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Substance abuse happens everywhere, and whether you decide to go to Virginia alcohol and drug rehab centers or to a different state, the treatments and procedures will depend on the substance, the individual, and the circumstances surrounding them. Recovery is different for each person, and their response and recovery period will also vary.

Alcohol and drug rehab facilities and treatment centers have many addiction treatment approaches, and their personnel, environment, and support programs can treat all kinds of addictive behavior. But only a person decides if they want to get better and enter rehab.

The right drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehab centers in Virginia can help individuals who want to change their lives; and in Virginia, there are several rehabilitation treatment centers that will help them make that change.

Addiction Recovery in Virginia

Virginia is not exempt from the rise of drug and alcohol abuse since the pandemic. Even in 2018, the state received support from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to fight the opioid epidemic and deal with its adverse consequences. Alleged supply routes were watched, and funds were largely used to add preventative measures in the state and expand the partnership between public health and safety officials.

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The state also has a project called Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education (AWARE) which is an outreach campaign for and by the youth of the state. Young adults train as mental health first aid caregivers as part of the overall campaign to prevent and identify the signs of substance abuse in their peers.

The federal government has also recognized the rise of those seeking treatment in Virginia, most of whom are state residents. In 2019, 25,000 Virginia residents sought treatment for substance use disorders. 13.1% were for alcohol abuse, 26% were for opioids, and the remaining 15.8% had a combination of alcohol and a secondary substance addiction.

Most rehab centers follow the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) approach to drug abuse, which is to focus on the individual’s needs and build on a continuum of care that addresses the emotional, mental, social, environmental, and physical needs of the patient.

Virginia’s mental health services administration has several models to that give guidelines and establish standards for this kind of care.

Intervention and Professional Interventionists

Drug Intervention

In Virginia, intervention is seen as the first step to guide families on how they can help their loved ones. They could work with therapists and a specific rehab center to plan the intervention.

Families and loved ones could also explore additional treatment options and mental health services the person would be open to, and which approach would make the intervention a success.

Medical Detox Programs in VA

A detox program helps patients to transition into specific recovery programs. The length of the detox program depends on the substance addiction, but most often the body is clear of the substance(s) within seven to 14 days. Alcohol rehab programs might have different detox periods than other substances.

The detox program is meant to help people experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Rendering medical advice and support is required during this time, and treatment facilities have the staff to supervise and help patients stay safe throughout the process.

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Virginia

Residential long-term programs

There are many facilities offering inpatient treatment programs in Virginia, and the state is considered to offer more personalized treatment options across the country. Many centers offer residential options because it increases the chances of recovery through immediate access to peer support and specialists.

Outpatient Treatment Programs for Virginia Residents

The state also has several outpatient services that are not as rigorous as residency programs. Instead, they have flexible treatment options that help people continue their sobriety and receive treatments that help them do so.

Most facilities in Virginia use outpatient programs as the next step in residency treatments and serve as another aspect of the entire treatment. This approach has made it possible for patients to stay grounded and prepared to live normal lives after the program.

VA Addiction Aftercare Services

Virginia drug abuse programs also have aftercare support services that help people who complete the entire substance abuse treatment program. These treatment services focus on helping them achieve their recovery goals, provide peer support, and relapse prevention.

It is seen as a private and convenient solution to addiction, and a specific rehab center can work with external agencies to help the individual.  They also have mentorship programs that help them improve their quality of life. They also have community outreach programs and sober living homes that support recovering individuals.

Find Addiction Rehabs is an easy and convenient place to find a program that suits your needs.

Traveling to Virginia for Rehabilitation

Traveling to Virginia for Rehabilitation

There are many excellent drug and alcohol rehab centers in Virginia. The state has several programs offering long-term drug rehab, 12-step meetings, and detoxification programs. The centers have a detailed description of their programs so families can explore additional treatment options that suit their loved one’s situation.

The Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services also has community service boards (CSB) that serve as the public’s introduction into the state’s behavioral and development system. These CSBs cover treatments and programs for mental health, intellectual and development issues, substance use disorder, and addiction.

Anyone traveling to Virginia for substance use treatment and rehabilitation would find the guidance they need in these CSBs, since every county and city in that state has an assigned CSB.

Virginia residents also know these CSBs have a list of the nearest treatment providers, along with an online list of facilities and centers that can help individuals and families. They can browse rehab centers that can help them recover.

