Addiction Treatment Centers In Louisiana

Louisiana has a major problem with drug and alcohol addiction. The death rates from opioid and alcohol abuse have become very alarming and have prompted the authorities to bring new policies and ways of battling addiction. Many drug rehab centers in Louisiana have been built to get help for people struggling with addiction.

Statistics have shown that Louisiana’s substance abuse has risen by 60% since 2011, with 1,004 deaths in 2016 more than in 2011. More facilities, including mental health facilities, have also been built to battle this problem.
lousiana drug rehab centers

Addiction Treatment In Louisiana

Government and medical practitioners are going out of their way to battle drug abuse and end it once and for all. There is a heavy sentence for anybody caught with drug selling or using it. Doctors have made an effort to prescribe fewer opioids to patients.

Facilities dedicated to helping all individuals that have fallen victim to drug addiction have been built. Rehab centers and Mental health facilities are in operation to treat people young and old who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. For the most part, these centers are free to reach citizens without the financial ability to afford the sessions. Home sessions are also in place for anybody unable to go to public drug rehab centers in Louisiana.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

To overcome drug addiction, it is essential to determine the root cause of the addiction to understand better how to fight it. Rehabs have always been given more importance than mental facilities, as can be seen from their availability ratio in the state. To stop this deadly phenomenon, the state government should leave no stone unturned in the battle against it.

Mental facilities should be given more importance and allow patients to take a trip there—confirm whether the origin of a patient’s addiction is from a mental condition.

Dual diagnosis home sessions and facility-based sessions are offered in Louisiana. The patient may stay at home with a nurse to monitor their movements 24/7 or be admitted and allowed visitors or not depending on the severity of the addiction

Inpatient Rehab and Treatment

Inpatient rehab is the hospitalization of the patient for an extended stay in the hospital. This may be due to the level of seriousness of addiction. The patient is first given thorough detoxification to reduce the level of the toxic substance in their systems. They are subjected to treatment by therapist sessions and many consultation sessions, all aimed at addiction’s downfall. The hospital stay ensures that the patient can’t use some opioids or alcohol in a momentary weakness. The diet is monitored and is optimized to what is best for drug addicts.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

As implied by the name, this process does not require the patient to be hospitalized for an extended stay. Instead, the patient comes in for weekly sessions ranging from 6 hrs to 12 hrs weekly. This enables the patient to spend time with their loved ones at home while still receiving intensive treatment from specialists.  This treatment price is better than out-patients.

Outpatient Rehab and Treatment

The patients in this category do not stay in the healthcare facilities, nor do they come in for therapy sessions as much as partial optimization patients. This category is suitable for patients with fear and anxiety of hospitals. The patients might have gone through the inpatient and partial hospitalization stage. This is following the progress of the situation from an intense stage to gradually cooling down. This might not be the case for other patients, and this treatment plan may be chosen for one reason or the other.

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