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Drug and Alcohol Addiction in the US

In the United States, more than 22 million people suffer from drug and alcohol abuse disorders. Many of these people are also affected by mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety disorders. The following statistics show just how widespread this problem is:

  • More than half a million people die from drug overdoses every year in the United States alone — about 200,000 of those deaths are caused by prescription drugs like oxycodone or hydrocodone.
  • The number of people dying from drug overdoses has increased by more than 400 percent since 1980.
  • Every day in America, more than eight people die from an overdose of prescription pain relievers such as Vicodin or OxyContin — enough to fill two jumbo jets!

Kee[ reading to find out how a Phoenix rehab can help you from becoming part of these staggering statistics!

Why do people end up with substance abuse disorders?

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Substance abuse is a term that refers to the use of substances in ways that are not intended or recommended. Substances include alcohol, prescription, and over-the-counter drugs, illegal drugs, and tobacco products. Substance abuse can lead to dependence and addiction. Substance abuse may be linked with other mental health problems or mental illnesses, such as depression or anxiety. It can cause problems at work or school, or with your family or friends.

There are many but the following are some of the more common factors that can result in persons developing substance abuse disorders:

Socioeconomic Factors:

Studies have shown that poverty and economic deprivation are major risk factors for substance use. The American Psychological Association (APA) states that people from poor families are more likely to use drugs than those from wealthy families. This is because poverty and economic deprivation can lead to stress, which makes people turn to drugs for comfort or relief


The APA also states that people who have not been educated about the dangers of abusing alcohol or other drugs are more likely to abuse them than those who have been educated on this matter. This is because people who do not know about substance abuse may be tempted to try drugs because they think it will make them feel good or happy, only to discover later that they have become addicted to them if they continue using these substances regularly.

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Genetics are believed to play a significant role in determining an individual’s risk of developing an addiction. Studies indicate that about half of the risk for developing an addiction is due to genetic factors, while the remainder is blamed on environmental factors like childhood trauma and peer pressure.


Children who grow up with parents who abuse drugs are more likely than other children to develop substance use disorders themselves. Factors such as peer pressure, stress, and trauma may also contribute to substance use problems later in life. Acute trauma, PTSD, and even things as far-reaching as neurodivergence can be risk factors for the development of a drug habit.

Finding Substance Abuse Treatment in Phoenix

The Phoenix metro area (part of greater Maricopa County) has a large volume of individuals dealing with substance use disorder. Approximately 245,000 people struggle with this disorder daily. Arizona doesn’t demonstrate a high per-capita addiction rate and falls within the median when discussing addiction numbers by state.

Inpatient Rehab

Recovery centers have been created to deal with the unique setting. The metro area has quick access to the Phoenix airport, and the unique environment offers excellent potential for recovery centers in Arizona. The treatment categories can be broken down into three (3) main types:


Due to the physical changes, your body undergoes after using drugs or alcohol may have to complete some form of detox before you can continue in treatment. This step allows the body to physically heal and remove toxins in a controlled, supervised environment. Alcohol detox and opioid detox are critical to your health, as withdrawal symptoms from both substances can be fatal. Medically assisted detox can be a game-changer. In terms of addiction services, this is available as inpatient treatment.

Inpatient Rehab

With the body physically healing from substance abuse a client can continue into inpatient rehab. In terms of addiction treatment, for many, this entails specialized programs, usually consisting of a 30-day stay at a facility with daily physical therapy and intensive sessions. While there are a variety of settings people can complete inpatient treatment in, many recovery centers in Phoenix focus on giving access to the sunny environment, interacting with nature, and taking advantage of the “start fresh vibes” that accompany the western paradise.

Outpatient Treatment

Following inpatient treatment, aka healing of the mind, clients typically continue into ongoing, intensive outpatient programs. This may include Sober Living, intensive outpatient treatment, regular therapy, and more.

This outpatient program step is a critical component of addiction treatment to ensure that rehab is a success and helps to avoid relapse.

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Phoenix Drug Rehab

It can be daunting to deal with drug rehab and recovery, but you aren’t facing this struggle alone. Yearly almost 120,000 people struggle to deal with the same issue across the Valley. More than 12,000 people overdoses have occurred in the greater Phoenix city limits since the state started tracking incidents beginning in 2017. This figure puts the Phoenix area with the highest volume of such incidents statewide.

