Party Drugs and the Brain: What’s the Damage?

Most of us are familiar with the ever-popular party drugs. They vary for some of us, but for most, they consist of Cocaine, Molly, Ecstasy, Alcohol, and research chemicals (at least these days). Ever since the rise of ecstasy in the 90’s, we have been told the damages that these drugs have on our bodies and on our brains, and if you are currently sober or have partied with any of these drugs, then you are definitely aware of how they have a physical impact on us as well.

Keep reading to find the damage that can be done by so-called ‘party drugs’ and what you can do to help your brain recuperate!

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Party Drugs and My Experience

Party Drugs and My Experience

Speaking from my own personal experience, the effects of “party” and “club” drugs can far exceed what most people see just from photos on the internet or stories on the news, for example, sunken eyes, pale skin, and malnourished and dehydrated bodies. What can start off as a recreational and seemingly good time, can often lead to extremely dangerous and addictive behavior.

In my personal experience, it was my good friend and former partner in crime- Molly- that led me into the depths of my addiction. As a “rave girl,” it was a right of passage and a social norm for me to take a few capsules of MDMA, and to top it off with a bit of cocaine to increase my experience, of course. This combination, when added to alcohol, always opened the door for me. I was able to become someone I always wanted to be; I felt confident, beautiful, and best of all, carefree.

When I began doing party drugs, I felt invincible, and I never wanted the party to end. Why? Because it was “enjoyable” of course! Or at least I thought it was. Whilst in the constant cycle of club drugs, all night drinking, and altogether just “enjoying my youth” I always seemed to forget or just not care about the inevitable result of what would come after the night of shenanigans: Pure hell.

In the immediate sense of the word, party drugs are usually uppers, meaning they have a lot of potentially harmful reactions to the body when taken in large amounts. For example, all of the deaths you have been hearing about at music festivals, occur due to a combination of dehydration, and people mixing uppers with research chemicals. MDMA and Cocaine raise the heart rate, increase blood pressure, and can wreak havoc on anxiety and consciousness. Now when one adds random combinations of research chemicals whipped up in the basement of some random drug dealer, things can really start to get messy.

I Am Addicted to Party Drugs

Let me be the first to say that, I am an addict, I didn’t care who made the drugs as long as they worked. I never thought about how I would feel tomorrow. Sure, although in the moment it can feel like we are dying, we all know we can recover from the dehydration hangover and even the “empty-headed” sensation that comes after an all-night bender. Then slowly, as the dopamine high wears off, comes the awful crash and burn feeling.

This can only be described as what feels like your mental stability, as a whole, has been wiped away clean. Manic depression, no appetite, sensitivity to light, the inability to sleep, loss of sexual desire, and an all-around feeling of emptiness are a few of the short-term results of excessive or even one-time use of the party drugs.

However, when used long-term, the effects are much more intense. If you have ever experienced the side effects of “the day after” of drinking and partying, then you understand what I’ve stated above. Now, let’s imagine this: Chronic depression, constant loneliness, suicidal thoughts, your body physically rejecting food, your skin turns a grayish color, your hair begins to fall out, and you’re constantly sick. That doesn’t sound fun, does it?

The brain naturally produces Serotonin, which gives us the feeling of euphoria. So, when you take MDMA, Ecstasy, etc, that serotonin is released in large quantities, which are normally dispensed at slow, steady rates. So, when the brain is used to providing serotonin at a modest rate, and we throw a bunch of ecstasy in there, it wreaks havoc on the gentle homeostasis.

After being subjected to frequent and prolonged use, (in my personal case, I was taking a minimum of 2 grams daily for 18 months, non-stop) the brain begins to stop creating Serotonin altogether. Then BAM! Chronic depression. Lows so low I felt suicidal, and I honestly felt nothing for the things I used to enjoy. The only thing that ever allowed me to feel anymore was getting high, and even that wasn’t fun, that had turned into a necessity.

Over time, your body becomes dependent on these substances, and what can be equally if not more troubling, your mind becomes dependent and obsessed with the substances.

Using Drugs and the Party Scene

Party Drugs and the Party Scene

The party scene is quite attractive- yes. It’s full of fun, and loud music, and laughs. But on the other side of that same coin, these chemicals can lead to many physical, and mental problems. Even if you’re not an addict, your body, mind, and soul become weak from the chemicals invading your brain and leaving it empty. Chemicals that honestly were never meant to be there in the first place.

In retrospect, I’m sure everyone’s experience is different when it comes to the club and party drugs. But I’ve never once heard of someone not feeling some type of negative effect from them. Most people will come into contact with some, or all of these substances in the span of their young-adult lives. Beware of the psychological and physical effects that they all can cause. Sometimes they are harder to come back from than you may think.

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