Theta Healing for Addiction Recovery

What is Theta Healing in Addiction Treatment?

With addiction now being widely recognized as a disease, a large variety of new and unconventional treatment methods for this condition have begun to emerge. In particular, holistic approaches focusing on spiritual and mental aspects of recovery are becoming increasingly popular.

One of these methods, referred to as Theta Healing, has recently made its way into the throngs of addiction treatment via spiritual enlightenment. Through meditation and philosophical exploration, individuals who partake in this program do so with the intention of building a spiritual connection both with themselves and a Higher Power.

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What is a Theta Wave?

Theta healing for addiction recovery

Theta Brainwaves occur in the mind and are slower than Alpha and Beta waves. They are correlated with dreaming, meditation, creativity, and intuition. The basis of Theta Healing is that it uses similar methods to psychotherapy and hypnosis to remove deep-rooted emotional traumas from the mind.

How is Theta Used in Addiction Recovery?

According to the creator of the process, “Theta Healing is a meditation technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy with the purpose of improvement in mind, body, and spirit while getting closer to the Creator of All That Is. It is a focused prayer… to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts.”

The main goal of Theta Healing is reprogramming the mind to trust in the power of a God to clean out the deepest resentments and traumas that people have buried in their subconscious thoughts. This is achieved through prayer, meditation, and guidance from a healer.

How does Theta Healing Work?

Founded by Vianna Stibal, this program focuses on acknowledging the attachments an individual may have in their life, whether these be to a person, habit, specific drug, alcohol, or otherwise. The word “addiction” has Latin roots, in which the original term “addictus” means to “devote” or “sacrifice.” 

In recognizing the ways in which an individual has devoted their life to their addiction, the Theta Healing approach prioritizes guiding them through the process of letting go of these attachments. 

In particular, this method is intended to help participants rely on the power of mindset and subconscious ability to change one’s reality for the better. According to the creator of this approach, this is done through developing a level of control over an individual’s natural brain wave frequencies.  

The Five Brain Wave Frequencies

There are five main brain wave frequencies, of which are constantly in motion and change depending on an individual’s state of being. These brain waves include:

  • Beta. With a frequency of 12-35 Hz, Beta waves serve as the state of the brain in which individuals are at their most active and alert. 
  • Alpha. Measuring from 8-12 Hz, Alpha waves occur when the body is in a relaxed state, and a person is usually not focused or concentrating on anything; they are the bridge between Beta and Theta waves.
  • Theta. Functioning at a frequency of 3.5 to 7.5 Hz, Theta waves constitute a state of ‘slow’ activity, and usually occur during states of meditation or deep thinking; they are usually associated with cognition, learning, and memory. 
  • Delta. Ranging from 0.5 to 4 Hz in frequency, Delta waves occur while an individual is in deep sleep and dreams are occurring. 
  • Gamma. With a frequency between 25 and 140 Hz, Gamma waves are typically produced when an individual is highly alert or hyper-focused; individuals with high IQ’s may produce higher than average levels of Gamma waves. 

The Power of the Theta Brain Wave

According to several studies, Theta brain waves have been linked with functions including memory, spatial navigation, and forms of learning that individuals may not have conscious access to. For example, learning how to move in unfamiliar environments, or to ride a bike.

Because these waves are involved in subconscious learning, these studies have also suggested that they can be used in un-learning or re-learning negative thoughts, behaviors, and responses to external stimuli.  

In the Theta Healing program, individuals are taught to incorporate the Theta state into their typical brain wave functions. Once this has been achieved, it is believed that this will allow a person to instantaneously achieve physical and emotional wellbeing as a result of balancing their inner and outer energy fields. 

How are Theta Waves Used in Theta Healing?

According to the creator of the process, Theta Healing is predominantly a meditation technique meant to use a spiritual philosophy that serves to heal an individual’s mind, body, and spirit. This is done through deepening one’s spiritual connection with a Higher Power, which is referred to as the “Creator of All That Is” within this program. 

Once this deeper connection has been made on both ends, it is believed that clients can then begin to clear out self-limiting beliefs. They will also be guided through their replacement of negative thoughts and behaviors with healthier, and more positive approaches. 

The main goal of Theta Healing is to reprogram participants’ minds to trust in the power of the “Creator” to establish peace and clarity on a soul level within them. This is ultimately achieved through prayer and meditation under the guidance of a certified Theta Healer.

Brain Waves and Addiction Recovery

While still a relatively new form of treatment for addiction, brain wave manipulation is being more commonly explored as a means of helping individuals to overcome substance abuse. Neurofeedback, or EEG biofeedback, utilizes several different forms of technology as a means of analyzing brain waves and developing maps of ways in which an individual’s brain functions. 

