Things We Can Learn from Robin Williams and Depression

Lessons Learned from the Passing of Robin Williams

Years after his death, we still see a significant number of men and women being affected by the depression and suicide of comedic icon, Robin Williams. Thus, unless we discover meaning in mournful circumstances, it is likely for many of us to succumb to despair and even suicide.

Naturally, it is difficult for us to understand every complexity of the heart, soul, and mind of another human being. We are also touched in various ways, as we collect meanings and lessons which can be relevant for all of us. Here are three things we can learn from Robin Williams and depression.

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The Importance of Telling Your Truth

It helps to be honest. Once we notice and permit what we experience at the moment, we can affirm ourselves as we are, instead of creating ourselves to be what we think will be appealing to others.

We don’t have to strive to be someone we are not; we don’t have to compare ourselves to other people. We should embrace and value ourselves just as we are. We need to relish the vast range of all our joys and grief without being ashamed or feeling too insecure.

We can accept ourselves and be confident. We shouldn’t have to push away our pains and obstacles. We don’t have to judge ourselves severely for being in a dilemma. We can connect with ourselves once we acknowledge our shame, fear, and melancholy courageously.

“Acceptance is the answer to all of our problems.” Though it is a saying from Alcoholics Anonymous, it can apply equally to those who have never tried a drop of alcohol in their lives. When something rubs us the wrong way or even seems to make the world unbearable, it can help us to turn around and embrace, or at least accept, that which offends us so mightily.

The world has room for a lot of differing opinions and accepting the way things are forms a solid foundation for changing them eventually.

Combatting Depression with Acceptance of Yourself

When we stop fighting ourselves, we begin to discover real peace. It’s not selfish to love ourselves; it only means we cherish and value the precious life given to all of us. Don’t be afraid to reach out and allow someone to love us.

Normally, if we were criticized and humiliated often in our formative years, then we tend to block receiving love from others. Others may be willing to love and comfort us if they are aware we are vulnerable.

Self-Love and Proper Self-Care

However, caring goes unheeded if we don’t permit it to become a part of our lives. At times, psychotherapy can be beneficial in healing old traumas which makes it difficult to allow others to love us.

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Regardless of where a person is from and his/her background, depression can happen to anyone. There is one thing for sure, depression has no respect for a person’s fame or accomplishments.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression and substance abuse we are here to help.

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