Why Age-Specific Addiction Treatment Could Benefit You

Addiction and alcoholism do not discriminate along lines of age, race, religion, or socio-economic background. In many ways they are the great equalizer because it does not matter who you are, where you come from, how old you are, or what you do for a living, addiction and alcoholism can affect you all the same.

This is something that we have only just begun to understand as a society, as for most of the history of alcoholism and addiction, they were looked at as illnesses of the weak minded and poor, and it was believed that adolescents could not suffer from such illnesses. Each day we learn more about substance abuse and what goes into successful addiction treatment.

However, today we have a much larger knowledge base for what addiction is, and whom it affects. With this knowledge we have been better able to treat people who suffer from addiction, creating specialized addiction treatment programs that are tailor-made for the individual, their experience in life, and their needs.

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Why Seek Specialized Addiction Treatment?

There are many rehab centers that specialize in helping specific groups of people. Two of the most common are gender-specific and age-specific treatment. There are others, as well, including LGBT rehabs and faith-based rehabs. Here are some common reasons a person may choose a specialized rehab:


Some people may feel more comfortable in gender or age-specific treatment, due to the fact that the people that are in there with them are their peers, in experience, age, and gender. This allows them to feel more conformable opening up and it allows them to deal with past traumas in an environment that they feel is safe.

Fewer Distractions

In early recovery, it is important to focus on yourself and what you need to do in order to stay sober. Gender and age-specific recovery centers are more likely to allow you to do that, as there will be no distractions by the opposite sex, and if you are an older adult, there will be less inclination to be drawn into drama caused by younger individuals.

A Harmonious Environment

Many people find that recovering with like-minded people leads to less conflict and a more supportive environment. This does not mean that individuals cannot recover in a heterogeneous setting, but rather that among individuals who are similar in age, gender, and life experience, there is a better chance that recovery can take hold.

5 Reasons Why Age-Specific Addiction Treatment Could Benefit You 

There are two main types of age-specific treatment: Treatment for children and adolescents, and treatment for older adults. Most people would agree that minors should not be in an adult treatment center, but many may not realize the benefits of an addiction treatment center for older adults.

In a typical adult rehab, client’s ages may range from 18 to 65, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as most adults find that they can get along with and enjoy the company of other adults in different age groups. However, there are some very real things to consider when entering into a treatment center with such a wide range of age groups. For instance, if you are struggling with substance abuse, you want to find a treatment center that can meet your needs for comfort, safety, and quality of care. Some individuals may not experience this in a traditional treatment center, and so for them, seeking age-specific treatment may be the best options for their recovery.

Here are five reasons why age-specific addiction treatment may matter if you are an older adult:

  1. Easier Ability to Relate

Today, there is much less stigma surrounding substance abuse within the wider part of society, although we still have a long way to go, but for older adults, there is still a lot of shame around admitting that they have a problem. Older adults come from a time when you didn’t talk about such matters outside of family, and they may have a great deal of difficulty in opening up. An older adult treatment center may be more sensitive to this to this fact and help them relate to others who also suffer from the same illness.

  1. Similarity of Culture

Trying to recover as an older adult may be difficult when surrounded by teens and young adults in their twenties. Language, culture, and behavior may create barriers to recover, causing some older adults to feel unsafe.

  1. Specific-Age Addiction Treatment Approach

Older adults may be using drugs and alcohol for different reasons, and also may not respond the same to treatment that is geared more for a younger generation. Older adults are less likely to present the same level of discipline problems, as their younger counterparts and may not require as structured or strict an environment.

  1. Individualized Support

Older adults may feel more supported and more likely to develop recovery relationships with those in their age group. This isn’t to say that an older adult may not make friends with younger people, but they may have an easier time feeling supported, comfortable and developing relationships among those individuals in their own age group.

  1. Creation of Community

In age-specific treatment, those adults who are a little more advanced in age can create a community of people whom they can relate to more easily. In recovery, the creation of a supportive community on which you can depend on for support is incredibly important, and in age-specific treatment centers, this is more easily done.

While an older adult can find recovery in a mixed-age treatment center, they most certainly will benefit more from a setting where fellow clients are in a similar age group, because the treatment protocol is geared directly towards them.

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Addiction Treatment For A Substance Use Disorder

If you are an older adult seeking help for a substance use disorder, you have treatment options. Find Addiction Rehabs offers many older adult treatment programs across the country, developed to meet the unique needs of older adults struggling with addiction. If you are ready to overcome your problem and get your life back, call 877-723-7117 now.

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