How Do You Choose Among AA Chat Rooms?

Chat Bubble | Find Addiction Rehabs | AA Chat Rooms | Speech bubble made of people representing a chat roomIf you are unable to attend a physical meeting, online AA chat rooms could be a convenient alternative. Here are three essential tips for taking advantage of this online solution.

We understand that life gets crazy. And, to be entirely transparent, it’s difficult to attend AA meetings. You have family events, career, or even challenges in getting transportation to your meetings. However, it’s critical that you follow the AA system to the letter.

An online chat room could be an acceptable alternative for you. Clearly, it’s not as effective as an in-person meeting. However, you can still reap the benefits of the support of others who understand your situation.

Bear in mind, however, that like all chat rooms, there are possible dangers that can get in the way. Knowing the signs of danger can help you avoid some pitfalls, so you can focus on recovery.

First off, be advised that AA doesn’t have a sanctioned chat room. That said, seems to share values with AA and allows you to choose from several online AA chat rooms.

Vet Your Sources of Information

When you’re communicating with others in a chat room, you really can’t be certain who you’re really talking to. Many shady people get a charge out of assuming alternate identities online for one reason or another. Don’t let them derail your progress!

Remember your AA steps and follow your own gut instincts. If someone seems to be just a little bit “off” to you, proceed with extreme caution. Ask questions to verify their level of sincerity. If you still feel like that person is out of line, leave the chat room.

Just as you avoid people and places that aren’t supportive of your sobriety in the physical world, you must do the same when online.

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Identify a Good Support Network

AA Chat Rooms | Find Addiction Rehabs | Man typing on computerBecause you can’t be certain whom you’re speaking with, it’s hard to build trustworthy support in an online AA chat room. So when you’ve found a good support network online, continue to work at kindling those relationships.

First off, remember that to get a friend you must first be a friend. When you promise to log-in and chat, do so. Listen to others respectfully, as if the other person was in a physical meeting with you. Spend your time in chat rooms building up your support network.

Remember that you can disconnect from the network if things go wrong and choose from other AA chat rooms.

Continue to put the priority on your own recovery, find an online mentor, and become a mentor to a newer member. Close that circle; it’s a vital part of your recovery.

Remember to Do Your Homework

If you’re attending AA online, don’t forget that completing all of your steps remains a priority.

Recommit yourself to God first, to the AA program, and to progressing in your recovery by working on the steps. Read affirmations every day. Consider how to stay on track with the program every day. Participating in your recovery daily is a key factor in achieving sobriety once and for all. However, the program works for you is fine, as long as you are working towards your final goal.

AA online chats can be a great stop-gap measure for support in between in-person meetings. They should be considered a supplement to, not a replacement for, your meetings. In the long run, you know deep inside what’s best for you. Embrace the idea of using AA chat rooms as an additional support system to help you commit to sobriety.

Be brave enough to use a chat room but discerning enough to know when something’s amiss.

On a final note, online visitors also find NA chat rooms, in addition to AA chat rooms, to be quite helpful.

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