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Substance abuse is impossible to overcome alone, so deciding to go to Arkansas alcohol and drug rehab centers is a big and important step to take. The road to recovery is different for everyone, and each person’s response to treatment also varies.

The success of an individual’s rehabilitation depends mainly on the treatment facility’s approach, personnel, environment, and support programs. But once a person decides to enter rehab and receives the appropriate care and attention, they will be armed with the resources and support they need to face the difficulties of treatment.

The right drug rehab facility can make recovery easier, and in Arkansas, there are many substance abuse rehabilitation treatment centers that can help. Read our guide to this crucial topic to find recovery options in Arkansas that meet your needs now!

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Addiction Recovery in Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the states that has seen a surge in substance abuse since the start of the pandemic. In previous years, the state government worked hard to combat addiction and provide affordable treatment to those that needed it. Their efforts have largely succeeded, but since 2020, cheaper, illicit drugs have surged in availability.

This has prompted the Arkansas government to expand its support to those suffering from addiction. They have stepped up efforts to boost awareness through law enforcement agencies and increased the availability of substance abuse treatment, medical providers, and facilities, including medical health services.

Many of these drug rehabs in Arkansas now offer multiple options for those seeking treatment, including patients from different states seeking help.

Traveling to Arkansas for Rehabilitation

If you are an Arkansas resident struggling with addiction, there are many excellent drug rehab programs in the state. For those out of state, Arkansas can also be an option if they are looking for specific treatments and prefer to enter certain facilities.

Arkansas has several treatment options, including free treatment programs, inpatient drug rehab centers, drug rehab facilities with payment assistance, and residential detox centers.

These facilities offer electronic recovery support systems, group counseling, outpatient continuing care services, and specialized women’s services for those who need treatment during pregnancy.

Large areas like North Little Rock have facilities prominent in the behavioral health industry and rehab centers that can help substance users.

Little Rock Arkansas skyline shows the promise of Arkansas drug rehab treatment

Sozo Recovery Centers

Sozo Recovery Centers offers inpatient and outpatient faith-based recovery treatment programs.

Harbor House Recovery Centers

The facility has been providing substance abuse recovery to men, but they also have specialized programs for women.

Oasis Renewal Center

The Oasis Renewal Center is located in a remote wooded area in Little Rock. It has developed a diverse treatment approach that covers residential care, outpatient services, and continuing care programs.

The 48 acres of the Oasis Renewal Center provide inpatients with the calm and solitude they need for recovery. Residents can hike or walk around the trails and the surrounding lakes.

The treatment center limits visitations, phone calls, and other interactions that could affect the patient’s recovery. They also limit the use of electronic gadgets, a vital element that can help clients change their behavior regarding all addictive actions.

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What Arkansas and the Arkansas Recovery Community Offer

Arkansas has a wealth of natural attractions where patients can spend time meditating in the fresh air and a serene environment. There are rehabilitation facilities near Hot Springs National Park, which can be found in the area, so inpatients have the option to walk nearby trails.

The state also has a mental health services administration under the Department of Human Services, providing substance abuse services and support for those who need them.

The Rising Risk of Fentanyl Overdose in Arkansas

Throughout the country, the growing spread of fentanyl, a deadly opioid fifty times stronger than heroin, has caused a historic record number of overdose deaths. Unfortunately, Arkansas has not been spared this scourge. With this lethal substance finding its way into cocaine and even counterfeit Xanax pills, it has never been more urgent for those with a substance use disorder, especially an opioid use disorder, to get help and get into recovery.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Arkansas?

Arkansas offers the third most affordable residential and outpatient services rates in the country. The average outpatient services rehab fee is $1,688 for the entire treatment period, while the average price of inpatient programs is $53,036. This takes into account the entire length of treatment and does not reflect out-of-pocket expenses, but rather the total cost that is typically covered, either completely or in part, by forms of health insurance coverage.

The total cost of substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation can increase significantly depending on the patient’s length of stay, recommended treatment options, facilities, level of care, and the specific rehab center. Rehab centers in Arkansas offer flexible payment options, so patients can get the treatment they need even if they cannot pay upfront.

There are free rehab centers that can accommodate anyone seeking help. Private health insurance plans are also an option for many patients. From Blue Cross Blue Shield, to UnitedHealthcare, rehabs in Arkansas accept many of the top private insurers in the nation and can help you cover up to 100% of the costs of treatment.

