How Drug and Alcohol Detox Will Affect You

Drug and Alcohol Addiction | Drug and Alcohol Detox | Find Addiction Rehabs | Whisky cigarettes and opioids in a pile on tableWhen you’re struggling with any substance abuse issues, drug and alcohol detox is the logical first step in getting on the road to recovering. For those who have experienced detox before, you might be fearful of what you will face. Both alcohol and opiate and alcohol withdrawal are grueling ordeals.

But you probably already know that as you’ve probably tried to cut back on your drugs of choice on your own. Opioid withdrawal starts as little as twelve hours after your last dose, while alcohol withdrawal starts as soon as eight hours after your previous drink.

However, just because withdrawal is a little bit frightening, that doesn’t mean it has to be. Don’t let your fears conquer your fighting spirit. Instead, face down those demons and learn firsthand that detox can literally save your life.

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Detox Can Minimize Your Uncomfortable Withdrawal Symptoms

So, those nasty and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that you are worried about? Contrary to rumor, detox will minimize those. You won’t need to worry about the intense body cramping, nausea, diarrhea, or other symptoms, because an entire team of medical professionals is on your side, making sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Through the use of prescription medications and interventions, medical staff can reduce complications like anxiety, depression tremors, seizures, sweats, and headaches. While the experience certainly won’t be pleasant, it will be far better than you attempting to quit cold turkey at home.

Detox Will Monitor You for More Serious Complications

While opioid withdrawal is uncomfortable but not life-threatening, alcohol withdrawal can cause a few serious more complications. One of these hurdles that’s possible is delirium tremens, which could cause severe agitation and confusion, fever, seizures, and hallucinating. In some people, it can even be lethal, which is why it’s essential that you go to go to detox if you abuse alcohol.

If you do develop delirium tremens, medical staff at the drug and alcohol detox center will treat you with fluids and medications through IVs to stabilize your condition. They might also sedate you until the worst of the suffering is behind you.

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You Don’t Need to Detox in a Hospital

Drug and Alcohol Rehab | Find Addiction Rehabs | Group therapy sessionFor some, the fear of detox is due to a fear of being in a hospital. That’s legit. Hospitals are filled with sick people, overwhelming medical equipment, and sterile gray walls. However, don’t worry over that, as detox can happen in an outpatient clinic as an alternative location—a great option for those who fear hospitals.

In fact, drug and alcohol detox programs intentionally select room décor that is warm, cozy, and inviting to differentiate themselves from the hospital and make you feel more at home.

Detox Helps Prevent Relapse

During your withdrawal, you will feel intense cravings for your drug of choice. In fact, it will be worse than any craving you’ve ever experienced before. If you’re attempting detox at home, you might be so desperate to feed that craving you will be tempted to indulge in a massive dose of your preferred substance. Often, the sad result of this is an overdose, perhaps even death.

Even if you do make it through in-home withdrawal unscathed, you’ll still be at significant risk for relapsing as the symptoms fade. Drug or alcohol cravings can hit you at any time. After detoxing in a clinic, you’ll report directly to a treatment program that will help you cope with these cravings to promote long-term, sustained sobriety.

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