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If you or a loved one has been struggling with a potential drug or alcohol addiction, it may be hard to differentiate the truth from the false. Addiction is a malevolent predator, that promotes secrecy, denial, guilt, shame, and fear. It can be a scary thing to admit that one has an issue that can greatly affect their lives. However, the beautiful thing about addiction is that once someone has admitted they have a problem, and they can’t solve it alone, they are well on their way to recovering.

The following is a series of questions that one can ask themselves if they are confused or unsure about the state of their habits. This is by no means an entirely comprehensive diagnosis proving that a person is an addict or not, but it can help guide the way for someone who may not have all the answers. If you find that the majority of the questions are relatable, it may be wise to seek addiction treatment.

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1. When You Use Drugs, Do You Use More Than One At A Time?

For many people who struggle with addiction, there comes a time when our usual drug of choice no longer gets the job done on its own. We develop a tolerance to our substance, and we often need to bring in additional stimulants in order to achieve the state of mind that we desire.

2. Have You Tried To Quit Or Control Your Addiction?

A huge indicator of an addiction is the inability to stop using, despite our desire to do so. Once we have gone far enough down the rabbit hole, our minds and bodies become entirely dependent upon our substance, and will not be able to properly function without it. So even if we want to stop, we are literally controlled by our using.

3. Has Your Addiction Had A Negative Impact On Other Areas Of Your Life?

When we find that our using has isolated us from family and friends, cost us a job, or has gotten us into scrapes with the law, it is a safe bet that we have gone too fardev. If we find that despite these negative consequences, we still don’t see a problem with our using, it can be a sign that our addiction has clouded our minds towards reality and placed us into a state of denial.

4. Do Other People Fear For Your Safety?

It is common that other people will see the effects of our using before we do, as we often think we have a better grip on the situation than we actually do. If other people have brought up your drug, alcohol, sex, or gambling issues with you, it is likely that more people have noticed as well. Addicts tend to think they have complete control over their using, and can be blind to the obvious trouble they are in.

5. Do You Suffer From Withdrawal Or Sickness When You Don’t Use?

Once the body develops a tolerance and a physical dependency upon a substance or act, an addict will be affected by symptoms of withdrawal when they do not use. For example, body pains, nausea, migraines, depression, tremors, and insomnia are often frequent signs of addiction and withdrawal.

6. Do You Put Yourself Into Dangerous Situations In Order To Use?

Addiction will bring people to places they never thought they would go in order to achieve that high. Once a user goes far enough, they will be willing to commit crimes and venture into neighborhoods in order to use, simply so they can feel okay.

7. Do You Use Drugs or Alcohol As A Means Of Escape?

“Normal” users do enjoy the feeling of relaxation that having a drink or even a hit of pot can produce, however, an addict uses for an entirely different reason. An addict uses as a means of achieving oblivion or complete escape from reality. They don’t want to be able to feel the underlying guilt and shame of the events of their past. The dark irony of this situation is that these feelings are usually only intensified by their using and the actions they present to continue their using.

8. Have You Lost Family Members Or Friends Because Of Your Addiction?

Once it gets bad enough, it is common for our loved ones to distance themselves from us during our active using. Although it is never the intention of an addict to purposely harm their loved ones, it is sometimes easier for addicts to take advantage of them because they assume that they will never leave. When this does happen, though, it can often send the addict into a deeper state of guilt, shame, and remorse.

9. Have You Sought Treatment For Your Addiction In The Past?

12 step programs all agree, once an addict or alcoholic, always an addict or alcoholic. The condition does not simply go away when we put down our substance for a little while. In fact, it is quite the opposite, our addiction will be ever present in the back of our mind, and any periods of sobriety that we achieve will only be followed by us picking up exactly where we left off.

10. Have You Ever Experienced An Overdose Or Medical Side Effects From Your Addiction?

Chances are if you have found that your health is declining or you have overdosed, you most likely suffer from addiction. It is highly uncommon for non-addicts to overdose on a substance, as they usually only take the recommended dose (cough syrups, alcohol, prescription medications, etc.) However, an addict will be forced to push the limits as they know they require a larger amount to achieve the effect they are searching for.

This is by no means an entirely comprehensive analysis on an addict, as everyone is different and will portray different characteristics. That being said, if multiple or several of these traits are presented in a person, chances are they might be suffering from or going down the path of an addiction.

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