Inpatient Treatment or Residential Treatment

Inpatient treatment requires the patient to live in the treatment facility for round-the-clock supervision, observation, and focused care. A residential treatment facility gives inpatients the intensive help they need to overcome their addiction. They are supervised and monitored for as long as they are in residence.

Rate: $200 – $1,200+ per day

Outpatient Services

Partial hospitalization is an outpatient service requiring regularly scheduled visits to a rehabilitation treatment facility. Specific schedules vary per patient, but a standard regimen requires them to come in five days a week.

Rate: $350 – $450+ per day

Intensive outpatient services require people to come in three days a week.

Rate: $250 – $350+ per day

An outpatient rehab program requires the patient to visit the facility once a week and is the least intensive of all rehab treatment programs.

Rate: $150 – $250+ per day

Arkansas Addiction Treatment Services

Arkansas Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Options

The total cost of rehabilitation for residential and outpatient services depends on the treatment a person receives.

These addiction treatment services include:

Period of Treatment

Time spent in rehab can vary depending on the severity of the drug and alcohol addiction and the individual’s ability to recover. Some people may only need a few weeks of treatment, while others may require several months.

The length of stay in drug rehab centers is primarily determined by the type of program being completed. For example, inpatient treatment typically lasts 28 days, while outpatient programs may last for several months.

Rehab is a crucial step in recovery, and it is vital to ensure that patients have enough time to heal. Specific rehab centers may recommend a set period for treatment, but if a patient needs more time, they can discuss their options with the staff.

The Facility’s Amenities

Treatment centers in Arkansas have gyms, activity areas, swimming pools, and relaxation modules that include yoga and meditation.

Some also offer transport services, group therapy, employment counseling, and niche treatment programs connected to substance abuse, such as domestic violence and mental health consultation.

Clients and their families should explore what facilities and treatment services are most suitable and affordable. A quick call to Find Addiction Rehabs can help you with finding the right levels of care for your treatment, along with the right rehab to suit your needs.

Up to 100% of Costs Covered by Insurance

Does Insurance Cover Out-of-State Rehab?

Arkansas drug rehab insurance coverage

The good news is that most insurance policies cover a patient’s time in drug rehab and addiction treatment facilities. Insurance companies are often not limited by location, so patients do not have to worry about their coverage if they seek treatment in another state.

However, insurance companies can limit the treatment options covered in their policy. It is best to speak with a Find Addiction Rehabs recovery representative to find out your exact coverage details and what your costs might be. Within minutes they can break down options and confidentially provide you with a range of choices to suit your needs.

Consider the Available Payment Options in Arkansas

Many drug and alcohol rehab centers in Arkansas offer flexible payment plans for patients with limited or no insurance coverage. These plans consist of low-cost daily, weekly, or monthly payments.

Some treatment facilities offer sliding scale fees based on the patient’s ability to pay. Lower-income patients pay lower amounts than those in a higher income bracket.

A bank or credit card loan is also another option to pay for drug and alcohol rehab. Loans for healthcare expenses often have lower or deferred interest rates. If you need to find an effective addiction treatment program, please don’t hesitate to reach out just because you do not have insurance.

What is the Average Time Spent in Rehab?

How long is an Arkansas drug rehab Concept shown by hourglass next to laptop

The average time spent in rehab varies depending on the individual and the severity of their addiction. Most patients will spend between 30 and 90 days in Arkansas treatment centers. During this time, they will undergo detoxification, receive counseling, and participate in other addiction treatment therapies.

After completing drug rehab, many patients are advised to continue to attend outpatient treatment or support groups to help them remain sober. Others may choose to live in sober living homes or participate in programs attached to outpatient and housing services to help them maintain their sobriety.

For example, for patients that use methadone—an outpatient program treatment option—the entire rehab process can last up to 12 months. These addiction treatments are combined with counseling, motivational techniques, behavioral health, and other mental health therapies to lower the risk of relapse.

If a patient needs to undergo a detox program, the first few days are not considered part of the 30 to 90-day treatment. After detox, the formal drug rehab program can begin. The length of a detox program depends on the substance; for example, heroin requires four to ten days.

Clients who successfully overcome their drug and alcohol addiction complete drug rehab programs between 80 to 90 days.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Drug Rehab

Affordable Care Act, printed on blue folder, shows the concept of using the ACA for rehab in Arkansas

One way to ensure that your insurance will cover an out-of-state treatment is to explore the government’s Affordable Care Act (ACA). The healthcare plan covers alcohol and drug rehab therapy and could give policyholders coverage from 60% to 90% of the needed amount, depending on the health insurance plan they choose.

