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What is FADAP?

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The Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP) is a substance abuse prevention program specifically created for those in the flight attendant profession. 

Created and funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2010, this program serves to provide a stigma-free means by which aviation professionals can access addiction resources and educational materials. 

Addiction as a Disease

When discussing substance use disorders, FADAP views these as preventable and treatable chronic illnesses. Both FADAP and the FAA view addiction as a disease that can be managed, especially when individuals have access to the proper assistance. 

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The Goal of the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program

FADAP’s self-proclaimed mission is that of providing those in the flight attendant profession with the means of meeting and maintaining their professional goals. 

While this is primarily done through serving as a substance abuse prevention program actively combatting flight attendant drug and alcohol use, FADAP also addresses addiction through: 

  • Combining self and peer referrals for addiction assistance and treatment.
  • Implementing recovery support systems specific to flight attendants.
  • Preventing and reclaiming loss, whether personal or economic.   

Who Qualifies for FADAP?

The Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program is promoted as being available to all flight attendants, applying to individuals of any status, including:

  • Those who are active in the field
  • Individuals who are on leave status
  • Flight attendants who are currently furloughed

How Does FADAP Work?

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There are several ways in which FADAP is dedicated to providing flight attendants assistance in understanding and overcoming substance abuse. 

One of the main ways in which this is done is through their association with several Twelve Step recovery resources. These include:

  • Wings of Sobriety
  • Al-Anon for Flight Attendants
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • E-AA (Electronic Alcoholics Anonymous)
  • Narcotics Anonymous

Furthermore, flight attendants struggling with substance use can receive more immersive support by attending a drug and/or alcohol program conference hosted by FADAP. 

During these conferences, individuals can connect with others who have struggled with substance dependence, as well as receive additional recovery and prevention resources.

More information on this can be found here.

Wings of Sobriety

Wings of Sobriety is a 12-step recovery program created to help flight attendants struggling with drug and alcohol usage. 

This service began providing telephonic meeting services in March of 2014, and allows individuals within the aviation field to receive recovery support, whether they are in the air or on the ground. 

To find out the date and time of the next Wings of Sobriety meeting for your area, click here

Al-Anon for Flight Attendants

Al-Anon is an organization dedicated to providing support to individuals who have been affected by another person’s drinking. 

Whether this is family members, friends, co-workers, or any other person, these individuals can share their experience with someone else’s addiction in a safe and supportive space. Al-Anon offers its services through a number of formats, including in-person, telephonic, and online video meetings.

To find out more information on when the next Al-Anon meetings dedicated to flight attendants are occurring, click here

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous

Other Twelve-Step organizations that FADAP utilizes, while not specifically geared toward flight attendants, are Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

AA is an alcohol program dedicated to helping individuals maintain complete abstinence from drinking, usually through relinquishing control to a Higher Power. NA, on the other hand, maintains the same purpose but focuses on the abuse of narcotics and other drugs. 

More information on the status, time, and location of the next Flight Attendant Specific 12-Step meeting on the FADAP website here.

Substance Abuse Support for Pilots

Substance abuse support for pilots from Find Addiction Rehabs

The Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS) is an industry-wide effort to preserve careers in and promote the safety of air travel. Specifically geared toward pilots, HIMS is funded and maintained by airline companies, pilot unions, and the FAA. 

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* Disclaimer: Find Addiction Rehabs is not affiliated with or endorsed by FADAP. Details about FADAP’s policies are intended for informational purposes only. The specific details of your benefits may vary and the specific treatment services you require may or may not be covered. Please call our representatives today for more definitive details on plans and options outside the purview of FADAP.

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