Fentapills: Know the Risks

What are Fentapills?

The term “fentapill” refers to a range of non-prescription pills commonly found on the black market which contain fentanyl: a powerful, highly addictive, and incredibly dangerous synthetic opioid.

These fake pills are produced by underground labs and made to resemble pharmaceutically produced pills and are intended to get people addicted to them.

This, in turn, increases the demand for fentapills, making drug dealers more profits, and causes massive, unregulated amounts of these fake pills to be produced throughout the illicit drug market.

What are Fentapills

Unfortunately, this complete lack of regulation over the production of these black market pills means that they are being produced in unsanitary facilities, and often mixed with other dangerous chemicals that are unfit for human consumption. The amount of fentanyl contained is also variable, with a pill containing a lethal dose being identical to other pills from the same batch.

Ingesting a fake prescription pill laced with fentanyl can have extreme consequences, including drug overdose and possibly death.

Keep reading to find out more about the spread of fentapills, and how to get effective help if you or a loved one has become dependent on this powerful opioid!

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Is Fentanyl Dangerous?

Currently, Fentanyl is considered to be a Schedule II narcotic by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), alongside other opioids such as Oxycodone (Percocet®), methamphetamine, and cocaine.

This means that, while it has some accepted medical usage, it poses a high risk for drug abuse and addiction. Most prescription opioids are used to treat issues such as chronic pain, as well as coughing or diarrhea, although these are less common.

Illegal fentanyl, however, is not a prescription medication and poses far more harm than it does good.  It is a very potent drug, with most variants being 50 to 100 times stronger than other synthetic opioids and even heroin.

Consuming even just 2 milligrams of these counterfeit pills can cause a grown man to overdose. A lethal dose of fentanyl is only 5 mg, but this can be reduced to 0.25 mg when mixing this substance use with other drugs or alcohol.

With such a small dosage being enough to kill you, taking black-market drugs like fentapills is never worth the risk.

Especially because these are not pharmaceutical-grade pills and are highly unregulated, it is extremely easy to take too much. They also have no distinct taste or smell, making it easier to cut them with other dangerous substances.

Is it Possible to Overdose on Fentanyl?

Fentanyl Overdose

As discussed, fentapills are incredibly potent, making it very easy to accidentally take a deadly dose. In many cases, a single pill can be enough to cause a lethal overdose.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), opioid overdose deaths, particularly those involving synthetic opioids – such as fentanyl – currently serve as the main driver of drug overdose deaths.

One of the biggest takeaways you should gather from this is that there is no safe amount of synthetic drugs that one can take. Even with just one pill, their method of production and lack of quality control in their distribution means they pose far more risk than reward.

A recent story from the Washington Post shows just how deadly these pills can be. A 17-year-old young man got three pills of what he believed to be Percocet from a dealer on Snapchat. The second pill proved fatal and contained no oxycodone (the opioid in Percocet) but only fentanyl and filler compounds.

Instead of joining graduating seniors and moving on to college, a young man became part of a record number of overdoses in America, fueled largely by fentanyl and fentapills. Even something as seemingly minor as a single hydrocodoneM365 Pill‘ can contain more than enough fentanyl to prove fatal, and if sold online, is often counterfeit.

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What are the Risks of Buying Fake Prescription Pills Online?

There are several risks associated with illegally purchasing prescription drugs through online dealers and vendors, including:

  • The possibility of buying counterfeit drugs such as fentanyl or other medications, which can easily be marketed as brand-name drugs, but in reality contain harmful ingredients and additives. Taking these drugs can result in physical harm and potential overdose.
  • Increased risk of receiving falsified drug information; most websites that sell “prescription” medications online provide false information about the benefits and results of their products or provide limited to no information at all about them.
  • Increased risk of receiving malware and viruses from websites advertising these products. Many online sites that “sell” counterfeit pills will use infected computer software that can access your technology, stealing your credit card and personal information, amongst causing various other digital issues.
  • It is illegal; purchasing prescription drugs without approval from your doctor or through a certified vendor is a criminal act, which can result in hefty legal fines and repercussions.

Who is at Risk of Abusing Fentapills?

Anyone who lacks awareness of the dangers of fentanyl and other illicit drugs is at risk of abusing and forming an addiction to these substances. While anyone can begin abusing fentapills, those most likely to engage in this behavior are young adults.

There are many reasons for this, including the fact that young people may have an easier time accessing certain substances online or through off-market vendors.

Whether looking to experiment or pressured by other teens, young adults make up a decent portion of fentanyl consumers.

Of course, those struggling with mental health issues may also look to fentanyl and other substances to help ease the negative thoughts and feelings caused by their condition. This is not an effective solution, however, and will likely cause more problems than it will solve.

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Methods of Treating Fentanyl Abuse and Addiction

Having a substance use disorder of any kind can be destructive not just for your life, but those of the people around you, as well. Fentanyl addiction in particular can have devastating effects, including death.

As discussed, this drug is stronger than even morphine and heroin, which is why it is such a dangerous drug to abuse.

Having been linked to various overdose deaths throughout the nation, those who are struggling with fentanyl abuse are strongly encouraged to seek out professional addiction treatment services.

While treating this form of drug addiction can be difficult due to just how potent it can be, recovery is possible with time and patience. Several methods may be used to help an individual overcome their fentanyl abuse, including:

  • Inpatient Treatment Programs
  • Outpatient Treatment Programs
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment

Inpatient Treatment Programs

As a more intensive form of care, inpatient rehab will require clients to live at their specific treatment facility during their recovery process. This may extend over a period of 30-90 days, depending on how severe the person’s addiction is.

During this time, they will likely participate in various treatment activities, including therapy, individual, group, or family counseling sessions, and other forms of clinical and evidence-based support.

Inpatient care can also provide 24/7 clinical support and access to recovery resources, which can help manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms which may increase a person’s risk of relapse without this external help.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

Medication-assisted treatment - Fentapills Addiction Treatment

MAT uses a combination of therapy and counseling services as well as carefully administered medications to help manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms, as well as block the euphoric effects of fentanyl in order to reduce the temptation to use this drug during recovery.

This may include FDA-approved medications such as methadone and buprenorphine. Naloxone may also be used to help reverse the effects of a fentanyl overdose in the event that the recovering individual relapses and takes too much of this drug.

Currently, MAT has been found to be one of the most effective ways of treating opioid abuse and addiction, especially when combined with other recovery methods.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient care provides its clients with the opportunity to receive treatment while still being able to return to their own homes afterward. They will usually receive counseling at their local outpatient center during a specific time in the day, several times a week.

While effective for treating less severe forms of drug abuse and addiction, these programs are not recommended for those with more severe or debilitating habits of fentanyl use.

FAQs on Fentapills

Are fentapills bought by prescription?

No, the fentanyl pills found across America currently are street drugs. The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) describes fentanyl pills as being produced in mass by Mexican cartels with little to no quality control or oversight.

Who is most at risk for overdose from fentanyl?

Young people and even those of college age are most at risk of purchasing and consuming fentapills, thinking they are legitimate prescription drugs or not realizing the risk.

A pill does not carry with it the stigma of heroin, and many younger adults take these counterfeits thinking they are actually Percocet or oxycodone. Many deaths have happened as a result of this misconception, and raising awareness of this deadly illegal product is crucial.

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