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Traveling from Virginia to Rehabs Out of State

West Virginia drug use has risen in the past few years. It is also the highest in opioid overdose deaths, with 49.6% reported cases. The state also has the highest substance abuse rates, and so the government is exploring varied ways to control the substance abuse crisis.

Medical emergency support is given to those under detox programs and many rehabilitation facilities offer free services. The state also asked for the cooperation of  the state’s mental health services administration and non-profit organizations.

For those in rural areas of Virginia, as well as in West Virginia, it may make sense to explore facilities in other states that better meet your needs and allow for the opportunity to become part of a robust and supportive recovery community.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Virginia?

Cost of Rehab

Virginia is the 12th state in terms of providing affordable substance abuse treatment programs. 70% of the state’s patients are enrolled in substance abuse programs, while alcohol abuse patients constitute the rest.

There are 279 active Virginia drug abuse facilities and treatment providers, and annually they help more than 25,000 patients enrolled in their treatment programs. Some 24,000 enroll in the state’s outpatient rehab treatment services.

Some facilities may charge more depending on several factors, but most programs in the state offer a continuum of services to ensure the patient achieves full recovery. The total cost for alcohol and drug rehab programs is estimated at $56,456 in Virginia.

There are 15 Virginia drug rehabilitation facilities that offer free substance abuse services in the state, with 11 offering outpatient programs and 48 drug and alcohol detox centers. And for those who might need help in payment, 188 addiction centers offer payment assistance.

Here are some estimates on how much it would cost to enroll in a drug and alcohol treatment facility in the state based on individual reports and facilities found in lists of American addiction centers.

Detoxification Programs

An outpatient detox program would cost from $1,000 to $1,500. If the detox treatment is for an inpatient program, the cost would be included in the total rate. Most detox programs are part of a residential substance abuse treatment, Virginia’s inpatient program.

Detox is considered part of it because withdrawal symptoms and side effects for some substances can be dangerous.

Inpatient/ Residential Treatment

Inpatient Treatment

Some facilities have a 30-day program that costs $10,000, while most others charge $30,000 and upwards. Depending on the treatment facility’s amenities and services, the rates for a residential program or treatment covering 60 to 90 days range from $15,000 to $90,000.

Outpatient Treatment Services in Virginia

These programs can be separate treatments or a private and convenient solution for some individuals. For others it is part of their substance abuse treatment continuum from a specific treatment center.

Facilities offer three-month programs for $5,000, while some offer a daily rate. The rates depend on how often the person is required to attend the addiction treatment program, whether it’s weekly or a five-day per week schedule.

Medication Assisted Treatment Costs

Some facilities offer medication-assisted treatments. For example, the additional cost for a methadone treatment often averages to $4,700 per year, whereas Suboxone is generally covered more fully under most private insurance plans.

While some people do not need addiction medicine as part of their recovery, some patients recovering from serious alcohol and opiate addictions may need treatment options like this to help them transition.

Effective Therapies for Addiction

Effective Therapies for Addiction

Many treatment programs in Virginia include the behavioral health industry’s therapy approaches as part of addiction treatment. The high-quality behavioral healthcare is part of treatment practices.

They are meant to help the patient explore feelings, thoughts, and emotions that influence their addiction. These could be done individually or in groups, and treatment specialists often monitor the sessions.

The rate significantly bumps up if the patient needs one or more of these therapies to recover. It will also depend if they do it in a group or in an individual setting. These include:


Some treatment providers and addiction treatment centers in Virginia also explore alternative therapies that might be complementary to the individual’s interests and state of mind.  These are often integrated as part of their activities and to support a holistic recovery process. These include:

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Virginia

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Virginia

Virginia alcohol treatment facilities often try to customize the program so it suits each person. This means the length of the addiction treatment could also vary depending on the person’s personal health information and needs.

When there are financial constraints, some people prefer a 30-day program. Though these can be successful, most studies have shown that the longer the rehabilitation, the better the chances for a full recovery from addiction.

In many cases, it all depends on the person’s willingness and dedication to achieve complete recovery. Even if they have limited resources, the state has created several aftercare programs to help people change their lives after enduring alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

Does Insurance Cover Out-of-State Rehab?

Treatment providers and facilities in Virginia will accept most insurance policies even if the policyholder is from out of state. Drug and alcohol rehab centers accept private insurance because it is not limited by location, so insurance holders would be welcome in any addiction treatment center.

