Therapy Profile: Creative Arts Therapy for Addiction

Every effective drug and alcohol treatment program is comprised of several important services, all of which seek to help the addict recover in mind, body, and spirit. There are services that seek to give the alcoholic or addict a greater insight into their addiction and help them to avoid the pitfalls of addiction once they complete the substance abuse treatment program. There are services that seek to give the alcoholic or addict life skills that they may be lacking so that once they are free from their addiction, they will be able to navigate all of life’s stresses and concerns. There are also services that seek to get the alcoholic or addict in touch with their spiritual side, whatever that may look like for them, showing them that the path of hope and faith is infinitely stronger than a life of addiction. Arts therapy for addiction is a way for addict to learn new skills that help them once they leave the treatment program.

Yet, it is important to understand that in order for substance abuse treatment to be successful, the treatment programming must be diverse, offering any and all means of therapy to the individual struggling with their addiction. They must have programming that includes therapy, life-skills training, relapse prevention, and some introduction to a spiritual life because only working on all these fronts can the addict or alcoholic hope to have a fighting chance at remaining sober after their discharge from treatment.

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Luckily, today, many treatment programs understand this, and they even go above and beyond by offering therapeutic opportunities that lay outside the traditional realm of therapy. One such form of alternative therapy is creative arts therapy for addiction, which seeks to use the creative arts in order to help those individuals who may not be receptive to traditional forms of talk therapy.

Creative arts therapy has proven itself effective over the years in helping to reach people with a more creative minded psychology, and in doing so, it has given many people the opportunity to get and stay sober that may not have had a chance otherwise.

What is Creative Arts Therapy for Addiction?

Creative arts therapy for addiction provides those who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction tremendous benefits that they may not be able to receive through other forms of therapy. This form of therapy can be an excellent complement to traditional talk therapy and other essential drug treatment services. When someone who is addicted to drugs undergoes some form of creative arts therapy, they get a unique opportunity to get in touch with their true inner self and with their true spirit. Simply put, creative arts therapy provides a way for newly recovering addicts to express deeply held feelings that cannot be easily be put into words. Expressive therapies for addiction allow the addict to get in touch with their authentic self and can help raise self-esteem and provide an opportunity to create new and powerful experiences. Ultimately, creative addiction therapy options for drug treatment give those people who are newly sober healthier outlets to relax and cope with the stress of their day to day lives.


What are the Different Forms of Creative Arts Therapy for Addiction?

Music Therapy

A music therapy program does not solely involve passively listening to music. As a whole, music therapy programs allow clients to learn how to play a musical instrument, or they may take the time to interpret the lyrics of songs in order to delve into their deeper meanings. Those who take part in music therapy programs even can create their own recovery playlists, comprised of songs that motivate them to continue working their own individual recovery program. Regardless of musical ability or musical genre, music therapy programs make clients an active participant in their healing and recovery, and they are able to do so in an expressive and creative manner.

Art Therapy

Through art therapy, those new to recovery are able to use their creativity and imagination to create art that expresses what they truly feel. The ultimate goal of any quality art therapy program is for the individual to expand their means of communication in order to better convey what they truly feel and experience in their lives. These programs are especially beneficial for those people who have underlying psychological issues related to their addiction, such as a history of emotional or physical abuse. Art therapy can also introduce clients to other forms of artistic and creative expression, which include dancing, music, acting and even creative writing such as poetry and short story writing.


Another creative therapy option that is offered by many drug rehab facilities is psychodrama. A form of drama therapy, psychodrama uses guided drama and role-playing to help those struggling with addiction work through their issues. Utilizing group dynamics, role playing, and various other creative and expressive techniques, psychodrama therapy offers those new to recovery the ability to gain a better perspective on the breadth of their inner emotional experiences and conflicts. By taking the role of the actor or in a variety of supporting roles, psychotherapy strengthens cognitive and behavioral skills through active participation.

Dance and Movement Therapy

Dance and other movement-based therapies operate on the premise that addicts are uncomfortable with change, and as a result, they are used to repeating the same behaviors over and over again. These behaviors keep them stuck in addiction, and they are unable to stop them from occurring without help. With the use of dance and other movement-based types of therapy, those new to recovery learn to be present in the moment as they move their bodies through a series of guided exercises. They learn how these movements make them feel physically and mentally and they also learn what can and can’t be controlled.

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