ComPsych Insurance Rehab Coverage

ComPsych Insurance Rehab Coverage

What is ComPsych Insurance?

ComPsych is one of the largest insurance providers currently serving employee assistance programs, providing a number of insurance benefits, such as various behavioral health and wellness programs and addiction management services.

If you or a loved one is in search of substance abuse treatment, ComPsych insurance rehab coverage can help minimize your out-of-pocket expenses while getting the help you need.

Keep reading our guide to find out more about ComPsych for drug and alcohol treatment, and how to get the most out of your benefits!

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Does ComPsych Cover Addiction Treatment Services?

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As an insurance provider, ComPsych helps its clients lead healthier lives by allowing them to seek professional care through various addiction treatment providers and behavioral health care options.

In fact, ComPsych is particularly well-known for its level of coverage offered for behavioral health services. These extend over various substance abuse and mental health treatment programs, ensuring their clients receive extensive support for all of their needs.

What Types of Substance Abuse Treatment Does ComPsych Insurance Cover?

For many people, their drug or alcohol addiction treatment process will require them to receive treatment through multiple different recovery programs and treatment options. This is because addiction is a very complex disease, requiring a whole-health approach in order to be overcome.

Fortunately, ComPsych insurance rehab coverage policies will cover treatment costs related to various aspects of the substance abuse recovery process. These include behavioral health programs such as:

Inpatient ComPsych Drug Rehab Coverage

Inpatient Vs Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Many people who are recovering from addiction will need to seek inpatient addiction treatment and drug rehab centers. These provide a highly intensive and structured recovery environment than other levels of care will, keeping individuals on track in getting and staying sober.

While receiving inpatient care, some individuals may begin treatment with a medical detox program. These can help wean them off an abused substance while managing and even preventing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms while under constant clinical care. This will also allow a recovering individual to receive immediate care in the event of a medical emergency.

Finding inpatient rehab facilities your insurance is in-network with will be an important part of covering the cost of your treatment plan. If your specific rehab center is out-of-network with your insurance carrier, this may mean a higher out-of-pocket expense on your end.

Fortunately, ComPsych prides itself on being a health insurance company that strives to help its clients receive proper and necessary care for all of their behavioral and mental health care needs.

Outpatient ComPsych Addiction Treatment Coverage

For those with unavoidable time or financial constraints, outpatient treatment options may be a better recovery choice for them. While less intensive than other levels of care, these programs allow people to keep managing external obligations, while still getting the help they need.

Outpatient services can also serve as a step-down for those who have already successfully completed an inpatient or medical detox program, as these continue to provide recovery support as they are re-adjusting to independent sober living. These programs include partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), and standard outpatient services.

Which of these a person will participate in can vary based on the type and severity of their addiction, as well as if they have any underlying mental health issues. Participating in partial hospitalization programs will typically involve a person receiving treatment at a rehab facility throughout the majority of the day, before returning to their own home at night.

In comparison, IOPs will provide similar, but not as intensive, clinical care, while a standard outpatient program will generally require clients to meet for designated support sessions a few times a week.

With ComPsych as your insurance provider, you can overcome your substance use disorder through outpatient treatment programs at a significantly reduced rate, and may even be able to receive this recovery support with no out-of-pocket costs at all.

ComPsych Insurance Coverage for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Insurance Coverage for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When it comes to drug and alcohol rehab, this will generally entail a wide variety of behavioral health care services. This includes extensive mental health treatment options, as it is all too common for those struggling with addiction to have a simultaneous mental illness.

This is because many people will begin abusing addictive substances as a means of self-medicating the negative thoughts and feelings caused by an underlying mental health disorder. Unfortunately, this is rarely an effective solution and one that often ultimately causes further damage with long-term use.

Having ComPysch as your insurance carrier means you will be able to have your insurance pay for a decent portion, if not all of your dual diagnosis treatment. This will allow you to address both your addiction and mental health problems, without being held back by financial worries.

ComPsych Insurance Coverage for Medication-Assisted Treatment

For many people, their addiction treatment process will require the inclusion of specific medications to help manage the adverse consequences of recovery, including intense drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This may include medications such as methadone and valium, which are significant withdrawal reducers.

Other drugs, such as naltrexone and buprenorphine, can act as blocks for certain receptors in the brain, preventing individuals from achieving the euphoric high they would typically experience when using an addictive drug. This makes the drug less appealing to the recovering person, making them less likely to give into temptation and relapse.

Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications may also be used to help treat those with co-occurring mental disorders, and manage various psychological withdrawal symptoms. ComPsych provides coverage for many of the drugs listed above to help patients overcome addiction.

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How Long Will ComPsych Coverage Apply for Addiction Rehab?

How long a person will need to spend recovering at a drug and alcohol rehab center will vary based on several factors, including the type and severity of their addiction, the type of care they are receiving, and any financial or time obligations that may be limiting their treatment options.

The average amount of time a person will spend receiving inpatient care ranges between 30 to 105 days, while those being treated at an outpatient rehab center may do so for up to 120 days. In many cases, people will receive both inpatient and outpatient care, which will significantly extend their recovery time.

Most insurance providers will only pay for a set amount of treatment, and will no longer cover a person’s treatment past a specific point. With ComPsych insurance, so long as your treatment facility is in-network with your provider, you should be able to have a decent amount of your recovery process covered or provided at a significantly reduced rate.

In most cases, receiving treatment past a specific point may require you to cover any additional costs that go beyond what is covered in your specific insurance policy. Of course, this will still be far less expensive than receiving treatment with a less flexible insurance provider, or without this form of financial assistance at all.

How To Pay For What PPO Plans Will Not Cover

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Having reliable health insurance can be crucial in allowing you to successfully recover from your drug or alcohol addiction. Of course, this may not always be a possibility for some people, or may only provide a specific amount of coverage for a person’s treatment process.

With that being said,  there are many ways you can pay for the care received through behavioral health programs without insurance, or that can help manage any additional costs that may fall outside of what is covered by your specific insurance provider.

Installment plans, for example, allow you to pay for your treatment progressively over time, rather than providing an extensive sum of money upfront before even beginning your recovery process. This can greatly reduce the financial burden of addiction rehab.

You may also be able to seek out financial assistance from supportive loved ones who wish to help you overcome your addictive habits through any means possible. Having a close support system can help ensure you are physically and financially taken care of, and may also help expand your treatment options with this additional level of assistance.

Checking What Services are Covered Under Your PPO Insurance Plan

Knowing what addiction treatment services and rehab centers are covered and in-network with your ComPsych PPO insurance plan can help provide you peace of mind when beginning your search for professional services that can help you overcome your drug and alcohol abuse.

You can easily find out this information just by calling our Find Addiction Rehabs hotline and getting an assessment of your coverage and options from our recovery representative team. The call will be completely confidential and protected by HIPAA laws and can give you a sense of what options are open to you.

You can also use our fast and simple drug and alcohol rehab directory to browse rehab centers that are in your area, and quickly discover which of these are in or out-of-network with your specific insurance provider.

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Substance abuse and addiction can be incredibly difficult things to deal with, both for the addicted individual and their affected loved ones. This is why at Find Addiction Rehabs, we are dedicated to helping people who are struggling with addiction to find the recovery tools and resources they need.

Our hotline is available 24/7 to provide you or your loved one with fast and easy insurance verification, find treatment centers and services in your area that can provide all of your personal care needs, and answer all of your recovery questions, any time of the day or night.

Reach out to one of our recovery representatives now, and we can help you take the first and most important step on your path to recovery!

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