Do You Have a Friend or Loved One Who Is Drug Addict? Here’s How to Help…

You may know someone who you think is addicted to drugs; however, it is important that you carefully handle this delicate situation. It is not unusual to fear approaching your loved one who you think might be a drug addict. You have no idea how this individual will react. The important matter, however, is discovering the help for substance abuse your loved one will need.

Talk About Options for Drug Treatment

Prior to talking to a loved one about options for drug treatment, you need to approach this individual about the substance abuse. It is imperative that you don’t harass a drug abuser; after all, you don’t want to create a confrontation. Naturally, a drug addict can get angry easily; thus, you carefully need to approach the situation.

24/7 Addiction Hotline – Get Help Now

Employing an intervention specialist can make the matter that much easier. The intervention specialist can help you arrange an intervention for the addict. Family and friends are coached on what to say in the duration of the intervention procedure. It is vital that you focus on how much you love that individual; you should focus on supporting the addict during recovery. Once the intervention is complete, the drug abuser is asked to enroll immediately into a treatment program.

Drug Addicts Display Signs of Substance Abuse

Signs of Substance Abuse

Drug abusers are inclined to display signs of substance addiction in every facet of their lives. It is common for an addict to neglect family duties, miss work and have chronic financial woes. Addiction overtakes the life of an addict; discovering the next high is normally important for the addict. Drugs can have powerful control over an individual; the addict may even resort to robbing money to purchase drugs. More cases than not, money and other valuable disappear from the home.

There may even be a change in the sleeping patterns of your loved one. Several drugs can keep one awake for most of the night; this can cause one to fall asleep when he or she comes down from a high. There are drugs which relax you, so that your sleep is more than usual. There are various physical signs of drug abuse; naturally, this depends on the drug type the individual is abusing. However, several typical symptoms entail sudden weight loss or gain, decline in physical appearance, bad dental hygiene and dilated pupils.

24 Hour Addiction Treatment Hotline – Get Help Now

For more information on treatment options available or addressing a loved one with drug addiction is here to help. Call anytime 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

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