In terms of addiction treatment, this technology can help to analyze the ways in which an individual’s brain responds to certain stimulants. Once these patterns are recognized, the client and their healthcare provider can begin to identify ways in which they can optimize Theta wave production. Studies suggest that as an individual becomes better able to access and control subconscious patterns, the more they are able to control their conscious behaviors and choices. 

Does Theta Healing Work?

Theta healing for addiction treatment

The benefits of Theta Healing seem to be out of this world, with participants having reportedly experienced rapid and profound healing as a result of these sessions. According to information provided by testimonies featured on the Theta Healing website, some individuals swear by the program’s healing nature, having supposedly been cured of terminal cancer in a short period of time. 

Others shared having been freed from anxieties or deep-rooted fears that had previously plagued them in their lives. Some people even claim to have gained the ability to manifest energy into dead phone batteries or heal broken bones in the body.

Of course, the validity of these claims is hard to gauge. Thus, while a seemingly private and convenient solution for a number of issues, the Theta Healing program should not be considered a verified addiction treatment method. 

The Cost of the Theta Healing Method

Theta Healing sessions must be done with a healing practitioner who has been trained by the creator of the program. This is done through attending a series of seminars, hosted by Stibal herself.

Because these certified Theta Healing practitioners often have personalized methods in which they conduct their healing work, they are able to set their own rates. Thus, the cost of sessions will vary based on the particular Theta Healing treatment provider. Furthermore, the cost of an individual’s treatment will depend on how many sessions they need, or if packages are available at the time they choose to participate.

Does This Work For Addiction Recovery?

While holistic treatment options such as this one do not necessarily have a significant amount of scientific backing, Theta Healing does seem to have the potential to be helpful. One of the hardest obstacles many individuals face in early recovery is the ability to turn off old ideas and habits and reprogram themselves to live without the necessity of substance use. 

As the basis of the practice sounds similar to several 12-Step treatment programs in its philosophy of devotion to a higher power, this means it will likely most benefit individuals who are religious or open to religion-based and spiritual recovery methods.

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Theta Healing in Combination With Other Treatment Options

Theta healing practice for addiction treatment

When it comes to using Theta Healing as a form of addiction treatment, it is generally recommended that it is used in conjunction with other treatment practices, rather than as a substitute for them. Throughout the levels of care for substance use, a theta healing approach can be helpful for those who seek and accept its validity. 

The Theta Healing program promises a complete spiritual awakening and healing within just a few sessions. While this certainly sounds like a convenient solution, and some individuals may find it to be worth a shot, this recovery timeline just simply is not realistic. 

Of course, an individual’s mindset does play a critical factor in their ability to achieve sobriety. Thus, this particular treatment method could be beneficial in helping participants to change the way they view their dependencies and how they choose to respond to challenging circumstances. 

That being said, for individuals with severe addictions, choosing to explore additional treatment options will be particularly beneficial. This is because some forms of substance abuse can have adverse consequences when choosing to overcome them. For example, drugs such as benzos or opiates, along with alcohol, can be fatal during their withdrawal periods. 

In these cases, addiction rehab centers that provide professional care and are equipped to care for patients in the event of a medical emergency or other health problem should be sought out. Individuals can find out which substance abuse treatment centers will be best for them by speaking with their healthcare providers. 

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders with Theta Healing

For individuals with co-occurring psychiatric disorders or other underlying health problems, Theta Healing methods may be helpful in providing them with better ways of handling stress. However, when it comes to addressing mental health concerns, individuals are encouraged to seek out high-quality behavioral healthcare options, rather than holistic or experimental practices. Because these are typically newer approaches and do not have much scientific backing, they often are not the most reliable sources for rendering medical advice. 

Several rehab centers maintain a primary focus on helping clients to address difficult emotions or mental conditions that may be triggering their drug or alcohol usage, whilst still treating the addiction itself. Thus, for individuals in these situations, it is highly recommended that they ultimately choose to seek out addiction recovery options that can effectively cater to their differing needs.

Finding the Addiction Treatment Services for You

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, and are ready to start seeking addiction treatment, know that help is available. 

Finding the right treatment provider and medical treatment for addiction recovery can be a difficult and intimidating process, but you do not have to go through it alone. Here at Find Addiction Rehabs, we are dedicated to finding addiction treatment centers that are best equipped to serve your personal care needs. 

Whether inquiring about a specific rehab center, concerns about your personal insurance coverage, or looking for addiction treatment resources, our helpline works to support you however we can.

If you or a loved one are finally ready to overcome addiction and begin your recovery journey, call us at our 24/7 hotline today, and we will help you take the first step on a path to a happier, healthier you! 

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