Addiction Treatment Centers In Iowa

The State of Iowa is currently dealing with the issue of the abuse of prescription drugs. Although these drugs have their advantages and health benefits, they could also be greatly misused. This happens when the individual becomes highly dependent on this drug to the extent that they become dysfunctional or disoriented when they have not taken this substance. The substances that top the list of most abused drugs in Iowa include (in no particular order) marijuana, synthetic drugs, alcohol, methamphetamines as well as heroin.

Iowa is in the top 10 states when it comes to alcohol overindulgence and binge drinking. Premised on this backdrop, it is only necessary that Iowa provides as many addiction treatment centers as possible to remedy this situation as soon as possible.
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Addiction Treatment in Iowa

Drug addiction treatment in Iowa is not radically different from its counter-part States. A lot of Iowa residents have participated in drug addiction treatments over the past few years. The report shows that the drug addiction treatment admission centers in Iowa over time have treated 25.6 percent marijuana cases, 14.8 percent meth cases, and 1.6 percent cases each for the duo of cocaine and heroin.

Iowa is also known for its efficient government-owned drug addiction treatment centers which provide services including but not limited to continuing care groups, extended out-patient services, relapse prevention, intensive in-patient services as well as support groups in general.

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The State of Iowa has a budget specially set aside for the furtherance of an alcohol treatment program. As a result of this, a lot of alcohol addiction treatment centers have been opened all around Iowa. Consequently, many of this State’s residents have gotten better and are no longer alcohol dependent.

Private rehabilitation centers are also readily available in Iowa. It is advised that patients register for these addiction treatment programs at private-owned facilities. This is because more attention is paid to the patients here. It is also generally more comfortable and patients get to enjoy privacy in an addiction rehabilitation center. However, enrolling in a private-owned institution ultimately depends on your financial capability. Health insurance companies that cover situations like this would also help reduce the cost to a reasonable extent.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It is not uncommon to find individuals who are addicted to certain substances as an escape from a certain mental health issue or disorder. These individuals are classified as people with a dual diagnosis disorder. These two issues must be addressed simultaneously or concurrently as handling them separately would disrupt the healing process. This is why most drug or alcohol addiction centers in Iowa provide services for both the mental aspect of the addiction as well as the addiction itself.

In Iowa, the Department of Human Services (DHS) as well as the Department of Public Health (IDPH) ensures that the drug or alcohol addiction treatment programs also provide for mental health issues such as Schizophrenia, panic and anxiety disorders, suicide intentions amongst other serious mental issues. Besides, there are private-owned drug addiction treatment centers that solely focus on the treatment of dual diagnoses.

Inpatient Rehab

The rehab centers in Iowa acknowledge that trying to detox and sober up individually is not always the wisest idea. This is why they highly recommend in-patient services in this part of the United States. The program duration ranges according to the severity of each case, however, the average duration of stay is 30 days, including weekends. Depending on the treatment center you are enrolled in, you get to enjoy benefits ranging from basic human needs to luxurious services.

Outpatient Rehab

Out-patient services in Iowa are also quite desirable in the sense that they are cost-effective. They are also the ideal treatment program for those who are looking to still get to spend time with their families while receiving this treatment. Most State-owned drug or alcohol addiction rehabilitation centers in Iowa offer this program.

After Care Services

Rehabilitation centers in Iowa are particular about their patient’s well-being after the rehab program has been completed. This is why most treatment centers in Iowa offer care services. This is basically like follow-up therapy after the addiction treatment program to ensure that the patient does not fall back into old habits.

Find an Alcohol or Drug Rehab Center in Iowa

Residents of Iowa are opportune to have so many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers at their disposal. This is an opportunity to seize and make the most of it. Ranging from treatment centers for only dual diagnosis, to treatment centers for both alcohol addiction and drug addiction, Iowa has it all. Contact us today for more information Iowa drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centers.