operations. They ensure the alcohol and drug rehab services follow guidelines.

These treatments improve daily life. They provide critical support to military members and their families. The objective of each? First, it is primary prevention to promote readiness. The second is to help them overcome addiction with an effective treatment plan.

The best part is that the health and wellness skills they learn will help them later when they face the stress of returning to civilian life. Below are other available options.

Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)

Army Substance Abuse Program

The Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) offers a comprehensive solution to combat drinking alcohol and drug misuse. It provides education, prevention, and treatment services for soldiers with concerns about substance misuse. Their prevention classes help active duty or reserve soldiers and families. The primary reason for ASAP is to reduce the negative impact of illicit drugs and alcohol abuse in the Armed Forces.

These prevention programs offer various services. These include drug testing, education, prevention classes, and individual and group counseling. Counselors may make a referral to outside treatment. Soldiers can submit a self-referral, or their commander sends them based on duty performance. The assessment process involves a medical and psychological evaluation. This process helps determine the best treatment options. Depending on the soldier’s addiction, services can be inpatient or outpatient.

Navy and Marines Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP)

The Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP) is the Navy and Marines’ initiative for substance abuse. Active duty and reserve sailors, Marines, and their families can be referred. SARP aims to provide comprehensive substance abuse prevention, education, and treatment services. The goal: helping the enlisted overcome alcohol and drug abuse. Overcoming challenges will improve mental health and restore function.

SARP offers various services. It includes individual and group counseling, classes, and additional referrals. Sailors and Marines can self-refer, or a commander can provide a referral. The assessment involves a medical and psychological evaluation to find the best treatment. Treatment can be inpatient or outpatient, as needed.

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Air Force Drug Demand Reduction Program (DDRP)

The DDRP Air Force program, the Drug Demand Reduction Program, is the primary substance abuse prevention initiative for the United States Air Force. The program is open to active duty Air Force, families, and civilian employees.

The DDRP program has two components: prevention and treatment. The prevention component places a focus on education and awareness. Air Force instruction provides resources and information to help those enlisted in the Air Force make better decisions about drugs and alcohol. These include drug testing, education, outreach, and prevention programs. They promote readiness by increasing mental health.

The treatment component of the DDRP program focus is recovery for Air Force members who abuse drugs or alcohol. The offerings include assessment, detoxification, counseling, and referral to treatment programs. Treatment may occur in an inpatient or outpatient setting. That depends on the diagnosis and level of alcohol or drug use.

National Guard Substance Abuse Program (NG-SAP)

The National Guard Substance Abuse Program (NG-SAP) offers substance abuse prevention and treatment services to National Guard members. The programs are available to Army and Air National Guard soldiers and their families. NG-SAP reduces the harms of drug and alcohol addiction on National Guard soldiers and the community.

Services include drug testing, drug abuse prevention and treatment programs, drinking cessation, and individual and group counseling. Military members may also be referred to treatment by command. The assessment process after being referred involves a medical and psychological evaluation to get the best treatment. Rehab can occur in an inpatient or outpatient setting. They determine an appropriate level of care based on the severity of the alcohol and drug abuse.

The Department of Defense Has a Zero Tolerance Policy for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Zero Tolerance Policy for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

The Department of Defense (DOD) has a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and drug abuse among its ranks. The DOD uses a random drug test program. The testing process is straightforward. The person reports to the test center, shares photo information to prove identity, and provides a urine sample. The results are quick, and so are the negative consequences for individuals identified as positive.

All recruits know the policy from day one of basic training. The DOD invests in every military member, and substance abuse poses a risk to others. It also compromises the four tiers of readiness.

Drug abuse can end a future military career immediately. The immediate consequences risk community safety. We encourage you to get a referral for the needed treatment. Treatment will promote unit readiness, both professionally and personally.

Service members must hear that help is available–seeking help is a sign of strength. Together, let’s overcome addiction and lead healthy, fulfilling lives. But they must take the first step to get the help they need. It is time to reach out to learn more about ADAPT.

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Service Members and Their Families Can Find Help Now

At Find Addiction Rehabs, we assist enlisted people to heal themselves and restore family relationships. Whether you abuse alcohol or misuse prescriptions, ADAPT can help restore function. Developing a plan will help you overcome addiction and restore health and overall wellness.

We know that seeking help can be difficult. But know that help is here. We can connect you to treatment options endorsed by ADAPT to beat alcohol and drug use today!