However, policyholders must check what coverage they have in their policies because some companies limit what kinds of addiction treatment services and behavioral health industry therapies are covered. Some private insurance companies will offer only a certain amount when it comes to drug and alcohol treatments, so it’s best to check with a private health insurance representative to learn more about your policy.

Another option is to consider the government’s  Affordable Care Act (ACA). It covers alcohol and drug rehab therapies upto 60%- 90% of the cost. Depending on the health insurance plan you choose, you could receive the treatment you need, including evaluation, medication, counseling, therapies, and detox.

American addiction centers are also listed online, and you can find many healthcare providers and facilities offering various rates that will suit anyone’s financial situation.

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Payment Options Available in Virginia

Many drug and alcohol rehab centers in Virginia offer flexible payment plans if the patient has no insurance or has a limited policy.  Some facilities accept daily, weekly, or monthly payments, while some others are free of charge.

The Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics also has a list of non-profit clinics that can help those who cannot afford drug and alcohol treatment.

There are addiction centers that have sliding scale fee payments. This is based on the patient’s wages or salary, and lower-income patients often pay less than those with higher incomes.

Patients could also explore scholarship grants and financing options that can support their stay at an addiction treatment facility. Families also have the option to take a bank or credit card loan with lower or deferred interest rates.

Average Time Spent in a Virginia Rehab

Average Time Spent in a Virginia Rehab

The average time people stay in rehab centers’ treatment programs is between 30 and 90 days.

Some treatment practices then extend residential treatment to an outpatient program, where patients do not have to stay in residence and are free to go home or to live in a housing service. They will still attend regular clinical visits and receive substance use treatment and therapy but are free to rebuild their lives.

The average time spent in a treatment facility depends a lot on the specific substance use disorder and the severity of the addiction. The longer the person has been using the substance, the longer the time they need to stay in rehab.

However, patients who successfully overcome their drug and alcohol addiction complete their programs in drug rehab centers between 30 and 90 days.

Rehabs with the Highest Success Rate in Virginia

The treatment provider or facility with the most accreditations and best results in Virginia often covers various substance abuse disorders, and at Find Addiction Rehabs we offer a variety of accredited service providers in VA and nationwide.

You can compare facilities and centers with a quick phone call and see if they offer professional treatment advice to patients and their families. Check if they have a treatment continuum and rates that include therapies and counseling sessions.

One of the most accredited drug rehab centers in the state is the Hampton VAMC, which caters to veterans and their families. They cover all kinds of addiction treatment programs the patient needs, and this also includes other diseases or illnesses.

Behavioral Health Group uses an evidence-based scientific approach to drug addiction therapy. They create personalized and comprehensive programs to patients, specifically those who suffer from opioid addiction. Their approach includes high-quality behavioral healthcare so recovery becomes achievable.

Pinnacle Treatment Centers are also found in the state, and they provide treatment therapies for drug, alcohol, and opioid abuse disorders. They also customize their treatment programs and cover both individual and family therapies.

Virginia Luxury Rehab Facilities

Luxury Rehab Facilities

Celebrities seeking addiction treatment often do not tout their stay in a rehab facility. And many facilities often provide the privacy their high-profile clients need, protecting their personal health information and residency programs.

Virginia has several luxury facilities, catering to select clients recovering from substance use.

Sandstone Care in Reston, Virginia is an addiction center that focuses on treating teens and young adults, and the residential treatment rates range from $18,000 to $24,000 per month.

Another is Southstone Recovery Center in Boston, Virginia. They have 220 acres that provide the retreat and calm patients need. Their treatment programs focus on women, adolescents and young adults who need substance abuse recovery.

Though these alcohol and drug rehab centers have not accepted celebrities in the past, their price range is very high and caters to HNW individuals and high-profile clients and their families.

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Overcoming alcohol and drug addiction in a state like Virginia can be difficult. The state has one of the highest rates of drug use in the country, and people have found themselves in such a situation during the pandemic.

The state government is doing all it can to help patients and their families. Their unique approach to drug and alcohol problems promises individualized treatment and support even after the therapy program. This ensures patients a better chance at recovery and changing their lives for the better.

If you or anyone you know is seeking addiction treatment in Virginia,  you can browse alcohol and drug rehab centers at Find Addiction Rehabs. They are available 24×7 on their hotline, so give yourself a break, and reach out now!

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