Using an Aetna Policy to Get Rehab Options in California

Many of those with insurance requiring assistance for substance abuse treatment don’t often consider their insurance coverage likely handles many of the costs associated with addiction treatment. Alternatively, many Americans are unaware of appropriate health insurance providers to rely on when they need coverage for addiction treatment.

If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol or substance use in the Golden State, our Aetna California drug and alcohol rehab coverage guide is here to help you get the answers (and options) you need!

One of the agencies that has never danced around the issue of drug and alcohol treatment is Aetna. In fact, partnered with CRC Health Group, Aetna has a specific subset of their organization that specializes solely in Aetna insurance coverage for drug rehab centers. If you’re considering substance abuse or mental health services at a rehab center, you should seriously consider Aetna insurance if you haven’t already.

If you have a policy with Aetna and are unsure about specific coverages, you’ll also find this article extremely beneficial, so keep reading to get accredited, proven Aetna treatment options in California!

Aetna Insurance: Aetna Coverage for Millions of Americans

Aetna Insurance

Aetna Insurance is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, currently active insurance providers in the United States. Open since 1853, Aetna has enjoyed 166 years of continuous insurance coverage for hard-working Americans. The company today provides coverage for an estimated 22.1 million clients, and they work with over 1.2 million mental health and substance abuse treatment care providers around the country.

Historically, it wasn’t uncommon for a health insurance provider to frown upon mental health services and drug and alcohol treatment. Many of these organizations attempted to find ways around covering inpatient and outpatient rehab, citing the fact that they weren’t standard forms of treatment. Luckily, after the Affordable Care Act, legislation now makes it mandatory that insurance providers offer some form of coverage for drug and alcohol rehab and other mental health services.

Most recently, Aetna partnered with pharmacy giant CVS Health to create a potentially game-changing merger that promises to reshape not only drug and alcohol addiction treatment but the insurance industry as a whole.

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Aetna Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Support

So, what type of coverage does Aetna offer for mental health and other rehab center offerings? Understanding the different plans available is a great starting point for getting a clear calculation of what your specific treatment plan costs in the end.

Aetna Health Insurance offers the following packages for clients:

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

HMO plans typically limit customers to certain physicians and substance use disorder treatment providers within a designated network. Typically, the rehab facilities must be located within a certain geographical distance from the customer, and out-of-network care providers generally aren’t paid for unless it’s an emergency. While these plans can be more restrictive than others, they generally offer the lowest upfront payments and copayments.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Preferred Provider Organization

A PPO insurance health plan is similar to an HMO in the fact that your options are limited to a certain network of providers listed by the insurance agency. However, PPO networks are generally larger and don’t require that you select primary care like the way an HMO does.

Beyond the ease of these restrictions, there’s also more flexibility offered regarding out-of-network physicians. You have more freedom regarding out-of-network providers but be ready to pay a substantially higher amount for these services. In addition, you’ll pay a higher monthly premium and copay with a PPO plan.

Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)

An Exclusive Provider Organization is similar to a PPO and HMO, as it provides a list of professionals within a network designated by the insurance provider. However, there are some significant differences regarding the particulars of an EPO plan. When you opt for an EPO plan, you’re able to make appointments with specialists who are outside of the scope of your primary care. With PPO plans you can receive coverage for specialists, but only with a referral from your doctor.

With an EPO, you simply choose the specialist from the list of network partners, or in this case, Aetna Health Insurance. One of the major advantages of these lists of specialists is the fact that they’re generally spread out much further than standard PPO and HMO physicians, giving you more free range and a variety of specialists. A plan like this could be beneficial if you’re seeing multiple specialists after treatment, for things like methadone maintenance or other medication-assisted treatment, in addition to a special type of behavioral health doctor or other areas of focus.

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POS Health Insurance Coverage

A POS, or “point of service,” describes an insurance organization that allows you to decide whether you want to receive treatment in-network or out-of-network. With in-network providers, you’ll pay much lower costs, but that doesn’t completely disqualify out-of-network physicians and specialists.

The first thing you must do is determine which of these policies you’re either actively holding or potentially eligible for. Contacting Find Addiction Rehabs is a simple call that yields big results, landing you in the mental health or substance use disorder facility you never thought your insurance provider would pay for.

So, what types of treatment programs are you eligible for at rehabs that accept Aetna insurance? There are several versions of therapy offered during outpatient treatment or inpatient rehab treatment for substance abuse. Many facilities offer strictly evidence-based, while others tend to take a more holistic approach, including the traditional gold standard practices with attention to therapeutic remedies for the mind, body, and spirit.

What Therapy Does Aetna Insurance Cover?