This means patients can receive the substance abuse treatment services they need regardless of their income. And because the ACA sponsors insurance plans under the Health Insurance Marketplace, policyholders can receive similar coverage offered by many private insurance providers.

The ACA also allows patients to expand the addiction treatment options for substance and drug rehab covered in their Medicaid and Medicare. Substance abuse recovery under the ACA requires a complete package that covers the following:

  • Evaluation
  • Intervention
  • Addiction treatment
  • Drug testing
  • Clinic visits
  • Counseling
  • Medication
  • Therapy
  • Detox programs

Most drug rehab and treatment facilities accept ACA-sponsored plans and cover out-of-state recovery facilities.

State-funded Treatments

State-funded treatments are low-cost drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs under the state’s jurisdiction.

The Arkansas Department of Human Services offers several programs for low-income people experiencing alcohol and drug addiction issues. One is the Drug and Alcohol Education Safety Program (DASEP). This program covers several drug rehabs in Arkansas that provide low-cost therapies and treatment services.

Support Groups

Those suffering from substance abuse disorder should also consider attending support groups. These meetings are often free of charge, but they do not offer mental health services, addiction treatment, or professional treatment advice.

What they do offer a person seeking addiction treatment is a support group that can connect them to facilities, physicians, and therapists so they can explore their options. They also provide the personal and emotional support needed when a person chooses to begin their road to recovery.

Rehabs with the Highest Success Rate

Addiction Treatment in Arkansas Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

There are many options for patients when it comes to drug rehab therapy, but sadly, not all treatment services are equally effective. Relapse is very common for 40% to 60% of patients.

But 85% of people who completed their drug rehab therapy report being drug-free for nine months after their discharge, and many report an improvement in their overall quality of life.

But which drug rehabs have the highest success rate?

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Should I Travel for an Out-of-State Rehab?

Florida rehabs have the highest success rate when compared to other states. Around 70% of patients who pursue substance abuse services in a Florida treatment facility complete their drug rehabilitation.

California, having adopted the Florida model in many facilities, also shows similar results for the clients who attend addiction treatment in the Golden State. California drug and alcohol rehab centers also offer many of the same amenities as those in the Sunshine State, with a distinctive West Coast array of options that can include surf therapy and oceanside offerings.

Arkansas addiction treatment providers with the highest success rate tailor their programs to the needs of each individual patient. This means taking into account the severity of the addiction, the underlying causes, behavioral health, and each person’s unique circumstances.

Successful programs also integrate mental health services to help patients achieve long-term recovery and overall improvement in their lives after rehab.

Curious about Celebrities and Rehab Facilities?

Celebrities are no strangers to drug and substance abuse, and often they have more options to recover from their addictions. But do they have a place they consider the go-to place for their therapies? What rehabs do celebrities go to, and do they provide the same treatments as other facilities for regular people?

These facilities are not limited to celebrities, but they offer high-profile individuals the privacy they need when recovering. A celebrity seeking rehab will likely opt for a high-end residential treatment facility with amenities not commonly found in standard rehab centers.

They may have golf courses, yoga and meditation therapies, and health spas. These centers also provide mental health treatments and consultations, life coaching sessions, and behavioral health services that high-profile individuals may seek.

A popular luxury addiction treatment center among the wealthy and/or famous is the Betty Ford Center, co-founded by former US First Lady Betty Ford. It was the first rehabilitation center and alcohol addiction treatment facility that treated substance use disorders as a disease. Many celebrities began their road to sobriety within its doors.

Another exclusive facility for celebrities is Crossroads in Antigua. It is located outside the United States and was founded by Eric Clapton. It combines complete alcohol and drug rehab therapy with meditation and philosophy.

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Find Your Addiction Treatment Options in Arkansas and Nationwide

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Alcohol and drug addiction are substance abuse disorders that require the support of their family, community, and a team of experienced professionals. Many states like Arkansas are expanding the treatments that addiction treatment practitioners and drug treatment centers provide.

The easiest and most convenient way of getting you or your loved one into a facility that meets your needs is by picking up the phone and calling our recovery representatives at Find Addiction Rehabs.

A quick, confidential call to our experienced team will help you find a rehab that will be the launching pad for your long-term sobriety, with same-day placement available. Your recovery and your life are worth it, so seize the momentum and give us a call now!



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