Medication-assisted treatment funding was designated specifically to reduce opioid use. While MAT programs are different, depending on the facility, at Find Addiction Rehabs, medication-assisted treatment is not mandatory. It’s a choice open to our clients to get access to medication that reduces the craving for drugs. MAT may be controversial, but statistically, it has reduced the relapse rate for those using opioids of any kind.

Alcohol Rehabs in Phoenix

Alcohol Rehabs in Phoenix

With almost 200,000 people struggling through AUDs annually, alcohol addiction is a significant social problem for the people of Phoenix. Arizona doesn’t outlaw alcohol consumption, and social drinking is accepted and even encouraged among many communities. Gradually, alcohol users progress to binge drinking which leads to a slow slide into an addiction to alcohol.

Some Phoenix residents boast about being “functioning alcoholics” yet struggle to raise a family and focus on their jobs. Many facilities in the Find Addiction Rehabs network have developed unique programs catering to individual needs that allow you to receive treatment without having to skip work.

Thanks to modern connectivity, a private room (available at select facilities) electronic access, and schedule modifications, clients can retain their professions while recovering from their addiction. Ask about our executive rehab options if these sorts of amenities are desired or required during your treatment stay, and we will match you with the right provider!

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Phoenix?

Phoenix has its share of state-funded entities. However, aside from these, there are several payment options for clients to meet their obligations to their rehab centers, including:

Using Insurance for Phoenix Rehabs

Find Addiction Rehabs has partnered with several insurance companies countrywide to reduce how much you pay for your treatment. Our recovery representatives can let you know your policy details within minutes and then comprehensively break down what your policy will cover and what you have to.

Insurance for Phoenix Rehab

What is the Best Choice for Rehabs in Phoenix?

Phoenix has 166 rehabs listed. It can be a daunting prospect to determine the best rehabs in phoenix for you. We put together a complete to help you choose the best Phoenix rehab for you, to help you with your choice. Critical questions you ought to ask include:


  • How do you treat mental health issues alongside addiction (dual diagnosis treatment)?
  • Are your clinicians masters-level?
  • Are you Joint Commission or CARF Accredited?
  • How many individuals do you take per monthly cycle?


However, this is where Find Addiction Rehabs comes in. Our experienced team has the most up-to-date information on Phoenix rehab programs and is well-placed to advise you on recovery. Whether inpatient rehab programs, partial hospitalization programs, or even an outpatient program are needed, we are committed to ensuring that you get the support you need. We aren’t in it for the quick flash either, we are here for long-term care. Your recovery is our primary focus.


  • Many of our facilities have designed dedicated programs that deal with addiction and mental health conditions simultaneously. The two often present alongside one another and we want to offer our clients the best chance at success. Co-occurring disorders may be debilitating. For this reason, a joint program may be crucial in helping a patient overcome their addiction in a lasting way.
  • Our facilities have had Joint Commission Accreditation, CARF, and/or LegitScript Accreditation and continued to provide excellent care, year after year.
  • Our facilities seek out the best addiction specialists in their respective states and regions. Each center’s support staff consists of behavior technicians, registered nurses, and more to ensure our clients are safe at all times.


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Should You Travel to Phoenix for Rehab?

Staying local seems to be the best case for some people, but not everyone thinks that way. Addiction rehabs in Arizona – specifically Phoenix – are among the best places in the country to go for recovery treatment. Phoenix allows recovering individuals to see life anew, refocus their minds, and separate themselves from relapse triggers that may exist at home.

At Find Addiction Rehabs our traveling clients are among our top priorities. Let us know about the travel needs you may have, and we can let you know the costs and if a repayment plan can be made with the facility. Since insurance does not cover such costs, this can be an important consideration!

If you are thinking of attending a facility in Phoenix, give Find Addiction Rehabs a call today to review your options and find the best match for your needs. Seize the moment and reach out now!

FAQs on Rehabs in Phoenix

Is it worth it to travel to Phoenix for rehab?

As a locale for recovering from substance use disorder, Phoenix offers a lot of amenities and support for patients. Rehab includes detox and therapy, offering a well-rounded experience that’s worth the trip.

What is the recovery community like in Phoenix?

Many individuals who come to Phoenix for rehab understand how much of a life-changing experience it can be. Services seek to include the whole community and give recovering individuals more support in their treatment.

Does therapy help with recovery in Arizona?

Addiction treatment needs to address health holistically, meaning both physical and mental aspects must be dealt with. Therapy helps to deal with the mental health issues that addiction introduces. It is crucial to the long-term efficacy of a program.


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