8 Benefits of Attending an Older Adult Addiction Treatment Center

Finding the Right Rehab for Seniors

There is sometimes a misconception that drug addiction and alcoholism are illnesses that only affect certain groups of people. When people imagine a drug addict, they imagine someone in their twenties or thirties, and would never envision an older individual in the twilight of their life. The same thing goes for alcoholics—because as a society we have a deeply ingrained image of what an alcoholic does and does not look like. Older adult addiction treatment may not fit our preconceptions, but it is a vitally needed resource for senior Americans. 

However, the reality is that drug and alcohol addiction are equal opportunity illnesses. They do not discriminate along lines of age, race, or socioeconomic background, and whether you are 15 or 75, substance abuse can affect you all the same. Attending an older adult addiction treatment will help you recovery with people who are in the same stage of life that you are.


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While a majority of focus, when it comes to addiction, usually rests on adolescents and young adults, senior citizens, or those aged 55 and older, have been significantly impacted by substance abuse, especially over the past ten years. This is in part due to the fact that many older Americans have found it easier to access addictive prescription drugs and as such many have unknowingly become addicted to powerful substances such as Oxycontin, Xanax, or Ambien.

This explosion in older adult addiction has caused a greater need for older adult treatment centers that specialize in treating those individuals who are a little more advanced in their life. At an older adult treatment center, an addict or alcoholic can get the help they need with specially designed programs to suit their particular needs. If they are suffering from chronic pain, an illness of some sort, or other underlying mental health conditions, these can be treated in an age-appropriate manner, with an understanding and caring staff to help.

Older Adult Addiction Treatment Center Benefits

Senior addiction treatment

When you are looking for a quality older adult treatment center for an elderly parent or friend, you must keep in mind that treatment is a major commitment of both time and money. Therefore, you must choose wisely when finding an older adult treatment center for your elderly loved one. The ideal senior rehab facility needs to feature the programs and services that will have the greatest benefit for your loved one, which means that they offer programs that are effective, proven to work and encompass many different therapeutic and treatment techniques that address the totality of your loved one’s addiction.

The following are eight benefits of attending an older adult treatment center:

1. State of the Art Facilities

Many of the best older adult treatment facilities are located in picturesque setting and feature state-of-the-art amenities that give older clients safety, security and comfort. These residential facilities feature washers and dryers, flat-screen TV’s, microwaves and other amenities which give seniors the independence that makes them feel like they are in their own house, condo or apartment. With the inviting scenery and activities these rehab centers feature, senior citizens can also enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle and interaction with other seniors who are sharing similar experiences.


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2. Safe Medical Detoxification Services

Drug and alcohol detox is an essential service that will help minimize the physical and psychological effects of withdrawal and get clients to a substance-free and stable state. For senior citizens, regular detox procedures may not be medically safe due to their advanced age and health concerns, and as such, they may need to attend an older adult treatment center where detox specifically designed for seniors. These programs feature drug detox programs that are longer in duration and take into account the various physical and mental health issues seniors may experience. In addition to the appropriate medications, senior detox emphasizes rest and proper nutrition.

3. Dual Diagnosis

Drug and alcohol addiction, especially among the elderly population, is often times a symptom of deeper psychological issues. Many older people can experience depression due to the death of loved one or isolation from family and friends. Additionally, those who are elderly also experience significant mental illnesses such as dementia and post-traumatic stress disorder. Older adult drug treatment features extensive dual diagnosis evaluation and counseling to help elderly patients get to the underlying causes of their addiction. Once those underlying causes are addressed, they have a much better chance at experiencing a full recovery.

4. Older Adult Addiction Treatment Center Holistic Approaches

Older Adult Addiction Treatment Center Holistic Approaches

Addiction isn’t just about the physical dependence of substances, it also involves certain psychological and spiritual issues that help to propagate the addiction. In order to address addiction in mind, body, and spirit, many elderly addiction rehabs feature holistic-based treatments such as meditation, yoga, chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy.

5. Specialized Programs

Senior citizens deal with a myriad of complex issues such as grief, loss, depression, and loneliness which can make substance abuse more difficult to treat. Older adult addiction treatment programs offer specialized programming that deals with these important issues and helps seniors who struggle with substance abuse learn healthy coping strategies so they can effectively deal with these issues.


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6. Dedicated Staff From Many Disciplines

Elderly drug rehabs have experienced staff from a wide range of disciplines that can help clients with any and all needs. To address a client’s therapy and counseling needs, addiction counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists will work with clients throughout the treatment process on an individual plan of recovery. For a client’s medical needs, older adult treatment centers feature experienced nurses and physicians that will provide around-the-clock supervision. Elderly drug treatment centers also feature nutritionists, physical trainers, and case managers.

7. Non-Confrontational Treatment Philosophy

Older adult treatment facilities offer programming that is supportive and helps clients address their addiction issues in an environment that is non-confrontational. Additionally, many of the top senior addiction care facilities offer family treatment and therapy options that allow the entire family to take part in the recovery and healing process.

8. Social Networking and Support

Lastly, older adult addiction treatment programs emphasize group therapy and activities that foster healthy social interaction and communication among all who are in treatment. Group sizes are small so that patients can form deep bonds with each other during and after drug treatment. The sense of camaraderie and friendship built up during treatment helps alleviate the loneliness and isolation many senior citizens can feel.

Finding the Right Older Adult Addiction Treatment Program

If you are looking for an older adult treatment program that will give your elderly loved one the support, encouragement, and confidence they need to overcome addiction for good, then give Find Addiction Rehabs a call. Our experienced team will direct you to treatment options nationwide that will address your loved one’s unique and specific needs, so please don’t hesitate to reach out now.

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