Cocaine Rehab Centers 

Cocaine rehab is necessary for a safe recovery from cocaine addiction. Those who do not seek help often are unable to stop abusing the drug and build a strong, lifelong recovery that helps them live better, more successful lives. As such, you should seek out safe cocaine rehabilitation.

How to Stop a Cocaine Addiction

An addiction to cocaine is truly dangerous. Though most people believe they have their substance abuse under control, the longer they continue to misuse the drug, the more severe the issue becomes. Cocaine is an especially damaging substance, and for those who become addicted, coke rehab is necessary.

  • Cocaine can cause severe side effects in those who misuse it, including auditory and tactile hallucinations, stroke, seizures, and sudden death (Center for Substance Abuse Research).
  • The drug also creates an intense crash period for those who have been using for a long time, which feeds into the binge-crash cycle of abuse associated with the drug.  
  • In addition, using certain versions of cocaine can be even more dangerous. For example, crack can cause an individual to become addicted even after the very first use because it is smoked instead of snorted.

For these reasons and many others, professional rehab for coke addiction is necessary for a safe recovery, especially for those who use crack, who have been using either type of the drug for a long period of time, and/or who have a dual diagnosis.

The Cocaine Rehab Process

Most people need to go through the full process of cocaine rehab in order to build a long lasting, well-rounded recovery. This is often the only want to stay sober after treatment.

  • The first step in rehab for cocaine addiction is detox. This could last for a few weeks and requires the individual to become stabilized after going through withdrawal.
  • Next, individuals will be treated for their addictions with behavioral therapies or medications. This could last anywhere from a few weeks to a year or more.
  • Finally, when patients are stabilized and have learned to live their lives without the drug, they can leave cocaine addiction rehab, although they may want to continue on with an aftercare treatment program.

Aftercare can include a number of options such as sober living homes, halfway houses, or 12-step groups like Cocaine Anonymous (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). Aftercare can last for a long time, and in some cases, may even include multiple treatment programs, especially for individuals who choose to go through outpatient treatment after inpatient care.

Cocaine Rehabilitation Centers

Rehab for cocaine is not the same for every individual, but most people need intensive treatment early on in their recoveries from this dangerous drug. Afterward, they may often choose to seek another form of treatment, which can sometimes require them to go through multiple cocaine rehabs.

  • Inpatient rehab for cocaine: Inpatient care provides 24-hour treatment to individuals in a hospital setting. This is often necessary, as many cocaine users have severe withdrawal symptoms and are not well physically. Usually, this is the best choice for those in early recovery.
  • Residential rehab for cocaine: Residential care offers 24-hour treatment not in a hospital setting. Those who need this option are usually seeking cocaine rehabilitation not for the first time or who are physically stable either during or after detox. This is also a safe option for those who are concerned that they will return to cocaine abuse if left on their own.
  • Partial hospitalization programs for cocaine: PHPs give patients the option of seeking treatment in a controlled environment during the day and returning home at night. Cocaine abusers who seek this type of care will often have strong support systems at home but may need more intensive treatment during the day.
  • Intensive outpatient programs for cocaine: These programs are the opposite of PHPs in that they allow patients to work and go about their business during the day before returning back to the facility at night for treatment, sleep, etc. IOPs are often best for those who need more help at night because they do not have a safe environment at home.
  • Outpatient rehab for cocaine: Outpatient centers offer scheduled appointments for patients who need less intensive treatment. Outpatient cocaine rehabilitation is usually the best choice for those who have been through cocaine rehab before and are just looking for a program that will strengthen their recoveries. Also, it could be a beneficial aftercare program for those leaving residential or inpatient care.

No matter which of these cocaine rehabs you choose, make sure it offers you the level of care you require so you can safely recover.

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