What Therapy Does Aetna Insurance Cover

With Aetna insurance, you’ll receive coverage for some, and potentially all of the following forms of therapy. Again, your policy specifically states your exact level of coverage, and Find Addiction Rehabs can assist in finding the exact information you need, along with the best rehab available to you based on your coverage.

Co-Occurring Disorders and Addiction Treatment

If you suffer from co-occurring disorders, or two behavioral or mental health challenges in conjunction with one another, you have what’s known as co-occurring disorders. This is commonly experienced in substance abuse clients, along with mental health clients whose doctors may not be aware of the presence of the alternative issue.

For most, treating substance abuse disorder at various rehab facilities does no good unless you receive the proper treatment for the underlying disorder, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Other articles published by SAMHSA cite that treating a mental health disorder without treating the accompanying addiction is just as counterproductive as the former.

By receiving dual diagnosis treatment, you’ll have professional help via inpatient or outpatient treatment at one of many rehab facilities located courtesy of Find Addiction Rehabs.

Holistic Treatment

Art Therapy

Inpatient and outpatient treatment, along with partial hospitalization programs, now commonly offer holistic treatment as part of their programs. During holistic treatment, you’ll have access to multiple forms of relaxing therapies that allow you to tap into or express your innermost thoughts and feelings (the spirit and soul). It only makes sense that if you’re treating one element (mental and behavioral), the entire person should be treated. Forms of holistic therapy include:

Many people assume that Aetna covers drug rehab therapy but not any additional holistic methods. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Aetna covers various types of treatments for drug and alcohol abuse therapy, at multiple different rehab centers. The exact level of coverage depends on your specific policy, which ultimately rests on the cost of treatment at the rehab services you’re considering.

Find Addiction Rehabs can take the research out of finding the perfect treatment program for you. You can make specific searches like, “Rehabs that take Aetna and practice holistic forms of therapy in New York City for dual diagnosis clients.” Multiple rehab centers populate according to things like distance and quality, as well as your chosen attributes.

Finding a quality addiction treatment provider has never been easier.

A Few Top Aetna California Drug and Alcohol Rehab Examples

Drug Rehab Treatment Programs in California

Does Aetna insurance cover drug rehab that you need specifically? Most likely, we can find a solution for you in California that meets your treatment and financial needs. The next section contains the best California rehabs that offer multiple levels of care and types of therapy:

South Shores Detox

South Shores Detox

In-network With Aetna

South Shores Detox is one of the most revered facilities in California – and they accept Aetna Insurance. This facility includes an incredible ocean-side villa that believes in giving clients only the best of the best.

From the holistic approach to recovery, along with the plush, semi-private rooms, all the way down to the excellent menu, South Shores Detox is a leader in addiction treatment in California.

27568 Vista De Dons, Dana Point, CA

Restorations Healthcare

Restorations Health Care 2
Accepts Most Aetna PPO Policies

Everyone discovers recovery in different ways, which is why it is vital to offer a variety of programs that work. We offer several trusted treatment programs that can help guide individuals toward recovery.

1247 N Lakeview Ave, Anaheim, CA



Melrose Recovery

melrose recovery group
Accepts Most Aetna Policies

At Melrose Recovery, our mission is all about changing lives. Located just minutes from Hollywood and the fantastic beaches of Santa Monica and Venice we offer detox and inpatient treatment programs that help people get back on their feet.

1247 N Lakeview Ave, Anaheim, CA



Divine Detox

Divine Detox
Accepts Most Aetna Policies

Divine Detox is a multi-faceted rehab that provides inpatient and outpatient services, along with other levels of care. The compassionate staff here specializes in everything from CBT to holistic addiction practices, doing an excellent job of providing a comprehensive approach to recovery.

Divine Detox works with Aetna Insurance, and as one of our most cherished partners, we can help you nail down the specifics of your plan. Divine Detox is in Simi Valley but services clients from all over the area, including Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Torrance, and Anaheim.

1856 Deodora St Simi Valley, CA 93065

Circle of Hope

Circle of Hope
Accepts Most Aetna Policies

Circle of Hope is in Reseda but services clients all throughout the greater Los Angeles area. With a strict three-client-to-one-counselor ratio, they guarantee each client gets the special attention they deserve.

18770 Strathern St Reseda, CA 91335


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Get Proven Treatment Programs in California Using Aetna Now!

Why go through the process and stressful trial and error of calling rehabs repeatedly until you finally find a facility that meets all your criteria? Doesn’t it make more sense to allow us to do that for you – all in about 30 seconds while providing a direct connection via our partnership with these facilities?

Contact Find Addiction Rehabs today, and let us find the perfect treatment providers in California for you or your loved one today!

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