Flakka Abuse Symptoms

In today’s world where drug abuse is so prevalent, it seems that, all too often, we are seeing new drugs manufactured and being sold on the street. One drug that many of us may have heard stories about is the drug Flakka. This is perhaps, one of the most notorious of the newer drugs due to the bizarre behavior users exhibit when under the influence including people trying to run naked through traffic, or attempting to break into police stations. But what exactly is this drug and what is it that makes it so appealing to its users? This article will take a look at what Flakka is, Flakka abuse symptoms, and how those looking to break free of their addiction to the drug can get help.

What is Flakka?

Flakka is the street name for the drug a-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone or a-PVP or alpha-PVP. Some refer to it as ‘second-generation bath salts’. The drug can be snorted, eaten, injected, or even vaped. It can be purchased online or on the streets. Although it is illegal, manufacturers constantly work on altering its contents to circumvent the law making the sale of cheaper substitutes legal.

Flakka is a stimulant, with effects that are similar to cocaine or methamphetamines, but it is not nearly as expensive.  The lower price tag that the drug carries makes it more appealing to college students, low-income people, and the homeless. There also seems to be less of a stigma attached to Flakka, giving it a reputation that it is ‘not as bad as cocaine. However, it is much more potent. It hits quickly and its effects can last for days.

Symptoms of Flakka Use

Desired symptoms of Flakka use may include being highly sociable, feeling euphoric and stimulated as well as an increased sex drive. However, there are also many dangerous Flakka abuse symptoms associated with the drug. Taking amounts of the drug that are even a bit high can produce these signs of someone with Flakka overdose:

  • Extreme agitation
  • Jerking muscle movements
  • Delirious thoughts
  • Profound paranoia

All of these Flakka abuse symptoms can be extremely hazardous to users who may find themselves in dangerous situations as a result of the extreme behavioral changes that can result in physical harm to themselves and others. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Flakka also has been known to spike body temperatures to above 104 degrees or higher. These high temperatures can be dangerous to the system leading to kidney damage, kidney failure, and even death. It can also elevate blood pressure resulting in heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, or heart failure.

The more someone abuses Flakka, the more they will be likely to feel other negative Flakka abuse symptoms. Some go into a state called ‘excited delirium. This is characterized by hallucinations, paranoia, increased strength, and hyper-stimulation.  Other physical symptoms include a racing heart, panic attacks, and a plummeting sex drive. Patients may scream, flail and have seizures during this time. They may struggle and this type of extreme activity, when combined with high body temperature, can lead to hypothermia and dehydration which can result in renal failure and even death.

Is Flakka Addictive?

When Flakka begins to leave the system, users will typically feel withdrawal symptoms including depression and fatigue. They will seek the drug to eliminate these symptoms, leading to a cycle of addiction. As they use the drug, a tolerance will also begin to build up in their bodies, making it necessary to take more of the substance in order to produce the same high, or, in some cases, to even function normally.

Flakka Treatment

Although Flakka is a highly dangerous and addictive drug there are many resources available for those who wish to break the cycle of addiction. Users are advised to consult the internet or a community group who will be able to refer them to a caring specialist who can find a treatment center that is right for them.

The first step of recovery is always the detox process. During this time, patients are likely to relapse as a means of escaping from the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms they are experiencing. That is why it is recommended that they go through detox in an inpatient rehab facility. There, a withdrawal specialist will see to it that the patient goes through detox as comfortably as possible, without running a high risk of relapse.

It is recommended that patients remain in the inpatient facility while they undergo therapy. The purpose of the therapy is to determine the underlying reason that may lead a person to begin using. Once this is done, patients are given healthy ways to cope with these issues so that they don’t feel the need to turn back to drugs in the future. Follow-up, outpatient treatment is also recommended.

Dangerous Flakka abuse symptoms largely contribute to the reason the drug is so deadly. However, there are many treatment centers available to those struggling to overcome their addiction.  If you or someone you love is addicted to Flakka, or suffering from any type of addiction, do not hesitate to see what you can do about getting help. Everyone deserves to get a shot at sober living.